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Q. How di Burger King get Dairy Queen pregnant? A. He forgot to wrap his Whopper!
A new chef bought the old greasy spoon restaurnat but the current menu is an acquired taste!
Q. What happens when Anakin Skywalker grills you a burger? A. It's a little on the dark side!
Monster Chef Asks: What do you call a chef who won't try dishes made by other chefs? A. Full of himself!


Restaurant Humor, Waiter Jokes, Eatery Puns
Bite into funny restaurant jokes, dumb waiter puns, greasy spoon humor and long lunch laughs.

Restaurant Jokes, Waiter Puns, Fast Food Humor
(Because Messy Cafeteria Food Fights Could Never Be Mainstream Enough for Drive-Thru Restaurant Lovers!)
Warning: Proceed at Your Own Risk! Rich restaurant jokes are supposed to cause belching, but not diarrhea!
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Q Where do the Borg eat fast food? A. At their local Borger King!Q. What did the waiter say to the horse? A. Sorry, I can't take your order. That's not my stable!Q. Why did the French fry win the race? A. Because it was fast food!

Q. What do you call a beach eatery where the waitresses wear bikinis?
A. A Breast-aurant.

Waiter: Why didn't you prepare all the dishes on that long list?
Chef: Because I'm a short order cook.

Q. Where does the new health food restaurant chain offer healthful meals?
A. At all its low-cals.

Customer: There's a twig in my soup.
Waiter: One moment. I'll get the restaurant branch manager.

Restaurant Point to Ponder: Can free range chicken legally be cooked on a stove you bought?

Q. How much do restaurant patrons enjoy the all-you-can eat buffet?
A. To the fullest.

Customer: Do you have spaghetti on the menu today?
Waiter: No sir, I already cleaned it off.

Customer: Bring me a burrito.
Waiter: Yes sir, with pleasure!
Customer: NO, with cheese!

Q. Why are fine restaurant waiters so good at multiplication?
A. Because they know their tables!

Seafood Restaurant Waiter: Sorry to keep you waiting. Your order will be ready soon.
Customer: What kind of bait are you using?

A guy went to a big buffet dinner with a taxidermist friend. By the end of the evening, he was stuffed!

Q. Why did the restaurant owner decide to buy the break-resistant dinnerware?
A. Because it had a good crack record.

Which Star Wars character works at a restaurant? Darth Waiter!Q. Why did the man climb to the roof of the fast food restaurant? A. They told him the meal was on the house!Q. What did Darth Vader say when he visited a vegan restaurant? A. I find your lack of steak disturbing!

Customer: Waiter, this food tastes funny.
Waiter: Then why aren't you laughing?

Customer: I cannot eat this meal!
Waiter: Why not? It looks okay to me.
Customer: Because you didn't bring me a fork!

Did you hear about the Chinese restaurant that was vandalized? It was an act of wonton destruction!

Q. Why did the redneck restaruant supply theif become a photographer?
A. 'Cause he was so good at taking pitchers. .

Customer: There's something wrong with my hot dogs.
Waiter: Sorry to hear that sir. But, I'm a waiter, not a vet.

Every oven in the greasy spoon restaurant was broken, so the diners got a raw deal.

The guy who recommended this restaurant to us had no reservations.

Customer: How long have you been working as a waiter?
Waiter: I just started today.
Customer: Oh, so you're not the one who took our order...

Customer: Waiter, there's a fly in my soup.
Waiter: No sir, that's a spider. The fly is on your steak.

Customer: There's a caterpillar in my salad!
Waiter: Sorry madam, I didn't realize you were a vegetarian.

Did you hear about the Cajun restaurant that makes all their hot sauce on one day? The chef rouxed the day!

Q. Where do lawyers meet for lunch?
A. At the food court.

Q. What did the frog order at McDonalds? A. French flies and a diet croak!Q. Where does a vampire like to eat lunch? A. At a Casketeria!Q. What did a hamburger say to another hamburger in the bathroom? A. I musturd!

Customer: Do you have frog legs?
Waiter: Yes, sir.
Customer: We'll hop on over here and bring me a grilled cheese sandwich.

Customer: Why don't you have doggie bags here?
Waiter: Sir, that would be cruelty to animals.

Customer: There is a button in my lettuce!
Waiter: Sorry sir, that must have come off while the salad was dressing.

The lights were too bright at the Chinese restaurant, so the manager decided to dim sum.

Q. Where was the guy when he saw a horde of pale, emaciated figures with haunted eyes that show the agony of living death?
A. At a vegan restaurant.

Q. What do vegans and vampires have in common?
A. They don't eat at stake houses.

I don't really like hanging out at the mall pancake house. That place really gives me the crepes.

Customer: Waiter, this salad is frozen solid!
Waiter: Yes ma'am, that's because the chef used iceberg lettuce.

Foodie Groan of the Day: Did you hear about the sauna that serves food? Their specialty is steamed mussels!

Q. What do you call restrooms in a seafood restaurant?
A. Buoys and Gulls Rooms.

Today's Restaurant Special: The conch soup was quite expensive, but the diners were willing to shell out for it.

Q. How much did the crabby food critic tip the waiter?
A. Two cents.

Q. What does a vampire never order at a restaurant? A. A Stake Sandwich!ET Chef Asks: How are UFOs and White Castle alike? A. Both are unidentified frying objects!They served lunch at the auto repair shop, but I didn't eat it because it was full of carbs.

Q. Why did the cannibal chef quit his job at the restaurant?
A. 'Cause he was fed up with the customers.

Customer: Waiter, this soup is spoiled.
Waiter: Who told you that?
Customer: A little swallow.

Customer: The sign outside says "Just Like Mother Used to Make."
Waiter: Yes sir, Mom was a terrible cook.

Customer: My lunch is talking to me.
Waiter: Yes sir, that's why I don't recommend the tongue sandwich.

Customer: Why doesn't this diner have any specials?
Waiter: Seriously? Nothing about this joint is special.

Customer: Why doesn't your menu list the prices?
Waiter: They don't want to make you sick before you've eaten.

Patient: Doctor, I think I need glasses.
Waiter: You certainly do! This is a restaurant!

Customer: What is this fly doing in my alphabet soup?
Waiter: Learning to read?

Q. What did the customers do when the bill for their dinner didn't seem quite right?
A. The asked the waiter to check please.

Restaurant Point to Ponder: Any cook who swears is French, or is that just what he wants you to think?

Waiter: Sir, why are you taking so long to order?
Customer: I can't decide if I want nausea, heartburn, or flatulence.

The angry chef felt very sheepish after he lambasted the mutton. At least he didn't serve it with haggis.

Italian restaurants are quite pasta oral settings.

Q. What do you call a panhandler outside a restaurant?
A. Oven mitt.

Customer: Excuse me, this soup tastes funny.
Waiter: Yes sir, so why aren't you laughing?

Restaurant Point to Ponder: Is the head waiter called the chop steward?

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