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Q. How can you tell your Colorado locksmith is a hottie? A. He's Smo-King!
Q. What's the cheesiest locksmith pick-up line? A. You cheddar know you're the key to my heart!
Did you hear about the stoner who locked his keys inside his car? He couldn't get his family out for an hour!

Q. What do you call it when a locksmith really messes up? A. Key-Lamity!


Locksmith Jokes, Keyed Up Puns, Unlock Humor
Unlock the door to key jokes, funky locksmith humor, keen laughter and re-bolting puns.

Low-Key Humor, Locksmith Puns, Locked Jokes
(Because Locksmith Jokes Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream If You're Locked Out – Even Worse if You're Locked In!)
Warning: Enter at Your Own Risk! Keen locksmith humor, keyed up jokes, and padlocked puns ahead.
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Q. How does a locksmith take a walk on the wild side? A. He Gets Funky!Q. Why don't locksmiths need to use GPS? A. They always know their lock-ation!Q. Do locksmiths hold the key to happiness? A. No, but they can open the liquor cabinet!

Q. How can you tell the locksmith you've hired is a true pro?
A. He's wearing a khaki uniform and has a groovy name tag.

Q. Why do locksmiths enjoy painful puns?
A. Because the jokes are f-key-ing funny!

Locksmith Pick-Up Line: Hey babe, wanna hookup tonight to tumble and get funky?

Q. Who should you consult if you’re having a hard time setting priorities?
A. A locksmith because they’re skilled at addressing key issues.

Q. How does the locksmith feel about painful key puns?
A. They are re-bolting and king-key.

Q. How do you describe the chaos caused when a locksmith really goofs up?
A. A Key-Lamity!

Locksmith Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, did you call a locksmith? 'Cause my GPS took me straight to your lock-ation.

Q. How did the trial for the wrought iron gate company go?
A. It was an open and shut case.

Q. Why did the locksmith do stand-up comedy during his off time?
A. Because he always got the audience keyed up.

Q. How can you tell locksmiths and safe crackers like painful puns?
A. Because they break into laughter.

Q. How did the trial against the defective door manufacturer go?
A. It was an open and shut case.

Pick-Up a Locksmith Line: Hey fella, are you a locksmith? 'Cause you've got me all keyed up.

Q. What's a great name for a top-notch locksmith company? A. Surelock Homes!Q. What is a locksmith's favorite lake? A. Loch Ness!They tried to keep a locksmith in prison, but the nut bolted!

Locksmith Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, they don't call me Sherlock for nothing!

Q. How do you know if a locksmith is a true perfectionist?
A. He incessantly tweaks the key details.

Pick-Up a Locksmith Line: Is that a master key in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Q. Why did the locksmith's girlfriend happily agree to marry him?
A. Because he's a real keeper!

Locksmith Pick-Up Line: Hello lass, is your name Ness? 'Cause I'm lovin' you a loch.

Q. Why did the locksmith vocalist move to Florida?
A. Because he could sing an any key.

Locksmith Pick-Up Line: Hey there, wanna come up and see my monkey?

Q. What do ghosts use to open a locked door?
A. If they can’t just walk through it, they use a spook-key.

Q. Why didn't the blonde freak out after she realized she forgot her key?
A. She remembered she didn't lock the door.

Q. What kind of car does a locksmith drive?
A. A Kia.

Locksmith Pick-Up Line: Babe, check out my key ring! Wanna see if I have the one to your heart?

Q. Which kind of keys do a locksmith's kids get to carry around?
A: Cookies!

Q. What od you want to see in your locksmith's resume? A. I'm an Okie from Muskogee!Q. Why are locksmiths seldom given the key to the city? A. Because they really don't need it!Q. What is a locksmith's favorite barbeque sauce? A. Mesquite!

Q. How can you tell a locksmith is kissing up?
A. He says locking good all the time.

Q. Which character trait should you look for when hiring a new locksmith?
A. His keen insight.

Q. How can you tell if a locksmith is a pianist?
A. He carries 88 keys.

Q. Why did corporate headquarters honor the locksmith?
A. Because he unlocked the pay freeze.

Q. What might your locksmith say when the job is done?
A. Oh Key Dokey!

Locksmith Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, was your daddy a Colorado locksmith? 'Cause you're smoking hot.

Q. What do locksmiths eat along with salsa and tortilla chips?
A. Notch-o cheese.

Q. What is the cheesiest line an amorous locksmith might try?
A. You cheddar know you're the key to my heart.

Locksmith Pick-Up Line: Babe, wanna hook up for lunch and have a quiche?

Q. Which Colorado ski rea do locksmiths prefer? A. Keystone!Q. What does a locksmith like in the morning before work? A. A Quickie!Q. What do you call a dog who makes a bolt for the door? A. Locksmith!

Q. Who do locksmiths try to avoid while skiing in Colorado?
A. The Keystone Cops.

Q. What is a Colorado locksmith's favorite winter sport?
A. Skiing!

Q. Which National Parks icon do locksmiths admire most?
A. Smokey the Bear.

Pick-Up a Locksmith Line: Hey dude, you're such a god that your name must be Loki!

Q. What do locksmiths order off the breakfast menu?
A. Quiche.

Cheesy Locksmith Pick-Up Line: Brie, you just cheddar know you're holding the key to my heart.

Q. What does a romantic locksmith say to woo his love?
A. You hold the key to my bank account.

Q. Which kind of dinosaurs were the locksmiths of their day?
A. Key-Rex.

Q. What did the locksmith name his new bloodhound puppy?
A. Sherlock.

Q. What does the locksmith call his wife's new cat?
A. Smitty.

Q. Which house pet is the favorite of locksmiths?
A. Keow! His key-ty cat!

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