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Q. What powers Batman? A. Bat-teries!
Happy Watts-Day!
Q. Why was the Energizer bunny arrested? A. He was charged with battery!
Q. What's the best way to charge a car battery? A. With a credit card!

Q. What did the baby light bulb say to the mommy light bulb? A. I love you watts and watts!


Powerful Puns, Electric Humor, Shocking Jokes
Plug into fully charged humor, electricity jokes, energizing laughter and re-volting puns.

Electrician Jokes, Zappy Puns, Energy Humor
(Because Powerful Puns and Electrifying Jokes Are NOT Mainstream Enough for Electricians and Linemen!)
Warning: Proceed Cautiously! Shocking jokes, high wired humor, watts of LOLs and current puns zaps ahead!
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Q. What do you call competition between energy compainies? A. A Power Struggle!Q. What do you call a power failure? A. A current event!Q. How do electricians become confused? A. They get their wires crossed!

Q. What is an electrician's favorite ice cream flavor?
A. Shock-a-lot!

Q. Why do electrician comedians like to tell Painful power joke Puns?
A. For the shock value!

Q. Why did the electrician comedian stop telling jokes?
A. Because they made his head hertz.

Powerful Pick-Up Line: Babe, an electrician really can turn you on!

Q. What's another name for an electician's apprentice?
A. A Shock Absorber!

Q. Why did the electrician quit his new job?
A. He was shocked when he saw his first paycheck.

Q. How do electricians greet each other?
A. Watt's Up!

Q. What kind of car does an electrician drive?
A. A Volts-wagon.

A London electrician finally gets home at 3:00 a.m. His wife asked, "Wire you insulate?" He replied, "Watt's it to you? I'm ohm, aren't I?"

Q. Why did the lineman elope with his coworker?
A. He just couldn't resistor!

Q. How did the electrician feel after he finally got rid of the extra electrical charge he'd been carrying?
A. He was ex-static!

Q. Why don't electricians ever die young?
A. Because they just so well grounded.

Q. Where do electricians get their supplies?
A. Ohm Depot!

Old electricians never die. They just do it 'til it hertz.

Q. What is an electrician's favorite hard rock band?

Q. Why is the powerful baker compelled to make electric bread?
A. It's not what he wants, but it is watt he kneads!

Did you hear about the guy who had to call an electrician after getting his finger stuck in an outlet? He couldn't believe how much he was charged!

Electrifying Java Fact: Coffee is not electrically conductive, until it's grounded.

Q. Why is wind power so popular? A. Because it has a lot of fans!Q. why did a gardener plant a light bulb? A. He wanted to grow a power plant!Q. What does a barefoot man get if he steps on an electric wire? A. A pair of shocks!

Q. What does the power company call a gigantic cooling device in Dade County?
A. A Miami Heat Fan.

Q. What do electrician's chant when they meditate?
A. Ohm...

Powerful Pick-Up Line: Electricians do it in the dark!

Q. Why do true anarchists live without electricity?
A. Because they absolutely believe power corrupts.

Q. How did Ben Franklin feel after his kite experiment discovered electricity?
A. Keyed Up and Shocked!

Fully charged Pick-Up Line: Get turned on. Sleep with an electrician!

Q. Why do fluorescent lights hum?
A. Because they don't know the words.

Q. Where do many linemen live?
A. On Electric Avenue!

Powerful Job Perks: Become an electrician, and you can work with strippers all day, too!

Q. Why did the guy stop dating the lady electrician?
A. Because she was too shocking in bed.

Q. What is an alternate definition of shock absorber?
A. A careless electrician!

Electrical Words of Wisdom: Be careful with power, or this could be your last hour.

Powerful Pick-Up Line: Save a wire. Strip an electrician!

Q. Why are great electricians always so up to date?
A. Because they're current specialists.

Powerful Pick-Up Line: Let an electrician remove your shorts!

Fully Charged Fact of the Day: Never trust an electrician with no eyebrows!

Q. What do you call it when you dream about a dyslexic electricain?
A. Well, wired as hell!

Hairy Powerful Point to Ponder: Are electrical razors the best thing since sliced beard?

Powerful Pick-Up Line: Electricians do it with more frequency and less resistance!

Did you know nothing shocks retired electricians?

Q. Why do horses fart when they buck? A. Because they can't acheive full horse power without gas!Q. What did the light bulb say to the generator? A. I really get a charge out of you!Q. How many nuclear engineers does it take to change a light bulb? A. Ten. One to install it and nine to figure out what to do with the old one for the next 10,000 years!

Q. What do you call a worm that chews on electrical wires?
A. Electro-mag-nots.

Q. Why do electrical linemen use sun block?
A. It's a solar insulator.

Sorry these old electrician puns are so lame. We're working on some current ones...

Q. Why don't old electricians ever die?
A. Because they just revolt.

Did you hear about the bull caught in an electric fence? Yeah, it was charging.

Batman Pick-Up Line During a Power Blackout: Hey babe, wanna get out of here and check out the Dark Night?

Q. What did the journeyman electrician say when asked to name two transformers?
A. Decepticons and Autobots.

Q. Why did the electrical system in the prison keep malfunctioning?
A. The warden didn't hire an electrician; he let a conduit.

Q. Why was the free electron sad?
A. It had nothing to be positive about.

Powerful Pick-Up Line: Save a fuse. Blow an electrician!

Q. Why did two electrical transformers on Main St. go out last Saturday night?
A. Because they liked each other.

Q. What did the electrician name his dog?
A. Sparky.

Q. What is the definition of a shock absorber?
A. A careless electrician.

Powerful Pick-Up Line: Dude, are you an electrician? 'Cause you really light up my life.

Q. What happened after the power went off at the ice factory?
A. The business went into liquidation.

Q. Why was the electrical contractor fired from his job at the prison for refusing to fix the electric chair?
A. He said it was a death trap.

If you're tubing down a river right now, is that a current event?Did you hear about the safety-conscious coal company? They agreeed to make some miner changes!Q. What do you get if you cross a rooster and a telephone pole? A. A long wooden cock that wants to touch somebody!

Q. Which is the smallest city?
A. Electri-City.

Q. What does a master electrician say to encourage his apprentice?
A. You conduit!

Electrician Pick-Up Line: Babe, you sure look well-grounded.

Q. Which kind of car does a lineman's dog drive?
A. A Volts-Waggin'!

Electrical Words of Wisdom: Never trust an electrician with no eyebrows.

Q. What did the electrician who lives by a sacred Hindu mantra do on his day off?
A. He hung up a tapestry that said, "Om, Sweet Om."

Preaching to some people about clean renewable power can be a waste of energy.

Q. Why aren't the Amish frightened by lightning?
A. 'Cause they resist electricity.

Q. What did everybody think after the electrician was discharged from his job?
A. It was no big shock, since he always complained abourt how revolting the work was.

Q. Who was the most shocking electrician detective?
A. Sherlock Ohms.

A superconductor walks into a bar. Bartender says, "We don't serve your kind in here." So, the superconductor leaves without putting up any resistance.

Line on an electrician's resume: If I wasn't a good electrician, I'd be dead by now...

Q. Why did the high-powered electrician change careers to become a froufrou fashion designer?
A. Because he was a current specialist.

Q. Which Japanese action film was actually about Batman?
A. Mighty Orphan Power Rangers.

Q. Which new dating website sparks interest in electricians over age 50?
A. Power Time.

Q. Why did Mr. Ohm marry Mrs. Ohm?
A. Because he couldn't resistor.

Q. What do you call electronics workers who act like buffoons?
A. Circuit clowns.

Q. What did Mr. Sulu say when the powerful Tholian Web appeared?
A. Ohm My!

Did you hear about the cult of teenage girls who worship physicist Georg Simon Ohm? In schools everywhere, you can hear them praying, "Ohm, My God!"

Electrician Pick-Up Line: Babe, you sure could light up my night.

An observant guy noticed a power pole line starting to fall on somebody's car. But if they didn't notice it, they might be in for a real shock.

Q. How did the invention of the electric fan begin?
A. With a rough draft.

Powerful Pick-Up Line: Master electricians do it better.

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