Cool cats are Denver Broncos fans. Me-Wow! - Puns, Jokes, Word Play, Groaners, Ouch!

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Ants Are Broncos Fans! So Are The Uncles!
Big Malamute Dog Fan Says: Go Broncos!
White horse says: I'm ready for some football! Go Broncos!
Denver dog says: Go Broncos! KTCL OR KBCO, not WKRP!


Broncos Jokes, Fauna Football Puns, NFL Humor
Cheer Denver on with fan-tastic football puns, loyal follower LOLs, and wildly funny Broncos jokes.

Denver Broncos Jokes, Animal Fan Bronco Memes
(Be-Caws Crowing Fan Puns and Fauna Broncos Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream When You're a Mile High!)
Warning: Proceed with Care! Mile High football jokes, Go Broncos! parrot LOLs, and Denver dog fan puns ahead.
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Q. Why are crows such big Broncos fans? A. Just be caws!Q. What's the difference between a Denver Broncos fan and a mosquito? A. Mosquitos are only annoying during the summer! Go Broncos!Quaker parrot says: Go Broncos. Go broncos. Bo Broncos! Denver Birdie is a good birdie! Squaek!

Q. Why do chickens in Denver backyard coops like these Broncos jokes?
A. Because they're so clucking funny!

Q. How do Denver Broncos fans introduce themselves to newcomers?
A. With Western Horspitality!

Q. Are Great Horned Owls Denver Broncos fans?
A. Yes. They especially enjoy watching them in the Superb Owl.

Denver dog fan says: Pleaze win won for me! Go broncos!Black cat says: Just flew in for the big game! Go roncos1Denver's Biggest Dog Fan Says: Here Kitty Kitty... Go Broncos!

Q. Why will the Denver Donkeys win every football game next year?
A. Because they have
a twenty-mule team.

Q. What's the difference between Broncos fans and mosquitoes?
A. Mosquitoes are only annoying six months of the year.

Q. Why didn't the stallion show up to his Broncos-themed wedding?
A. He got colt feet.

Frog says: I toad you Denver Broncos are hot! You wart surprised?WOOF, WOOFOS! Dog speak transllated: Go Broncos!Canada Goose Says: Just flew in for the big game! Go Broncos!

Q. What do you call an official at a Broncos game who is wearing Venetian blinds?
A. A Zebra!

Q. What did one Broncos tailgater say to another?
A. Your pace is familiar, but I can't remember your mane.

Q. What did the Broncos' bumblebee running back say after getting a touchdown?
A. Hive Scored!

Denver dog fan says: Chargers Lost Their Sparky? Go Broncos!Parrot says: I can't stop squawking about the big game! Go Broncos!Denver Dog Fan Reading Team News Says: Go Broncos!

Q. What do Denver fans see before they hear Thunder, the Broncos mascot?
A. A lightning colt.

Q. How does a pirate's parrot cheer for the Broncos?
A. Aye, me Bucko!

Q. How do Denver Broncos fans explain it after the team fell to the visitors?
A. They've fallen and they can't giddy-u

T0Rex says: Dinosaurs remain loyal Broncos fans!Dog Reading Football News Says: Go Broncos!Big Dog Fan Says: Go Broncos!

Q. What do Denverites call it when a dinosaur makes a touchdown for the Broncos?
A. A dino-score.

Q. What do true blue Denver Broncos fans say when the team fumbles?
A. Stop horsing around!

Q. Why are pigs such great Denver Broncos football fans?
A. Because they're always rooting.

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