Q. Why don't locksmiths need to use GPS? A. They always know their lock-ation!   PainfulPuns.com - Job Jokes, Funny Occupations, Work Whoas?

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Q. Do locksmiths hold the key to happiness? A. No, but they can open the liquor cabinet!
Q. What do you call a dog who makes a bolt for the door? A. Locksmith!


Locksmith Humor, Key Jokes, Re-Bolting Puns
Pick the bump key to funny locksmith jokes, haspy lock puns, and low-key humor.

Locksmith Jokes, Locked Puns, Keyed Up Laughs
(Because Locksmith Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream If You're Locked Out of the Slim Jim on Workout Day!)
Warning: Break In At Your Own Risk! Jingling key jokes, unlocked humor, and catchy puns ahead.
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Q. Why are locksmiths such versatile vocalists? A. Because they can sing in any key!Q. Which character trait are locksmiths most admired for? A. Their keen insight!Q. What is a locksmith's favorite winter sport? A. Skiiing!

Q. Which music videos did hipster locksmiths enjoy in the 60s?
A. The Monkees!

Q. Why did it take the perfectionist locksmith so long to complete his unlocking process?
A. He kept tweaking the details.

Q. Why was that locksmith comedian so knee-slapping funny?
A. Because he had such a keen sense of humor.

Q. What wisdom do locksmiths pass down to their children?
A. The key to knowledge.

Q. Which Colorado ski area always peaks the interest of locksmiths?
A. Keystone.

Q. Where do snowbird locksmiths like to spend the winter?
A. The Florida Keys.

Q. How do you know everything is fine with your locksmith? A. He says, "Okey Dokey!"Q. What's the cheesiest locksmith pick-up line? A. You cheddar know you're the key to my heart!I forgot the keys! But, that's okay because I also forgot to lock the door!

Q. What does a locksmith say to pay you a compliment?
A. You are Locking Good!

Q. Which kind of key does a locksmith employ to open his bananas?
A. A Monkey.

Q. Why can't you keep a crazy locksmith locked up in jail?
A. Because the nut will always bolt.

Q. What does a locksmith say to his love on Valentine's Day? A. You hold the key to my heart!Of all the things I've lost, I miss my keys the most!Q. How can you tell your locksmith is a perfectionist? A. He's constantly twea-king the details!

Q. What does a newlywed locksmith enjoy every single morning?
A. A quickie.

Q. What was the locksmith's worst day this year?
A. When his wife locked him out because she needed her space.

Q. Why aren't locksmiths ever awarded the key to the city?
A. Because they really don't need it!

Q. In Colorado, what is the difference between low-key and kilo to a locksmith?
A. Dude, seriously?

Q. Why do locksmiths get so many hits on their websites?
A. Because they're good at SEO and they know all the key words!

Q. What do locksmiths call their GPS?
A. A lockation service.

Q. What did the locksmith do to promote his business? A. He wore kha-key pants!Q. Do locksmiths hold the key to success? A. No, but they won't be locked out in the cold!Q. Who is a lockmith's favorite singer? A. Alicia Keys!

Pick-Up a Locksmith Line: Are you a locksmith or an SEO expert? 'Cause you've got all the key words to my heart, cardia, crux, soul...

Q. Why did the locksmith need to see a chiropractor?
A. Because his back locked up.

Q. Which pick-up line always works for locksmiths?
A. Hi, you're locking good!

Q. What happened to the locksmith who was stabbed in his spine by his keys?
A. His back locked up.

Q. What does a locksmith do when he takes a walk on the wild side?
A. He gets down and he gets fun-key!

Locksmith Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, was your daddy a locksmith? 'Cause you're a real keeper.

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