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Happy Bends-Day!
Wine Says: Happy Red's Day!


Hump Day Puns, Midweek Humor, Winds Day Jokes
Wack out with humping funny puns, happy Wednesday jokes, and weirds day humor.

Wednesday Jokes, Vins Day LOLs, Wets Day Puns
(Because Wets Day Jokes and Rads Day Puns Could Never Be Too Mainstream for Horny Camels on Wednesday!)
Warning: Wend Forward with Caution! Web's day jokes, weirds day humor, and wads day puns ahead.
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Toad Says: Wart-n't you know it? It's Wednesday!Head's Up! It's Wacky Wednesday!Bart Simpson Asks: Wow, is it Wads Day Already?

Wednesday Thought of the Day: It's funny how Wednesday is sort of like a middle finger pointing up at you.

Q. Which day of the week is the most verbose?
A. WordsDay.

Midweek Point to Ponder: If Hump Day and Wine Wednesday got into a fight, which would win?

Q. Which day of the week is the most alternative?
A. WeirdsDay.

Q. Which day of the week do SEO experts have to work the hardest?
A. WebsDay.

Wednesday Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, today is Hump Day, so why not start it out with a bang?

Addams Family Says: Happy Weirds Day!Wow, is it Wends-Day already?Tornado Says: Happy Wind's Day!

Q. Which day of the week do Lurch fans dance to most?
A. Wednesday.

Q. Which godly day of the week Woden you want to mess with?
A. Wednesday.

Q. Which day of the week do you blame when you're lost?
A. Where'sDay.

Q. Which day of the week is the most confusing?
A. Whats Day.

Q. Which day of the week naturally creates the most alternative energy?
A. WindsDay.

Q. Which day of the week is always out of breath?
A. Winds Day.

Camel Says: Happy Hump Day!Wow, is it Webs Day Already?Happy Pugsley's Sister's Day!

Q. What do you call a week with no Wednesday?
A. Humphrey.

Wednesday Anti Pick-Up Line: Hey big guy, if you were a camel, you'd have a hump...

Q. Which day of the week do tired people enjoy most?
A. RestDay.

Q. Which day of the week do authors enjoy the best?
A. WordsDay.

Q. What is the strangest day of the week?
A. WeirdsDay.

Wednesday Pick-Up Line: Hello there. My name is Humphey. You must be Wednesday? (As told by the camel.)

Chimp with a Beer Mug Says: Happy Wet's Day!Wow, is it Rads Day already?Wine Glass Says: Happy Vin's Day!

Q. If Wednesday was a finger, which one would it be?
A. The middle finger.

Witchy Wednesday Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, are you a cat? 'Cause I'm feline a connection with you.

Q. Which day of the week do they still dred at Chernobyl?
A. RadsDay.

Q. What did the lonely camel say every Wednesday night at 11:59 PM?
A. For once, I'd like to get humped on Hump Day.

Q. Which day of the week do wine connoisseurs enjoy most?
A. RedsDay.

Midweek Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, it's Wednesday so why wait until Friday night?

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