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Q. How do Ewoks communicate over long distances? A. with Ewokie Talkies!
What do you call someone who doesn't like the Dark Side? A. Darth Hater!
Q. Which side of an Ewok has teh most hair? A. The Outside!
Q. What time is it when an At-At steps on your chronometer? A. Time to get a new chronometer!


Wookiee Jokes, Chewbacca Humor, Chewie Puns
Brush up on shaggy Star Wars humor, hairy Kashyyyk puns, and wildly funny Wookiee jokes.

Chewbacca Jokes, Wookiee Puns, Hairy Humor
(Because Chewsy Jokes and Wookiee-Pedia Puns Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream in the Galactic Empire or at Twitter!)
Warning: Proceed Cautiously! Star Wars humor, hairy jokes, and chewy puns ahead of the Millennium Falcon.
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Why did Han Solo kill Limp Bizkit? A. He did it all for the Wookie!Q. Which side of a Wookiee has the most hair? A. The Outside!Q. Which website know everything about the Galactic Empire? A. Wookiepedia!

Q. Who is Bigfoot's favorite Star Wars character?
A. Chewbacca. And, he finds all Wookiee babes really hot!

Q. Who does a Wookiee call to place a bet?
A. His Bookiee.

Q. What do you call it when a Wookiee skips school?
A. Playing Hookiee.

Q. Why do Wookiees have so much hair?
A. Fur protection!

Q. Which website did Chewbacca start that reveals the Empire's secrets?
A. Wookiee-pedia.

Q. What did a regretful wookiee's girlfriend say after she broke up with him?
A. Big guy, I want Chewbacca!

Q. What did the Rancor say after he ate a Wookiee?
A. Mmmm, a little chewie!

Q. Where does Chewbacca like to shop?
A. At the second Han store.

Star Wars Tip of the Day: There's a big difference between getting a little nookie and a little wookiee!

Q. Which website divulges secrets of the Galactic Empire? A. Wookieeleaks!Q. What do you call it when a Wookiee plays guitar alone on stage? A. A Han Solo!Q. Why does Princess Leia keep her hair in buns? A. So that it doesn't hang So-Low!

Q. What do you do when you can't find your wookiee?
A. You lookiee for him.

A wookiee with a bandaged hand walks into the Space Bar and says, "I'm looking for the man who shot my paw."

Q. What do you call a wookiee who is good at crunching numbers?
A. A Wookiee-per.

Q. Why will the role of Chewbacca be portrayed by the same actor in the next movie?
A. The director wants a veteran instead of a wookiee.

Q. How many Hans does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. One, 'cause he's Solo.

Q. What does a toddler wookiee say?
A. Wooket me, wooket me!

Q. Why didn't Chewbacca ever marry?
A. He was too busy riding Solo.

Q. What kind of car does a Wookiee drive?
A. A Furrari.

Q. What does Han call Chewbacca's errors?
A. Wookiee mistakes.

Q. What do you get if you cross a wookiee and a dog?
A. A terrified postman.

Q. How do you unlock doors on Kashyyyk? A. With a Woo-key!What does Chewie call Han when he uses weed? A. Han So-High!Q Have you tried the new gluten-free Wookiee treats? A. They're a little Chewy!

Q. Why was Chewbacca sent back to baseball's minor league?
A. He was making too many wookiee mistakes!

Q. How do you make a Wookiee laugh?
A. Give him a funny bone.

Q. What is it called when a newbie dweeb goes to a Star Trek convention dressed as Chewbacca?
A. A wookiee mistake.

Q. Why didn't Darth Vader eat Ewoks?
A. He thought they were a little Chewie.

Q. Which beer does Chewbacca enjoy when he's anywhere near Wisconsin?
A. Milwookiee's Best!

Q. Why shouldn't you eat gluten-free Wookiee treats?
A. Because they're more than a little chewy.

Q. What do you call an artisan wookiee that sculpts clay bowls and vases on a wheel?
A. A Hairy Potter.

Q. Why don't Star Wars fans smoke cigarettes after sex?
A. Because they chew 'bacca.

Q. What do you call Chewbacca when he has bits of chocolate in his fur?
A. Chocolate Chip Wookiee.

Q. What does a horny Wookiee say?
A. I'm in the mood for a little nookiee.

Q. Which Star Wars character is the favorite of railroad engineers?
A. ChooChooBacca.

Q. Why is Chewbacca considered a true pro?
A. 'Cause he never makes wookiee mistakes.

Q. What did Santa Claus say to the young Padawan? A. Merry the Force be with you!Q. How many Star Wars characters does it take to change a light bulb? A. Lots, becuase many Hans makes light work!Q. How can you tell if a woman is wearing panty hose? A. If she farts, her ankles swell up!

Q. What do you say to a Wampa during the holidays.
A. Merry Hoth-mas.

Q. What did the wookiee say when he sat on sand paper?
A. Ruff.

Q. Who is Bigfoot's favorite Star Trek character?
A. B'Elanna Torres. And, he finds all Wookiee babes over at Star Wars really hot, too!

Q. What do you call a lost werewolf that's dressed as a Wookiee on Halloween?
A. Wear-wolf where-wolf.

Q. How many Corellians does it take to change a light bulb?
A. Just one Han, solo.

Q. How many Corellians does it take to change a glow-panel?
A. None. If the room is dark, then you can't see them cheat at sabacc.

Q. How do you make a Wookiee Stew?
A. Keep him waiting for a Millennium, Falcon.

Q. Why did Han Solo complain to the waiter about the Rootleaf Stew he was served?
A. Not only was it chewie, but it was on the dark side.

Q. Who is gay Bigfoot's favorite Star Trek character?
A. Worf. And, he finds all Star Wars Wookiees hot, too!

Q. What is a wookiee's favorite hobby?
A. Collecting fleas.

Q. What do you call a wookiee when he is sick?
A. Ahchoo Bacca.

Q. What is it called when a Star Wars newbie confuses Chewbacca and Han Solo?
A. A wookiee mistake.

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