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Painful Food Puns, Chef Humor, Coffee Jokes
Sample tasty memes, delicious humor, and funny jokes you'll really eat up!

Food Puns, Tasty Jokes, Yummy Riddles
(Because Cafeteria Food Fights Are Not Mainstream Enough for Gravy Lovers)
Warning: Proceed at your own risk. Unpalatable puns may be hard to stomach.
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Coffee Joke: In This Man Cave, Coffee Is Called "Break Fluid"Crusty, ill-tempered baker was a scone's throw from becoming toast.I bet my butcher $50 he couldn't reach meat on the top shelf. He said, "No. Those steaks are too high."

Q. How are men like coffee?
A. The best ones are rich, hot, and can keep you up all night.

Ouch! Punny bakery sounds like a sweet spot for a fun snack.

Q. Why was the steak a terrible gossip?
A. It wasn't juicy enough

Food Pick-Up Line: Do you work at Little Caesars? 'Cause you're hot and I'm ready!I used to be a butler, but decided that wasn't my cup of tea.Q. What is a Thesaurus' Favorite Dessert? A. Synonym Buns

Biker dude wants a pizza her!

There are two types of people:
Those who love Starbucks, and liars.

Roll right over that pun. Breader not miss the next joke.

Food Pick-Up Line: You must be a banana because I find you a peeling!Q. When do you go at red and stop at green? A. When you're eating a watermelonThe coffee tasted like mud because it was ground a few minutes ago.

What would this slap-stick chef do with a lemon merangue pie?

Did you miss that one on the state driver's license written exam, too?

Starbucks or Victoria's Secret: Which charges more per cup?

Food Joke: A man assaulted me with milk, cream, and butter. How Dairy!Java Joke: What kind of coffee was served on the Titanic? SankaHave You Ever Tried to Eat a Clock? It's Very Time Consuming

Q. Why did this cow jump over the moon?
A. The farmer had cold hands.

Q. What is the most jittery Beatles' song?
A. Latte Be

Yeah, and it's likely the next big diet fad to gross a billion dollars.

Food Puns & Tasty Jokes | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |

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