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Q. How can you tell if someone who's just had a perm is on the phone? A. You get a frizzy signal!
Q. What is a great name for a barber? A. Les Offenbach!
Gnome having a bad hair day
Eddy Munster Says: Mommy, everybody says I look like a werewolf? Oh, sit down and comb your face!
I didn't like my beard at first, but then it grew on me.


Barber Jokes, Hair Salon Puns, Hairy Humor
Brush up on terrible toupee puns, cutting remarks, and frizzy funny jokes that'll grow on you.

Hair Humor, Coiffed Puns, Barbershop Jokes
(Because Hairy Jokes, Snippy Humor, and Bald Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream at the Hair Club for Men!)
Warning: Dye with Caution! Crazy hair humor, cutting edge laughs, bald jokes and over-styled hair puns ahead.
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| Hair Salon Jokes and Stylist Puns | Blonde Jokes | 2 | Hipster Jokes | Hipster Hookup Lines |

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Q. Why does a great hair stylist ask so many question before a haircut?Q. What is a hair stylist's favorite day of the week? A. DOs Day!Did you hear about the trendy mountain top barber shop? It was a cut above the rest!

Q. What did the blonde hair stylish say when the man said he wanted a hair cut?
A. Which one?

Q. What do you call a fantastic hair stylist?
A. A sheer delight!

Q. What do you call a blonde who dyes her hair brunette?
A. Artificial intelligence.

Don't worry, these hairy puns aren't permanent; they wash right off!

Q. What did the barber do after the fire at the barbershop?
A. He combed through the ashes.

Q. What do you call several men waiting in line for a haircut?
A. A barber-cue.

Q. What is the optimal true definition of a toupee?
A. A top secret!

Q. How do we know hair brushes like these painful hair puns.
A. They keep combing back!

Q. Which hair salon do BFFs visit in pairs?
A. Soul Scissors.

Q. What award did the blonde hair stylist get?
A. Home-Combing Queen.

Q. Why was the barber arrested?
A. For running a clip joint.

Q. How does the Man in the Moon cut his hair?
A. Eclipse it!

Q. Which barber shop did the sarcastic comedian prefer?
A. Cutting Remarks.

Q. Which barber shop has a tie-died barber's pole?
A. The Grateful Head.

Q. What do you call promos for movies about barbers or hair stylists?
A. Combing attractions.

Gorilla asks: Why did the banana go to a hair stylist? A. It had split ends!Wookie Asks: What makes music on your hair? A. A head band!Q. Why did the barber win the race? A. Because he took a short cut!

Did you hear about the guy whose hairline was so far back that even archaeologists couldn't find it?

Q. Why did the bald guy put a rabbit on his head?
A. Because he wanted a head full of hare.

Q. Why didn't the blonde take the job at the fancy hair salon?
A. Because there were too many condition-ers!

Hope this hair pun is a cut above the rest!

Q. Do old execs at Hair Club for Men ever die?
A. No, they just keep plugging away.

Q. What do you call a walk-in appointment for a perm at a hair salon?
A. The curly queue.

Q. How did the blonde end up in the military?
A. She thought she was joining the Hair Force! Duh!

Q. Where do horny Colorado stoners get their hair styled and buy a bag?
A. At Great Head.

Ancient Aliens Point to Ponder: Could it be possible that alien barbers abduct Giorgio Tsoukalos while he's asleep to style his hair?

Q. Why don't bald men need keys?
A. Because they've lost all their locks.

Q. Why did the barber go to the bank?
A. To open a shavings account.

Q. What is the difference between a circus master and Caesar's barber?
A. One is a raving showman, and the other is a shaving Roman.

Q. Why did the barber shop close at 2 p.m.?
A. Because work was cut short today.

I heard a great barber shop pun, but I'm gonna shave it for later...

Q. What did the man, who usually wore a toupee, do when he wanted to relax?
A. He just let his hair down.

If Monday was a hair style, it would be a mullet!Q. What do ghosts use to wash their hair? A. Sham-boo!If Satan lost his hair, would there be Hell toupee?

Q. Which award was presented to the TV anchorman with the worst '80s hair style?
A. The Mullet-zer Prize.

Q. What do you call a bad comb-over?
A. Hair-layer-ious!

Did you see the online ad for $10 hair pieces? I'd say that's a small price toupee!

Hair Factoid: If you try to remove the curls from your hair, you'll end up fro-straighted.

Q. Where do police women get their hair styled?
A. At Cops and Bobbers.

Q. Why did the blonde keep running out of shampoo?
A. She literally followed the directions: Lather, Rinse, Repeat...

Q. Which barber shop is haunted by ghosts?
A. The Great Hair After.

Q. Where can you get a scary good hair cut in Estes Park, Colorado?
A. At Hair's Johnny Salon in the Stanley Hotel.

Q. Which hair salon do ghosts haunt most?
A. Curl Up and Dye.

Q. What do you call a really crappy highlight job?
A. Dye-arrhea.

Q. Where can you get your hair styled down unda?
A. Scissors of Oz.

Funny elderly barbers never die. They just become old cut-ups.

Q. Why doesn't The Hulk need to style his hair?
A. Because it lays perfectly still out of sheer terror.

Q. What is the optimal true definition of a toupee?
A. A top secret!

Q. Why do bald men always have holes in their pockets?
A. So they can run their fingers through their hair!

Q. Which kind of writing tool has no hair?
A. A bald-point pen.

Q. What is the perfect hair style for a gunslinger?
A. Bangs.

Old blondes never die, they just dye away.

Q. Which exercise do hairdressers do at the gym? A. Curls!Q. What is a hair stylist's favorite day of the week? A. Dye Day!Q. Which side of a Wookiee has the most hair? A. The Outside!

Q. What is a hair dressers favorite competitive sport?
A. Curling.

Q. Why did the blonde guy like watching the football game at the hair salon?
A. The coverage is the same, but the highlights are better.

Q. Which Washington barber shop does the President patronize?
A. Hairforce One. (That explains a lot!)

Q. How did the young lad feel about his first haircut?
A. He didn't like it at first, but then it grew on him.

Q. How did ancient Romans cut their hair?
A. With a pair of caesars.

Q. Who wrote the 1950s book, 101 Neato Hair Styles?
A. Bob E. Pinn.

Q. What do you get if you cross a hair dresser and a cell phone?
A. Radio waves.

Hairy Point to Ponder: If you stepped on Rapunzel's hair, could you be ticketed for tress-passing?

Q. What is the difference between a manicurist and a hair stylist?
A. One gives a hand job and the other gives a blow job.

Q. Where do hippies get their hair cut?
A. At Hairway to Heaven.

Q. What kind of facial hair does a ghost have?
A. A soul patch.

Q. How did the old hair sylish pass away?
A. She just curled up and dyed.

Q. What do you say to somebody who tells you to trim your eyebrows?
A. That’s none of your bushiness!

Q. What did the bald guy say when he got a comb for his birthday?
A. Gee thanks, I'll never part with it.

Q. Where does a locksmith get his hair cut?
A. At ShearLock Homes.

Q. What does a hair stylist use to create a beehive hairdo?
A. A honeycomb.

Q. Why did the bonde guy wear a sweater knitted out of Golden Retriever hair?
A. 'Cause he wanted to look quite fetching.

Hairy Point to Ponder: Do you call an antique wig-making machine a family hair loom?

Q. Where does a sheep get a haircut?
A. At the baa baa shop.

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