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Chimp looking at beer bottle says: Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder!
Beer glass quips: Life and beer are veryy similar. Chill for best results!
Beer-drinking chimps says: When my friend fell asleep at the bar, I poured ale on him. It was a brewed awakening!
Monkey looking at beer bottle says: I decide which beer to drink on a case by case basis!
Bear walks into a bar: "I'll have a beer ... and some peanuts." Bartender asks: "Why the big paws?"
Chimp remarks: A man's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer!
Beer glass asks: Why does corona go through your system so fast? A. Becuase it doesn't have to stop to change color!
Chimp says: Love has four letters, but then again, so does beer!


Colorado Craft Beer Jokes, Brew Humor, Beer Puns
Belly up to the LoDo bar for Colorado nightlife humor, Denver party puns, and brew pub jokes.

Beer Jokes, Denver Brew Pub Puns, Hoppy Humor
(Because Mile High Beer Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream in Colorado Brew Pubs and Crafty Denver Bars!)
Warning: Ascend at Your Own Rate! Craft beer humor, Denver bar jokes, barrels of LOLs and brewed puns ahead.
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| Colorado Music Jokes | Colorado Fashion Puns | Colorado Bigfoot | Colorado Native Jokes |
Mile High Club Jokes | Denver Humor | Colorado Tourism Jokes | Colorado Commuter Jokes |

You might be from Colorado if you enjoy craft beers with punny names!You might be from Colorado if you've seen Bigfoot in a driverless beer truck on I25!You might be from Colorado if you don't drink and drive.

Q. Why does everybody in Denver brew pubs look so young for their age?
A. Because you're only as old ales you feel.

Colorado Craft Beer Point to Ponder: After sampling numerous tasty beers on Saturday night, shouldn't there be Hop Tarts to toast your Sunday morning?

A bee walks into a Colorado brew pub. An hour later, she comes out buzzing.

Q. Why did the Denver cops arrest the craft brewer?
A. He was accused of a-malt and beer-tery.

Q. What did the new craft brewer say when he bottled his very first batch?
A. Let's just hop for the best.

Q. In Colorado, what is it called when you're stuck in a polar vortex without any beer?
A. Cold sober.

Q. What do you call it if you see things after drinking too much Colorado craft beer?
A. An hop-tical illusion.

Q. How are Colorado craft beer and life in Colorado alike?
A. Just chill for best results.

Q. Why is Denver such a happy city?
A. Because of all the hop-timistic beer drinkers.

Q. Why did the Colorado brewer name his new craft beer Rocky Mountain Wry?
A. Because it's a real barrel of laughs!

Clue You're Drinking a Sudsy Craft Beer: For some reason, it's sold in the detergent aisle.

Q. What do crafty Denverites call a group of young kids dressed like ghosts for Halloween?
A. A micro-boo-ery.

Q. What did the Terminator say when he visited the Denver brew pub?
A. I'll Be Bock!

Q. Which Colorado craft beer did/does Marty McFly drink/drunk?
A. Bock to the Future.

Colorado Brew Pub Point to Ponder: Why don't they call the samples a short hop when you're at a craft beer tasting festival?

Q. Why did the new Colorado craft brewer get so famous so fast?
A. He was lager than life.

Clue You're Drinking a Crude Craft Beer: The label boasts it's made of roasted Harley and Plops.

Q. What did the dyslexic beer drinker order at the Denver craft beer pub?
A. A Large.

You might be from Littleton if you fondly remember woodsies at Daniel's Park!You might be from Denver if you can remember woodsies at Daniel's Park!You might be from Denver if you listen to KtCL and know Nerf isn't just a toy!

Q. What is an annual unoffical beer drinking holiday in Denver?
A. Hop-toberfest.

Q. Why is beer better than a woman?
A. Because beer thinks your karaoke singing at Dubb's Pub in Littleton was awesome!

Q. Who was the first Wild West brew pub entrepreneur in Colorado?
A. Hop Along Cask-ity.

Colorado is butte-iful! See, beauty IS in the eye of the beer holder.

Demographers and marketers try to lump beer drinkers into their labels. See, that's their first mistake. Colorado craft beer drinkers don't like labels!

Q. Why did the new craft beer bar sponsor a ladies fast-pitch team?
A. Just for the publicity.

Q. How do the Colorado Rockies toast a winning baseball season?
A. With a pitcher of craft beer!

Q. Which Colorado craft beer do van-driving retro guys in Morrison drink?
A. Brown Eyed Ale.

Craft Beer Point to Ponder: Why doesn't the Denver Post have more Hop-Ed pieces?

Q. Why don't Denverites drink Flat Tire beer?
A. Why tempt fate or dare the devil?

Q. Which Boulder craft beer is popular at CU?
A. Barley Legal Ale.

Q. If Dr. Seuss visited a Denver brew pub, which beer would he order?
A. Hops on Pop!

Q. Why did the tech guy prefer Colorado craft beer?
A. Because his head is in the cloud.

Craft Beer Fact of the Day: Home brewing isn't a sign of alcholism. It's a hobby!

Q. What is it called when there's a big ruckus in a craft beer pub about a Painful beer Pun?
A. A real brew ha ha!

Q. Which Colorado craft beer was discontinued because it caused boisterous bar behavior?
A. Stout It Out Loud.

Q. Which craft beer does a zombie on the run consume at a Colorado brew pub?
A. Green Flesh.

A magician walks into a Lodo alley and turns into a bar.

Q. What did the craft brewer say when he tasted his best beer ever?
A. This brew is wort its weight in gold!

Clue You're Drinking a Crappy Craft Beer: It tastes more like a mountain goat than like a mountain stream.

Q. Which Colorado craft beer do night owls hoot about?
A. Hop Around the Clock.

Q. At the craft beer pub in Breckenridge, what is the drunk guy's favorite kind of skis?
A. Brewskies!

You might be from Denver if you remember Jake Jabs playing the guitar at Evo's Time Out bar in Littleton!You might be from Colorado if you met this guy at a LoDo bar last weekend!Q. How many brewers does it take to change alight bulb? A. One-third less than for a regular bulb!

Q. Why did the blonde leave the Broncos tailgating party crying?
A. Because they ran out of Coors Light in left-handed cans.

Q. Which retro craft beer is best for crying into?
A. Tears for Beers.

Q. What is the most insane new Colorado craft beer?
A. One Brew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Q. If the Denver Zoo opened a brew pub, which beer would they serve?
A. Hungry Hungry Hoppos.

Clue You're Drinking a Crude Craft Beer: The brewery isn't running a sweepstakes, but under every bottle cap it says, "Sorry!"

Brew Pub Pick-Up Line: Girl, you owe me a beer 'cause I spilled mine when you walked by.

Q. What do you call a Colorado Sasquatch that enjoys craft beer?
A. The Hopominable Snowman!

Q. What do beer-loving Denver Broncos fans chant at the game?
A. Who let the dog stout?

Q. What do Denver craft brewers say about competitor brands in Kansas?
A. Don't let them get the yeast of you.

Q. What did the Denver craft brewer say after he helped an old lady across the street?
A. Oh, that's the yeast I could do.

Q. Why do hairy men love Colorado craft beer pubs during No Shave November?
A. Because in Denver, that's Novem-Beered.

Clue You're Drinking a Crude Craft Beer: Instead of a wagon pulled by horses, your beer's ad features a wheelbarrow pushed by a big hairy ape.

Q. Which craft beer is a Denver basketball fan favorite?
A. Nugget Hoppy Meal.

Q. Why did the ladies really go for the hot craft beer meister?
A. Because he was lager than life.

The answer may not be at the bottom of a beer bottle, but you should always check.

Brew Pub Pick-Up Line: Girl, I would buy you a draft, but I'd be jealous of the glass.

Q. Which Denver craft beer is the fave on E Colfax?
A. Hoppy Ending.

Q. What do you get if your cross a bear and a deer?
A. Some insane new Colorado craft beer. And it's usually served with Rocky Mountain Oysters.

You might be from Colorado if you have a rocky sense of humor!Q. What do hikers drink in Colorado? A. Mountain Dew!Fish says: Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he'll sit in a boat and drink beer all day!

Q. Why wasn't the brew chemist convicted on hopped up charges?
A. The jury wasn't convinced beyond a shadow of a stout.

Wish you were beer!

Q. What do you call a fantasy piece written by an author while at a Colorado brew pub?
A. An hoptical allusion.

A skunk ambles into Jake's Brew Bar in downtown Littleton and asks, "Hey, where did everybody go?"

Craft Beer Fact of the Day: Beer is made with hops. Hops is a plant. Therefore, beer is salad!

A soccer ball walks into a Denver brew pub, but the beer tender kicked him out.

Q. Which craft beer does the LGBTQ community embrace?
A. Malt-ernative Life Style Ale.

Q. When should you put oranges in your beer?
A. Only once in a Blue Moon, or if you're on a tour of the brewery in Golden, Colorado.

Q. What did the newly divorced brewer name the newest version of his Celebration Ale?
A. Celebration Fail.

Q. What happens after Denver writers have had enough craft beer?
A. Hop-literation!

If you're new to Colorado, always get the details from your beer tender or bud tender before you order the seasonal 420 Craft Beer or any dank libatation named Green Flash or Green Flush!

Q. How do you know somebody is really into craft beer?
A. Don't worry, they'll tell you!

Q. Why did the Denver weatherman prefer Colorado craft beer?
A. Because his head is in the cloud.

Q. Which fashion line is for Golden, Colorado beer lovers who count calories?
A. Michael Coors Light.

Q. Which seasonal craft beer is only available for two days?
A. Hoppy New Year.

We'd love to make up more puns about ficticious funny craft beer names, but no joke, the dumbest puns we came up with are already actual craft beer names!

Q. What happens after you've had enough Colorado craft beer?
A. Hop-livion!

Q. Why is beer better than a woman?
A. Because Colorado craft beer likes when you joke about it on social media!

I'm only gonna have one beer. At a time. Until all the beer is gone...

Sick of beer? That's like being sick of breathing.

Q. Why did the brew pub patron want after some clutz spilled his beer?
A. An Hopology.

Q. Why is Colorado craft beer so popular throughout the United States?
A. Because Americans believe in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Hoppiness.

Q. Why do frogs like Colorado craft beer?
A. Because once you hop, you can't stop.

Q. What is the definition of a successful Colorado hunting trip?
A. When three men manage to kill nine cases of craft beer in two days.

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