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Q. Which musician writes songs about a country in the Himalayas? A. Nepal Simon!
Q. What does Doctor McCoy say before each new mission? Bones Voyage!
Q. Where does a brain go on vacation? A. To a Hippocampus!
Railway that ships potatoes and yams nation wide: Yam Trak


Vacation Jokes, Traffic Puns, On the Road Humor
Tour a travel trove of bumpy tourist puns, vacation humor, and funny road trip jokes.

Travel Jokes, Tourist Humor, Road Trip Puns
(Because Fast Moving Vacation Jokes Couldn't Be Too Mainstream If You Are Stuck in @#$%! Traffic All Week!)
Warning: Go This Route at Your Own Risk! Bumpy travel humor, racy road jokes, and pun potholes ahead.
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Q. Where do pencils go on vacation? A. Pencil-vania!Q. What do you call a big traffic jam? A. Muddle of the roadQ. Why did the traffic light turn red? A. You would too, if you had to change in the middle of the road!

Q. Why did the tourist's luggage start to cry?
A. Because he had emotional baggage.

Q. What did the alien ask its shipmate that just returned from vacation?
A. Where on Earth have you been?

Q. Why didn't the quantum chicken have to cross the road to go on vacation?
A. She was already on both sides.

Travel Pick-Up Line: Bae, if you were a TSA agent, I'd be happy to get a body scan.

Q. Why aren't there more funny automobile road trip jokes?
A. Because car puns are so exhausting!

Car Travel Points to Ponder: If you run behind your car, you'll get exhausted. If you walk in front of a car, you'll get tired.

Q. Where do many flat tires occur?
A. Where there is a fork in the road!

Travel Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, did you overstay your Visa? 'Cause you are looking fine!

Q. What kind of car does a proctologist drive on a road trip?
A. A brown Ford Probe.

Q. Would you like to hear the joke about the limosine again?
A. No, it's too long...

Two blondes were on a road trip to Denver. The sign said, "Denver Left," so they started crying and went home.

Travel Pick-Up Line: Girl, there is Norway you're driving off before I get your number.

Q. Why were the hot air balloonists able to see the sun come up? A. because they were early risers!Q. Why don't locksmiths need to use GPS? A. They always know their lock-ation!Arkansas state trooper pulls over a pickup truck and asks the driver if he's got and ID. Driver says: "Bout what?"

Q. What do you call it when a giraffe swallows a small drone?
A. A real plane in the neck!

Q. Why was the blonde guy afraid to fly to Finland?
A. He was afraid he'd disappear in FinnAir!

Q. Where might you vacation in Europe if you like really nice things?
A. Luxembourg.

Travel Point to Ponder: Can Chuck Norris fold airplanes into paper?

Vacation Travel Point to Ponder: If you break the speed limit, can you fix it?

Q. How did the blonde get injured on vacation?
A. She was hit by a parked car. OUCH!

Jack Pick-Up Line: Hey Hotrod, can I give you a lift?

Q. Why did the police officer cry after making the arrest?
A. It was a moving violation.

Q. Why did the cops pull over the Mini Cooper full of clowns?
A. For the fun of it, plus they obviously weren't wearing seat belts.

Q. Why did the cop ticket the computer?
A. Because it was speeding along the information highway!

Q. Why did a vampire drive on the highway? A. He was told it was a main artery!Q. Which national parks icon do locksmiths trust to preven forest fires? A. Smokey the Bear!You might be from Colorado if you've gone off-roading in a vehicle that wasn't intended for tht activity!

Q. Where do werewolves stay when they're on vacation?
A. At the Howliday Inn.

Q. What did the travelers say about their group accomodations?
A. It was a hostel envirnoment!

Q. Why did the guy shoot his alarm clock during his vacation?
A. Because he just felt like killing time.

Q. Where do automobiles go to cool off during the summer?
A. A carpool.

A Book Never Written: Cheap Summer Vacations by C. Moore Forless.

Q. How do you describe somebody who loves air travel?
A. Light-hearted.

Dog: Where do fleas go on vacation?
Another Dog: Search me...

Q. What time is it when five dogs are chasing a cat down the road?
A. Five after One.

Q. Why did the robot need a summer vacation?
A. He needed to recharge his batteries.

Q. Why doesn't a pickle like to travel? A. Because it's a jarring experience!You might be from Colorado if this guy was your last Uber driver!Q. Where do ships go when they are sick? A. The dock!

Q. What happened to the guy who broke his left arm and left leg in a vacation car accident?
A. He's alright now.

Q. What kind of car did Jesus drive?
A. A Christler.

Q. How do you describe a tense time-traveling clock?
A. All wound up!

Q. What did the guy say to his Uber driver after seeing his five-star rating?
A. Way to Go!

Q. Which ride sharing app also serves breakfast?
A. Eggs Uber Easy!

Q. What do Denverites call A Line Light Rail that just doesn't work?
A. Play Station.

Q. What does a houseboat turn into when it grows up?
A. A Township.

Transportation Point to Ponder: Why is mail that goes by sea called cargo, and mail that goes by land called shipment?

Did you hear about the guy who wrote all his vacation jokes in all caps? HIS LAST ONE WAS WRITTEN IN PARIS.

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