Alien says: In Colorado, if you don't like weed puns, you ganja have a bad time! - Puns, Jokes, Word Play, Groaners, Ouch!

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Q. What did father buffalo say to his boy when he left for college? A. Bison, CU later!
Q. Why do hipsters tend to stick to back country streams in Colorado? A. Because they're less main stream!
Q. What do you call rude Canada geese in a Colorado park? A. @#$%^&*! And, Coloradans are pretty polite.
Denver asks: What steps should you take if you think you've seen sasquatch? A. Very large ones!
Q. Where do crayons go on vacation? A. Colorful Color-ado!


Colorado Native Jokes, High Humor, Denver Puns
Come on down for high country humor, mountains of puns, and jokes only Coloradans get.

You're From Colorado Jokes & Coloradan Humor
(Because High Country Jokes and High-Minded Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream If You're From Colorado!)
Warning: Ascend at Your Own Risk! Funny Colorado native jokes, high country humor, and peak puns ahead.
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You might be from Colorado if you missed this exhibit at the Denver Zoo!You might be from Colorado if you friend asks your plans for today's hike and you summit up nicely!Wolf says: You might be from Colorado if you always dress in lairs!

Q. Why does Bigfoot like to hear these Colorado native jokes?
A. Because Sasquatch doesn't want to myth out on the punch lines!

Q. Why are there so many Bigfoot sightings on Mt. Elbert in Colorado?
A. Because it's in the Sawatch Range.

Local Little-Known Fact of the Day: Did you know Bigfoot works as a cop in Denver? Of course not, he's undercover!

Q. Why did Bigfoot run around Colorado with a piece of raw meat on his head?
A. Some tourist called him a Big Grill-a!

You might be a cool local if you you know how to spell Fraser, Colorado.

Q. Why are Colorado hiking supply stores so diverse?
A. Because they employ people from all walks of life.

Q. Why are these Colorado Native jokes getting dumber and dumber?
A. Because the new influx of Coloradans are making them up now!

Q. What did the cowboy at the Scottish festival in Estes Park say after a bear ate Lassie?
A. Well, doggone.

Q. How do Colorado chefs deal with cold weather?
A. They just turn up the SHU (Scoville Heat Units) in tonight's chile verde!

Colorado Winter Point to Ponder: During a total white-out blizzard, how would you even know if you saw the Abominable Snowman?

Colorado Insider Outdoor Camping Tip: If you get cold in your tent, just go stand in the corner because it's always 90 there!

Q. Which frozen treat do dogs enjoy on a hot summer day in Colorado?
A. Pupsicles.

Local Laugh of the Day: Did you hear about the Colorado dog who learned to speak like a horse? It was a real dog and pony show.

Q. What do natives call it when big hairy spiders rain down out of the sky near Four Corners, Colorado?
A. A tarantula downpour!

You might be from Colorado if every movie theater offers military and student discounts!You might be from Colorado if you're determined to finish the hike around the mountain lake come hell or high water!You might be from Littleton if you go to Ton'y's Meat Market to gt bones for your dog!

Colorado Tourism Slogan: Weed like to welcome you.

You might be from Colorado if you know what a trust fund hippie is, and know its natural habitat is the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder.

Brown Palace Hotel Guest: Why did you offer me a piece of candy?
Hotel Clerk: Well, you said you wanted the best sweet in the house.

Q. Why are successful rodeo cowboys raised in Colorado so rich?
A. Because every bronco gives them a buck or two.

Q. What do natives call stage actors who like to go fly fishing along the Frying Pan River in Colorado?
A. Cast members.

Q. If you're hiking in Colorado and find a fork in the road, what should you do?
A. Stop for lunch!

Q. What happens if you consume 5280 cannabis edibles in Denver, Colorado?
A. You get a pot belly, but you know you'll work it off in a mile.

Q. What do seasoned Colorado skiers like to eat for lunch?
A. Icebergers.

Q. What do dogs in Colorado eat for breakfast?
A. Pooched eggs or Denver omelettes.

Q. What did the Cherry Cricket waiter say when he brought out the dog's dinner?
A. Bone appetit.

Q. What do Colorado natices call a hungry canine on top of St. Mary's Glacier?
A. A chili dog.

Q. What does a Colorado native call it when Rover gets into the dessert at Ugly Dog Sports Cafe in Denver?
A. Pudding on the Spitz.

You might be from Colorado if your two favorite teams are the Broncos and whoever is beating the crap out of the Raiders.You might be from Colorado if you use bear-proof trash cans!You might be from Colorado if you know where Bongmont is and can find it without GPS!

A Denverite accidentally left two Rockies tickets on his car's dash, with the windows open. When he got back, there were two more!

Q. How does a Colorado Rockies fan make a peanut at Coors Field laugh?
A. Crack it up!

Q. Why can't basketball players, other than the Denver Nuggets, vacation in Colorado?
A. Because they'd get called for traveling.

Did you hear about the Mile High cannabis job fair? Over 70,000 stoners meant to attend. (If they'd held the fair at the Broncos' stadium, it would've been a sell out!)

Q. How many skunks does it take to make a really big stink outside a Denver party port-o-potty?
A. A Mere Phew!

Q. Why did the septic tank technician become a crime reporter on Denver7 News?
A. Because he was a true pro at digging up a lot of sh*t.

Q. Which craft beer is a Denver basketball fan's favorite at noon?
A. Nugget Hoppy Meal.

Q. What do Colorado natives do when they're hiking and see a sign warning about bruins?
A. Bear that in mind!

Colorado Local Dish of the Day: Did you hear about the guy in Colorado who wants marijuana to be classified as a vegetable? He said it's an ingenious way to get Americans to stop smoking pot!

Q. Where do horny Colorado stoners get their hair styled and buy a bag?
A. At Great Head.

Colorado Cannabis Pick-Up Line: Hey there Smokey, you're so hot that I don't even need a lighter!

Q. How do partying skeletons in Colorado get high on the weekend?
A. Marrow-juana.

You might be from Colorado if this guy was your last Uber driver!You might be from Colorado if you've never seen the tourist attractions in yur own town!Bear says: I've partied with Bigfoot in the Colorado high country!

Q. What is the hot new slogan of the Aurora Notel on E Colfax?
A. You've Rented the Room, Now Buy the Video!

Q. Which Denver craft beer is the favorite on E Colfax Avenue?
A. Hoppy Ending.

Q. What do tight pants and a cheap motel on E Colfax in Aurora, Colorado have in common?
A. No ball room.

Q. Why does Colorado Bigfoot prefer being referred to as Sasquatch?
A. Because his big squatch is more remarkable than his big foot is!

Colorado Point to Ponder: Why is it called Tourist Season if folks in Colorado Springs can't shoot at them?

Q. What is the tallest building in downtown Denver?
A. Denver Central Library has the most stories.

Q. Why did the Colorado blonde, driving the car with the wild paint job, get pulled over?
A. The Cherry Hills cops said it was a graphic violation.

Colorado Local Laugh of the Day: The local bank in Aspen introduced a new cash machine built in to a tree. If it's successful, they intend to expand to other branches.

Q. Which music genre do native Colorado Sasquatches like best?
A. Knock 'n Roll.

Q. What music do Denver Bigfoots listen to?
A. Rap.

Q. Why is Sasquatch such an excellent Colorado rock climber?
A. 'Cause he's great at getting a big foothold.

Q. How are Colorado's mountains able to see the next painful punch line?
A. They peak.

Q. What do you call a Colorado high country hiker who tells tall tales?
A. A snow fake.

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