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Q. How does a physicist exercise? A. By pmping ion!
A guy at the gym fell off the treadmill because he wasn't exercising caution!


Gym Jokes, Bodybuilder Humor, Workout Puns
Lift weighty barbell jokes, reps of workout humor, buff pec puns and funny gym grunts.

Pumping Iron Puns, Exercise Jokes, Gym Humor
(Because Pumped Up Puns Could Never Be Too Mainstream for Fitness Buffs, Gym Rats, or Bodybuilders.)
Warning: Excercise Caution! Ripped Jokes, Weighty Puns, and Strongman Pick-Up Lines Ahead.
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Q. Which exercise do hairdressers do at the gym? A. Curls!Q. Why did the gym close down? A. It just wasn't working out!My wife is so unfamiliar with the gym, that she calls it James!

Gym pick-up line: Hey girl, do you have any tape? 'Cause I'm totally ripped.

Workout Wisecrack: Somebody call the Coroner! I just killed my workout!

Gym Factoid: Did you realize that Dr. Frankenstein was actually the first bodybuilder?

Hulk Asks: What do you call the heavy breathing someone makes while trying to hold a yoga pose? A. Yoga Pants!The bodybuilder knew he was in love after experiencing strong feelings!Hulk Asks: What do you get if you cross a body builder and a peeping Tom? A. Amazing Peeks!

Gym pick-up line: Did you get those yoga pants on sale? 'Cause at my place, they're 100% off!

Workout Wisecrack: They say the best exercise is in the bedroom. Well, that's where I get the most resistance...

Gym pick-up line: Hey girl, now it's your turn to spot me, 'cause I spotted you all the way across the room when you walked in.

Q. What does Batman do for exercise? A. AeroBATics!Q. Why do hamburgers go to the gym? A. To get better buns!Q. What did the group of sedentary executives with expanding waistlines call their worouts? A. Middle Management!

Workout Wisecrack: I wish the gym had a stationary bike built for two.

Gym pick-up line: Hey girl, let's do lunge!

Pumped up pick-up line: Girl, I followed my heart, and it led me to the gym.

Workout Wisecrack: I love doing crunches: Doritos, popcorn, pretzels...

Did you hear about the arm wrestler  who was about to win? He had the match well in hand!Hulk Asks: What do you call a workout facility infested with harmful bugs? A. A germ-nasium!Gym Joke: Gnome body builders are not ab-gnormal!

Gym pick-up line: Do you believe in love at first sight? Or, should I curl this barbell another ten times?

Q. What condition do you have if you're sick of going to your workout venue?
Gym Nausea-m.

Gym pick-up line: Are your legs tired? 'Cause you've been running through my mind all night.

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