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Q. Where do police women
get their
hair cut?

A. At Cops and Bobbers.

Q. What do ghosts use to wash their hair? A. Sham-boo!

Q. Where do horses get their hair done?

A. Maine.


Hair Stylist Jokes, Tress Puns, Hair Dresser Humor
Tease yourself with cutting puns, styled hair humor, curly grins and hairstyle jokes to dye for.

Hair Salon Jokes, Stylist Humor, Hairdo Puns
(Because Hair Do Jokes and Hair Don't Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream If You're Having a Bad Hair Day!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Haircut jokes, curly humor, coiffed hair laughs and frizzy perm puns ahead.
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Q. Why does a great hair stylist ask so many question before a haircut?Q. What is a hair stylist's favorite day of the week? A. DOs Day!Gorilla asks: Why did the banana go to a hair stylist? A. It had split ends!

Q. What do you call a walk-in appointment for a perm at a hair salon?
A. The curly queue.

Q. What is the difference between a manicurist and a hair stylist?
A. One gives a hand job and the other gives a blow job.

Q. How do we know hair brushes like these painful hair puns.
A. They keep combing back!

Q. Which exclusive hair salon do compulsive shoppers steal away to at the mall?
A. Cliptomania.

Q. Why was the woman's hair so angry?
A. Because she was always teasing it!

Q. What do you call a fantastic hair stylist?
A. A sheer delight!

Q. Which hair salon do BFFs visit in pairs?
A. Soul Scissors.

Q. What award did the blonde hair stylist get?
A. Home-Combing Queen.

Q. What do you call a blonde who dyes her hair brunette?
A. Artificial intelligence.

Q. How did the blonde end up in the military?
A. She thought she was joining the Hair Force! Duh!

Hope this hair pun was a cut above the rest!

Q. What did the blonde hair stylish say when the man said he wanted a hair cut?
A. Which one?

Q. What do you get if you cross a hair stylist and a werewolf?
A. A monster with an over-all perm.

Q. Where did the astrologer have her hair styled?
A. At Hair-o-scope.

Q. Why did the blonde want to become a hair stylist?
A. For the fringe benefits.

Q. Which chic hair salon is frequented by flight engineers and rocket scientists?
A. Hair-O-Dynamics.

Q. Why did Worf change his hair color? A. It was a good day to dye!Q. Which exercise do hairdressers do at the gym? A. Curls!Q. What do you call it when you get a glamorous new hairdo? A. Tressed to Kill!

Q. What do you call a really crappy highlight job?
A. Dye-arrhea.

Q. Why did the blonde guy like watching the football game at the hair salon?
A. The coverage is the same, but the highlights are better.

Old blondes never die, they just dye away.

Hair Stylist Fact of the Day: Bad hair is an un-be-combin' sight.

Don't worry, these hairy puns aren't permanent; they wash right off!

Q. Which hair salon do ghosts haunt most?
A. Curl Up and Dye.

Hair Factoid: If you try to remove the curls from your hair, you'll end up fro-straighted.

Q. What is a hair dressers favorite competitive sport?
A. Curling.

Q. How did the old hair sylish pass away?
A. She just curled up and dyed.

Q. How can you get permanent waves?
A. Stand a hair stylist in a bucket of cement.

Q. What do you call promos for movies about hair stylists and barbes?
A. Combing attractions.

Hairy Point to Ponder: If you stepped on Rapunzel's hair, could you be ticketed for tress-passing?

Q. Which trendy hair salon do gamblers like best?
A. Heads You Win.

Q. Which trndy hair salan do Hollywood A list actors visit to get their hair styled?
A. At Combing Atrractions.

Wookie Asks: What makes music on your hair? A. A head band!Q. What does a witch use to keep her hair up? A. Scare spray!Q. What is a hair stylist's favorite day of the week? A. Dye Day!

Q. Which low key hair salon does a locksmith visit to get his hair cut?
A. At ShearLock Homes.

Q. Which lycanthrope had the best makeup and hairstyling in 1981?
A. An American Werewolf in London.

Q. What is one of the primary hair styling courses in cosmetology school?
A. Cutting class.

Q. Where do your in-laws get their hair done before dropping in?
A. Hair We Are.

Hairy Point to Ponder: Are hair stylist web sites hosted on mane frames?

Q. Why didn't the blonde take the job at the fancy hair salon?
A. Because there were too many condition-ers!

Q. Where can you get a scary good hair cut in Estes Park, Colorado?
A. At Hair's Johnny Salon in the Stanley Hotel.

Q. Where can you get your hair styled down unda?
A. Scissors of Oz.

Q. Why did the blonde keep running out of shampoo?
A. She literally followed the directions: Lather, Rinse, Repeat...

Q. Why are brunettes so proud of their hair color?
A. It matches their mustaches.

Q. Which exclusive hair salon does Bruce Willis visit in Hollywood?
A. Dye Hard.

Q. Which up-and-coming hair salon do helicopter pilots drop by to get their hair cut?
A. At The Hair Port.

Hair Style Point to Ponder: Can you wear just one pigtail, or is that a boar?

Q. Which pricey salon do lottery winners visit to get their hair cut?
A. At Million Hairs.

Q. How can you tell if someone who's just had a perm is on the phone? A. You get a frizzy signal!Q. Why does Princess Leia keep her hair in buns? A. So that it doesn't hang So-Low!Gnome Having a REALLY bad hair day

Q. What do you get if you cross a hair dresser and a cell phone?
A. Radio waves.

Q. What is the perfect hair style for a gunslinger?
A. Bangs.

Q. What is it called when a stylist stops combing someone's hair too soon?
A. Half-parted-ly.

Q. Why was it so hard for the hair stylist to brush the heifer's hair?
A. She had a bad cow lick!

Q. Why do bees have sticky hair?
A. Because they use honey combs.

Q. Where does the Old Gray Mare go to get a stylish haircut?
A. At Mane Advocates.

Q. Where do horny Colorado stoners get their hair styled and buy a bag?
A. At Great Head.

Ancient Aliens Point to Ponder: Could it be possible that alien barbers abduct Giorgio Tsoukalos while he's asleep to style his hair?

Q. At the hairstyling show, what prize did the bitch win for perfectly twisted hair?
A. Best of braid.

Q. Which Native American girl had extremely tight locks of hair?
A. Curly Sioux.

Q. Where do rabbits get their hare cut?
A. American Hair Lines.

Q. How does a stylish rabbit keep her ears up all day?
A. She uses hare spray.

Q. What is the early learning period for a new hair stylist called?
A. The terrible dos.

Q. What does a hair stylist use to create a beehive hairdo?
A. A honeycomb.

Q. What did the hairstylists do at the big brawl?
A. They bobbed and and weaved.

Q. Where do hippies get their hair cut?
A. At Hairway to Heaven.

Q. Who wrote the 1950s book, 101 Neato Hair Styles?
A. Bob E. Pinn.

Q. What do they call a bad haircut in Stockholm?
A. Swede sorrow.

Q. Why was the stylish bunny's fur always so perfect?
A. She has a lot of hare pins and hair puns.

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