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Happy Moon Day! From PainfulPuns!
Cat asks: If I'm hissed off on Monday, does it even madder?
Grandpa Munster Says: Happy Moan Day!
Happy dog says: On Monday morning, rolling out of bed id easy. Getting up off the floor is hard!
Happy Meme Day!


Monday Jokes, Moon Day Humor, Mon-dane Puns
Clock in for tired Monday morning humor, sleepy moan day puns, and mad day jokes.

Monday Humor, Luna Puns, Blue Monday Jokes
(Because Moan Day Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream When the Moon's Day is Just Full of IT!)
Warning: Oversleep at Your Own Peril! Mad Monday jokes, mum day humor, and munch day puns ahead.
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Green Alien Asks: If each day is a gift, where do I return Monday?We need a day between Sunday & Monday. Let's call it Punday!A day on Venus lasts 5832 hours about the same as one Monday on Earth!

Monday Point to Ponder: Why isn't Monday referred to as Bunday, since it's the wurst?

Q. What is the biggest calendar bummer every seven years or so?
A. When your birthday falls on a Monday!

Q. Which day of the week do painful punsters enjoy the most?
A. MemeDay.

Mondane Monday Moan: I haven't had a Monday this bad – well, not since last Monday.

Monday Matter of Fact Trivia: One day on planet Mercury lasts 1408 hours – the same as one Monday on Earth!

Q. On Monday morning, why do we ask "How was your weekend?"
A. So we can tell everybody about our weekend!

Batman Says: Keep Calm! Pretend today isn't Monday!Hulk Says: Yuck, I just stepped in a big pile of Monday!Vampire Says: Monday Sucks!

Q. Which superhero comes to your rescue on Monday mornings?
A. Coffee!

Monday Point to Ponder: If Monday had a nose, would you punch it?

Q. How do you know the work week will get even crazier after Monday and Tuesday?
A. Because all that's left is WTF.

Q. What do coffee lovers call their favorite day of the week?
A. MudDay.

Q. Which day of the week makes werewolves howl?
A. MoonDay.

Q. What was the worst part of my Monday?
A. Listening to all of you complain about yours.

Thank God it's Monday! ~ My Liver!Shortest Horror Story: Monday!Breaking News: Tuesday Sucks As Bad As Monday!

Q. Why did the blonde wear her TGIF T-shirt on Monday?
A. She thought it meant Tits Go In Front.

Friday Point to Ponder: Why is it that Friday is so close to Monday, but Monday is so far from Friday?

Q. Which day of the week do naked streakers look forward to?
A. MoonDay.

Q. What is the meteorology term for a sunny, warm, gorgeous day that follows two days of rain?
A. Monday!

Q. Why did the blonde name her cat Monday?
A. Because it's dark, snarky, and sneaks up out of nowhere!

Q. Which day of the week do ghosts look forward to?
A. MoanDay.

Happy Munch Day!Mondays do make cents!Happy Mum Day!

Q. Which day of the week is the worst for somebody on a diet?
A. MunchDay.

Q. How are Mondays like mosquitoes?
A. Because they bite!

Q. Which one single word describes Monday best?
A. Mundane!

Q. Which day of the week does Scrooge like the most?
A. MONeyDay.

Q. Which day of the week do fall flowers like best?
A. MumDay.

Q. What is the shortest horror story ever written?
A. Three words: Mourning Monday Morning.

Hulk Says: Happy? Mad Day!Enjoy Sunday because it'll be Monday soon!Green Alien Says: I can tell how good my weekend was by how many pictures I have to untag on Monday!

Q. Why did Monday go to a shrink?
A. Because it thought everybody hated it.

Q. Which day of the week is the most macho?
A. ManDay.

Wasted Weekend Point to Ponder: It was Friday, I blinked, and now it's Monday again? OUCH!

Q. Why aren't Mondays that bad afterall?
A. Because they only comprise 1/7 of your life.

Q. What is it called when it's harder and harder to get out of bed each Monday morning?
A. A wakening week-en-ing.

Q. Which day of the week does a dominatrix look forward to?
A. MoanDay.

Monday walks into a bar. That's how you know it's going to be the longest, most grueling week in recent memory.

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