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Q. What's another name for exercise? A. The Joy of Flex!
Q. Why couldn't Batman go fishing? A. Robin ate all the worms!
When his wife was preparing his favorite chocolate cake, the baseball player said "Batter Up!"
Marathon runners with bad footwear, suffer the agony of da feet.


Sport Riddles, Ball Game Jokes, Gym Humor
Sweat along with sports riddles, exercise humor, player puns and stinking funny gym jokes.

Sports Jokes, Workout Humor, Athletic Puns
(Because Game of Skill Riddles and Athletic Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream for Gym Rats or Sports Fans!)
Warning: Proceed Cautiously! Strong-arm humor, sports riddles, sweaty gym jokes and ab-normal puns ahead.
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Q. Which days of the week are teh strongest? A. Saturday & Snday. The rest are week days!Q. Which magazine does the big bad wolf read? A. Porks Illustrated!Did you hear about the arm wrestler  who was about to win? He had the match well in hand!

Q. Why did the oyster go to the gym?
A. 'Cause it's good for the mussels.

Q. What condition do you have if you're sick of going to your workout venue?
A. Gym Nausea-m.

Q. What happened after the guy took bench press out of his workout schedule?
A. It was a huge weight off his chest.

Q. What do you call guys who just monkey around at the gym?
A. Buff-oons.

Q. How do you make a pool table laugh?
A. Reach into its pockets and tickle its balls.

Funny Fitness Failure: I can't help it if I'm lazy. It walks in my family...

Q. What is the lazy guy's idea of a good workout?
A. Doing diddly squats.

Q. What did the lazy out-of-shape guy get when he quit going to the gym?
A. A-trophy.

Did you hear about the new gym, Resolutions? They feature workout equipment the first two weeks, and then it's a bar for the rest of the year.

Q. Why did Satan open a gym?
A. So he could exercise his demons.

Q. Why did a priest open a gym across the street from Satan's Fitness Center?
A. To exorcise his demons.

Gym Pick-Up Line: Do you believe in love at first sight? Or, should I curl this barbell another ten times?

Q. What do you call a basketball player that misses dunks? A. Alley Whoops!Q. Which exercise do pirates do for great abs? A. Planks!Q. What do you get if you cross a tree and a baseball player? A. Babe Root!

Q. Why are frogs so good at basketball?
A. Because they always make the jump shots.

Q. What is the difference between a basketball player and a dog?
A. One dribbles and the other drools.

Q. What does a basketball player say after he missed the shot?
A. Shoot!

Q. Which player was known as the poet of basketball?
A. Longfellow.

Q. What is a swimmer's favorite sport?
A. Pool.

Q. Which arm exercises are best for a swimmer in training?
A. Pool-ups!

Q. Why were the anti-vax kids banned from the public swimming pool?
A. Because the only water game they could play was Marco Polio.

Non-Athletic Groan of the Day: The only exercise I've done this month is running out of money.

Q. Why are frogs great outfielders?
A. Because they never miss a fly!

Q. Which Star Wars movie is a baseball player's least favorite?
A. The Umpire Strikes Back.

Q. Why did a baseball player decide to take a job at a used car lot during his off season?
A. He wanted to work on his sales pitch.

Q. What is the difference between a pick-pocket and an umpire?
A. One steals watches and the other watches steals.

Q. Why did the stupid bodybuilder train at the zoo? A. He wanted to get ripped to shreds!Q. Why did the offensive lineman with a concussion go to the bank? A. To get his quarterback!Q. What does an exhibitionist snake wear to the beach? A. A Pything!

Gym Confession: Sometimes, I look like I'm working out, but I'm actually using every muscle in by body to keep from farting.

Painful Gym Pun of the Day: I'm gonna tell you a bodybuilder joke, but you'll have to weight for it...

Typical Gym Rat Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, how about we go for a long romantic walk on the treadmill?

Q. What do you get if you cross a quarterback with a carpet?
A. A throw rug!

Q. Where do football players go when they need a new uniform?
A. New Jersey!

Q. What did the B Team NFL football player say when he found out how expensive first-class tickets were?
A. Put me in coach!

Q. Why did the spider take swimming lessons?
A. She wanted to surf the web!

Q. What is a whale's favorite swimming stroke?
A. The blubber-fly.

Q. How do you know your swimming pool seriously needs to be cleaned?
A. Kids still pee in it, but they don't get in first! OUCH!

When each player hit onto the next fairway, the golfers were four for fore!When the T-ball players started crying, the ball field became a bawl park!Q. What did the bodybuilder say when he opened his protein tub? A. No whey!

Q. Why do golfers hate the game Hearts?
A. Because all they ever get are Clubs!

Q. Why didn't the skeleton like to play golf?
A. His heart was not in it.

Q. How are golf balls like eggs?
A. They're white, sold by the dozen, and a week later you have to buy more.

Q. Why did the guys arrive early at the golf course?
A. To use the practice green and just putter around.

Q. What is a baseball player's favorite thing about going to the park?
A. The slides.

Q. How does a Colorado Rockies fan make a peanut at Coors Field laugh?
A. Crack it up!

Q. What does home plate say about the baseball?
A. It's pointless.

Q. What are the rules in zebra baseball?
A. Three stripes, and you're out!

Q. Which exercise do hair stylists do at the gym?
A. Curls.

Q. Which equipment do future time travelers use back at the gym to stay in shape?
A. A Flex Capacitor.

Q. What do baseball players eat at White Castle?
A. Sliders.

Q. Where does a catcher sit for dinner?
A. Behind the plate.

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