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Q. Why did the Doctor surf the Net? A. He was looking for the Cyberman!
Why don't aliens eat clowns? Because they taste funny!
Spock Says: Live long and prosper, and don't wear a red shirt!
Q. How are the Enterprise and toilet paper alike? A. Both circle Uranus wiping out Klings!
Q. Why does Princess Leia keep her hair in buns? A. So that it doesn't hang So-Low!


Funny Sci-Fi Puns & Futuristic Punny Funs
Wave at science fiction humor, warped sci-fi puns, and funny jokes of the future!

Sci-Fi Jokes, Future Riddles, Warped Puns
(Because Thinking You Already Know What the Science Fiction Future Holds Is Way Too Mainstream!)
Tardis Warning: Proceed off your UFO at your own risk. Dark Side Jokes Ahead. Beam Me Up, Scotty!
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How do spacemen add more protien to their diet? They make it meteor. Q. How many Star Wars characters does it take to change a light bulb? A. Lots, becuase many Hans makes light work!Q. What did the alien dandelion say to the earth dandelion? A. Take me to your weeder!

Q. What do aliens serve their food on?
A. Flying saucers.

Q. What did Mr. Spock find in Captain Kirk's toilet?
A. The Captain's Log.

Q. Why should you never tell jokes on the Millennium Falcon?
A. Because the ship might crack up.

Q. Why isn't a Jedi knight ever lonely?
A. Because the Force is always with him.

Q. What kind of flowers grow in outer space?
A. Moonflowers, Sunflowers, Star Clusters, and Cosmos.

Q. Where do the Borg eat fast food?
A. At their local Borger King!

7 of 9 Star Trek Jokes Are Funny!Next Stop: The Twilight GnomeQ. What did a Cyberman searh for online? A. Dalek symbols!

Q. Why should you think twice about marrying Seven of Nine?
A. You'd have 999,999,999,777 in-laws!

Q. How did Commander Data describe the Borg?
A. Cool, calm, and collective.

Q. How do Ewoks communicate over long distances?
A. With Ewokie Talkies

Q. What do you call two suns fighting each other?
A. Star Wars

Q. What do you call 18-year-olds using dating apps?
A. Tinder Tots!

A cyber Doctor Who point to ponder:
When Cybermen have sex, do they say, "Input, input, input?"

Where Gnome Man Has Gone BeforeGreen ET Says: Let's zoom in on where that meteor struck. I'd like to observe it in crater detail!Q. Why can't two Doctors be together? A. That would be a time pair-o-docs!

Troll travel agency offers packages to Gnoman's Land. Lady's gnight is Wednesday.

Did you hear about the new uniform making machine on the Enterprise? Piccard told Riker to "Make it sew, Number One."

Q. Where do planets and stars go to study?
A. The University!

Q. What did the sun say to the moon?
A. It looks like it's my night off.

A guy ended up at a party full of World Heath Organization medics. Obviously he was at the wrong Doctor Who convention.

Doctor Who pick-up line:
You make my centurion stand at attention.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To boldly go where no chicken has gone before! – James T KirkTime travel makes gnome sense? GMT: Gnome Meridian TimeMcCoy Says: Doctor's orders, Jim. Be a vulcan in the streets and a Klingon in the sheets!

Q. Why did the Star Trek rooster cross the road?
A. He wanted to see if there was new life at the chicken strip club.

Q. Why did the hologram chicken cross the road?
A. Just for the egg-citement of it all!

Q. What do you call someone who doesn't like the dark side?
A. Darth Hater.

Three conspiracy theorists walk into a Tardis. Don't tell me that's just a coincidence!

Q. What did Leonard McCoy say after he re-inserted Spock's brain into his head?
A. "I should never have reconnected his mouth."

I tried to look up impotence on the Internet, but nothing came up.

Q. Which side of an Ewok has teh most hair? A. The Outside!Q. How many ears does Captain Picard have? A. Three. A right ear, a left ear, and a final front ear!Gnome in an alternate universe

Q. Why was the pitcher from the moon of Endor cut from the baseball team?
A. Ewoked every batter.

Q. Why do Ewoks have so much hair?
A. Fur protection!

Q. What kind of car do Ewoks drive?
A. A Furraris

Q. How do you know you're a true Next Gen Trekkie?
A. Your dog's name is Picard.

Q. How do you know you're a bonafide Trekker?
A. Nobody bats an eye when you say, "Make it so," during a business meeting.

The Hair Club for Gnomes wants you to think your hairless life will be galactically altered with plugs.

Q. What is Thomas Will Riker's dating philosophy?
A."If at first you don't succeed, Try Troi Again."

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