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Chimp asks: Why are Denver Broncos jokes getting dumber and dumber? A. How can it be a joke, if nobody is laughing?
Q. Why do Denver Broncos' fans fail a drug test? A. They're always a mile high!
Old Most Interesing Man: He always knows when Denver will score, or not... Go Nroncos!
Chimp asks: Why to the Seattle Seahawks want to change their name to Seattle Tampons? A. Because they're only good for one period and don't have a second string! Go Broncos!
Ancient Aliens Big Hair Guy says: In alien speak @#$%^&*! means Go Broncos!


Denver Broncos Jokes and Rocky Football Humor
Score with horsey NFL humor, Mile High fan puns, and bucking funny Bronco jokes.

Broncos Jokes, Mile High Humor, Passable Puns
(Because High Altitude Football Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream for Mile High Denver Broncos Fans!)
Warning: Proceed at Your Own Risk! Mile High humor, Denver Bronco jokes and serious horsing around ahead.
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Gorilla asks: How do you recognize a Denver Bronco in a dpartment store? A. He's the one trying to slam the revolving door!Colorado High Country Joke: I put a Denver Broncos jersey on my airplane. Now it can't touch down!Q. How are the Denver Broncos like grizzly bears? A. Every fall they go into hibernation! Go Broncos!

Q. What do Broncos tailgaters say when introduced to new Denver fans?
A. Any friend of yours is a pal-o-mino!

Q. Why do the Denver Broncos have two mascots?
A. Miles for the high fans, and Thunder for when the game has gone to crap.

Q. Why did the blonde driving the car with the wild Denver Broncos paint job get pulled over?
A. The Centennial cops said it was a graphic violation!

Q. Why was the gamy sausage dropped from the Denver Broncos game roster?
A. Because it was the wurst on the team.

Did you notice after Colorado legalized marijuana, nobody knows the name of the Broncos stadium?

Broncos Trivia: After Colorado legalized marijuana, the name of the football stadium doesn't matter because it's just a field at Mile High.

Sports Bar Point to Ponder: If you're an alcoholic if you drink too much vodka, then are you Fantastic if you drink too much Orange Crush soda during a Broncos Game?

Q. Do the Walking Dead play NFL football?
A. They do! They play offense 'cause that's something to do in Denver when your're dead.

Q. What does a Broncos fan say to a gloating Raiders fan?
A. Just Buck Off!

Q. Why are Denver Broncos fans in such great shape?
A. They digest a stable diet and exercise caution when telling horsey sports jokes at the brew pub.

Q. What happened to the Colorado brew pub patron who fell into a barrel of beer while watching a Broncos game?
A. He came to a very bitter end.

Q. When is the field at Mile High the hottest?
A. After all the Denver Broncos and their fans have left!

Green alien says: Space aliens are Broncos fans because Denver is a mile cloer to home!Worf you ready for some football? Go Broncos!Q. How many Denver Broncos does it take to change a tire? A. One. Unless it's a blowout, then they all show up!

Q. How do Denver Broncos fans introduce themselves to newcomers?
A. With Western Horspitality!

Q. On East Colfax, which type of Bronco fans prefer late evening games?
A. Night Mares.

Denverite: I keep painting myself orange and blue.
Shrink: Are you a Broncos fan?
Patient: Yes.
Shrink: In Denver, that's perfectly normal.

Q. What did the geeky mathematician do at the Mile High football game?
A. Square root for the Denver Broncos!

Q. What do Denver Broncos running backs eat before a big game?
A. Fast Food!

Q. Why didn't the pirate tourist enjoy his sea-t at the Denver Broncos game?
A. Because he was in the last row!

Orange you glad that last Denver Broncos pun blue you away?

Q. How does a Broncos tailgater introduce himself to the hot blonde who just arrived?
A. Hay There!

Denver Broncos Fact of the Day: Making it to the Super Bowl is 90% mental. The other half is physical.

Q. Which side of the Broncos mascot, Thunder, has the most hair?
A. The Outside!

Q. Which side of the Broncos mascot, Miles, has the most hair?
A. The Inside! The guy wearing the polyester costume is not bald!

Q. Why is the Denver Broncos' kicker the funniest guy on the team?
A. He always strives for a good punt!

Q. What did the Denver Broncos player say when he found out how expensive first-class tickets to Omaha! were?
A. Put me in coach!

Q. Why do Denver Broncos jokes keep getting dumber and dumber? A. Because ya just can't win 'em all!Port-o-potties say: Go Broncos! We'r number 1!Cheesehead Hulk asks: What stinks worse, muenster or horse crap? Go Broncos!

Did you hear about the Denver Broncos fan who was hospitalized with 11 plastic horses inside him? Doctors report his condition is stable.

Q. What do you get if you cross a frat boy with corporals and sergeants?
A. Bro-NCOs.

Did you hear about the depressed Broncos fan? Sad to say, he isn't feeling a Mile High after that last game...

Q. Why did the blonde leave the Broncos tailgating party crying?
A. Because they ran out of Coors Light in left-handed cans.

Q. How did the head coach figure out which Denver Bronco was most popular with the fans?
A. He conducted a Gallop Poll.

Q. Why do Denver Broncos fart when they run?
A. They can't acheive full horse power without gas.

Q. Why doesn't Bigfoot play for the Denver Broncos?
A. Because Sasquatch is afraid of clowns!

Denver Bronco Pick-Up Line: I've never made an incomplete pass, and I hope you won't be the first.

Q. Who helps the head turf guy at Mile High Field clean up after a crappy Broncos game?
A. His co-pile-it!

Q. Why is it always so cool at the Broncos' stadium?
A. Because no matter how bad the game is going, the fans don't leave until the clock runs out.

Q. Why can't Denver Broncos dance?
A. Because horses have two left feet.

Q. What is next year's grand prize in the Denver Chapter Time Travel Club raffle?
A. A trip to a winning season in the near future. Go Broncos!

Chimp says: Accordin to a new poll, 89% of people are satisfied with their lives. The other 11% are Broncos fans! Go Broncos!Trippy blue and orange art says: Go Broncos! We're behind you, wherever that is?Q. What's the difference between a Denver Broncos fan and a mosquito? A. Mosquitos are only annoying during the summer! Go Broncos!

Q. How can you tell it was a brutal Broncos game at the Denver sports bar?
A. Even your dog said it was "ruff!"

Q. What's the toughest part about riding out the season for a Denver Broncos fan?
A. Hitting the ground.

Q. What do you call the extreme Broncos fans that live next door in the orange house with the blue trim?
A. The Neigh-bors.

Q. Why do Colorado locksmith's have mile high hopes for Broncos quarterback, Drew Lock?
A. 'Cause he's a key player.

Mile High Club Point to Ponder: If a Denver Bronco scores in flight, is that considered a touchdown?

Turkey Day Fact: Thanksgiving is the only USA holiday when the mascot is butchered and devoured. Aren't you glad that doesn't happen on Denver Broncos Day in Colorado?

Q. How did Denver Broncos' fans usie the F-word during the 2019 season?
A. Oh Flacco!

Q. What do true blue Denver Broncos fans say when the team fumbles?
A. Stop horsing around!

Q. What do Denver Broncos' fans mean when they curse: "Oh Double-F?"
A. Vic Fangio + Joe Flacco.

Q. What's the difference between a battery and the Raiders?
A. A battery has a positive side.

Q. How do you become a superhero during a Denver Broncos game?
A. Rescue a guy named Samuel Adams who's been trapped inside a bottle!

Q. Why are Denver Broncos jokes getting dumber and dumber?
A. Because the idiot who thought up the temporary new name for the stadium is further Empower-ed to make them up now!

Q. Which orange and blue dinosaur skeleton is prominately displayed at Denver Museum of Nature and Science?
A. The Bronco-saurus

Mile High Club Point to Ponder: If a Denver Bronco scores in the air, is there a penalty for holding?

Q. Why did the blonde Denver Broncos fan cross the road?
A. Somebody said, "Hey."

Q. How do Denver Broncos fans explain it after the team fell to the visitors?
A. They've fallen and they can't giddy-up!

Q. What did the fans say after the Denver Broncos swallowed four quarters?
A. That really bucked.

Colorado Native Point to Ponder: If you joined the Mile High Club on the Field at Mile High, would an NFL ref penalize you for cheating?

Q. Why are successful rodeo cowboys raised in Colorado so rich?
A. Because every bronco gives them a buck or two.

Q. Why aren't there very many funny Broncos jokes this year?
A. 'Cause there's just nothing to smile about this bucking season!

Q. Which germy malady are Denber Bronvos fans all immune to?
A. Bronco-itus.

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