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Q. What is a ghoul's favorite game on Halloween? A. Hide-and-ghost-seek!
What is the scariest day of the week? Boos Day!
Q. Which ghoul is the best dancer? A. The boogie man!
Q. What do you call a cleaning ghoul? A. The Grim Sweeper!
Herman Munster Says: Happy Boos Day!
Motto of the Ghoul's Convention: The Morgue, the Merrier

Q. What is a heckler's favorite slogan? A. Just boo it!
Q. What is a ghoul's favorite cheese? A. Monster-Ella!


Ghost Jokes, Halloween Humor, Sheety Puns
4 out of 5 spirits haunt spooky jokes, specter humor, eerie laughs and really boo-ed puns.

Ghoulish Ghost Jokes, Goblin Puns, Ghostly Boos
(Because Apparition-ly, Phantom Jokes Could Never Be Mainstream Enough for Ghosts, Ghouls, or Goblins!)
Warning: Proceed at Your Own Peril! Phantom laughter, scary ghost jokes, and boo-tiful puns haunt dead ahead.
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Q. Why did the police ticket the ghost on Halloween? A. It didn't have a haunting license!Q. why dod ghosts have to hurry while spooking people? A. Haste not, haunt not!Q. Where does a ghost go to take a nap? A. The dead-room!

Q. Why did the policeman let the ghost go?
A. He couldn't pin anything on him!

Q. Why do some people hate jokes about ghosts?
A. Because they have no substance.

Q. Why was the ghost's drug dealer arrested?
A. For possession.

Q. What do you call a robbery by a ghost?
A. A polterheist.

Q. What do you call a ghost's boobies?
A. Paranormal en-titties.

Q. How did the psychic speak to the ghost of the window washer?
A. She used a Squeegee Board.

Q. What do you call a ghost with a broken leg?
A. A hoblin goblin!

Q. Why did a girl ghost go on a diet?
A. She wanted to keep her ghoulish figure.

Q. What happens if a ghost gets lost in the fog?
A. He is mist!

A ghost flies into a bar. Bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve spirits here."

Q. What kind of facial hair does a ghost have?
A. A soul patch.

Q. Why are standup comedians so scared of ghosts?
A. 'Cause they always boo.

Q. Why did the ghosts leave the Halloween party?
A. Because the sheet was about to hit the fan.

Q. Where does a ghost go on vacation?
A. Mali-boo!

Q. Why are ghosts always happy?
A. Because every shroud has a silver lining.

Q. What is it called when one ghost consumes another ghost?
A. Canni-boo-lism.

Q. Why did ghosts go to a bar?
A. For the boos!

Q. Why did the ghost starch his sheet?
A. He wanted to scare everybody stiff!

Q. What are a ghoul's favorite rides at the amusement park? A. The scary-go-round and roller ghoster!Q. What do you get if you cross Bambi with a ghost? A. Bam-Boo!Q. Why couldn't the ghost see its mom and dad? A. They were trans-parents!

Q. What did the daddy ghost say to his family while they were driving?
A. Please fasten your sheet belts.

Q. What is in a ghost's nose?
A. Boo-gers!

Q. What do you call the ghost of a chicken?
A. A Poultry Geist.

Q. What does a ghost take when it suffers from acid reflux?
A. Phan-Tums.

Q. What is the biggest fear of an obese ghost?
A. Being exercised.

Q. What do baby ghosts wear on Halloween?
A. White pillow cases.

Q. What do monkey ghosts eat?
A. Boonanas!

Q. What does a mother ghost tell her kid?
A. Put on your boos and shocks.

Q. How much did the psychic know about ghosts?
A. A medium amount of information.

Q. What do you call it when two ghosts play together?
A. Pair of normal activity.

Q. What do you call it when a ghost speaks to you twice?
A. Deja Boo.

Q. What did the mommy ghost say to the baby ghost?
A. Don't spook until you're spoken to.

Q. What kind of a mistake does a ghost make?
A. A boo boo.

Q. What did the ghost teacher say to the confused class?
A. Please look at the board, and I'll go through it again.

Q. Why don't ghosts like rain on Halloween? A. It dampens their spirits!Q. What is a ghost's favorite dessert? A. Booberry pie!Q. Why do ghosts like to ride in elevators? A. It raises their spirits!

Q. What does a ghost wear if it's pouring outside?
A. Rain BOOts.

Q. Where do baby ghosts go during the day?
A. To day scare centers.

Q. What do you call a little ghost whose sheet is torn?
A. A holy tearer.

Haunted Fact of the Day: When you are a ghost, you only need 24 letters of the alphabet because nobody can C U.

Q. What does a ghost panda eat?
A. BamBOO.

Q. Which room do ghost like to haunt?
A. The living room.

Q. What is a ghost's favorite party game?
A. Hide and Shriek!

Q. Why are ghosts so popular at Halloween parties?
A. 'Cause they always bring the boos!

Q. How did the little ghost learn to play the piano?
A. He used sheet music.

Q. What is a ghost-proof bicycle?
A. A bike with no spooks.

Q. What is a ghost's favorite game?
A. Hide-and-ghost-seek.

Q. What did the ghost's daughter want for her birthday?
A. A haunted dollhouse.

Q. Why are ghosts so good at sports?
A. They have team spirit!

Q. What is a ghost's favorite kind of porno?
A. Ghouls Gone Wild.

Q. How are bankers like exorcicsits?
A. They can help you to become dispossessed!

Q. Which streets do ghosts haunt? A. Dead ends!Q. Where do ghosts buy their food? A. At the ghost-ery store!Q. What did the skeleton say when the ghost lied to hin? A. I can see right through you!

Q. What do ghouls send their pals when they go on vacation?
A. Ghost cards.

Q. How do you get into a ghost drama school?
A. Just act supernatural.

Q. Where do demons and ghouls go white water rafting?
A. The River Styx.

Q. What does a ghost use to open a locked door?
A. If they can't just walk through it, they’ll use a spook-key.

Q. What does a ghost use to make calls?
A. A Terror-Phone!

Q. What do you call a tired ghost?
A. The Grim Sleeper!

Q. Do ghosts have fun at parties?
A. Yes, they have a wail of a time!

Q. Why did the two ghost hunters fail at their job?
A. Because they were a pair o' normal investigators.

Q. How do you discipline a ghost?
A. With corporeal punishment.

Q. Which religion are most ghosts?
A. Boo-dists.

Q. What happened when the old exorcist died?
A. He gave up the ghost.

Q. Why did the ghost go to the hospital?
A. To have his ghoul stones removed.

Q. Why did a ghost try to enlist in the US Army?
A. He wanted to become a corporeal.

Q. What do you call the skeleton of a ghost?
A. Um, that remains to be seen.

Haunting Fact of the Day: Demons are a ghoul's best friend.

Q. What do you call a ghost pervert?
A. A peek-a-boo!

Q. Where do North American ghosts like to go sailing?
A. Lake Eerie!

Q. What do ghosts eat for dinner? A. S-Boo-Ghetti!Q. What is a ghost's favorite fruit? A. Booberries!Q. What do ghosts use to wash their hair? A. Sham-boo!

Q. Which ghost is the best disco dancer?
A. The Boogie Man!

Q. Why was the ghost an alcoholic?
A. 'Cause he really liked the boos.

Q. Why did the blonde ghost try out to be a porn star?
A. 'Cause she had really big boobies.

Q. Where does a ghoul mail a letter?
A. At the ghost office.

Q. What did the toddler ghost say when he skinned his knee?
A. I got a boo boo.

Q. Where do ghosts and zombies go for some R and R?
A. The Eerie Canal.

Q. What do you call a couple of average ghosts?
A. Paranormals.

Q. What is a ghost pirate's favorite kind of tea?
A. Boo Tea.

Q. Which kind of pie is the favorite of ghosts in Australia?
A. Boo Meringue.

Q. What is a ghost's favorite classic rock band?
A. The Grateful Dead.

Q. Why did the guy in the ghost costume get kicked out of the Halloween party?
A. Because he was sheet-faced!

Q. What do cowboy ghosts wear?
A. BOOOts.

Q. What do crafty Denverites call a group of young kids dressed like ghosts for Halloween?
A. A micro-boo-ery.

Q. What is the Halloween meaning of Pocahontas?
A. A card game that comes back to haunt you.

Haunting Ghost Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, you look boo-tiful tonight!

Q. What is the ghost of Thanksgivings passed called?
A. A poultry-geist.

Q. why are ghosts so bad at lying? A. Because you can see right through them!Q. Which room doesn't a ghost need? A. The living room!Q. What kind of pants do ghosts wear? A. Boo Jeans!

Q. How does a ghost taunt a vampire?
A. He says, "You Suck!"

Q. Which street do ghosts live on?
A. A dead end!

Q. What do you call the ghost of a homeless guy?
A. A ho-boo.

Q. What do you get when you cross a vampire and a ghoul?
A. A hemogoblin.

Q. How does a ghoul say goodbye to a vampire?
A. So long, Sucka!

Q. What did the ghost say when another ghost said, "Boo, Gotcha!"?
A. Them's Frightin' Words!

Q. Why do ghosts make bad con artists?
A. 'Cause you can see right through them.

Q. Which day of the week do ghosts live for?
A. BoosDay.

Q. How did the short ghost finally reach the top shelf?
A. His 'lil boo-dy gave him a boost.

Q. What did the Denver Broncos cheerleader yell to the ghosts in the stadium?
A. Show me your team spirit!

Q. Which violation to ghosts get called for most often in basketball?
A. Ghoul tending.

Q. What is it called when a ghost robs a bank?
A. A polter-heist.

Q. What do you get when you cross a press release reader with a ghost?
A. A spooksman.

Q. Which day of the week do ghosts look forward to?
A. MoanDay.

Q. Where does a chic ghost shop for new sheets?
A. At a boo-tique.

Q. What do you call a cloned ghost who uses the door bell?
A. A dead ringer!

Q. What is the ghost of a dinosaur called?
A. A Scare-o-Dactyl.

Q. Why did the baseball team recruit a tiny ghost?
A. 'Cause they needed a little team spirit.

Q. What foot attire do ghosts wear during the winter?
A. BOOOts.

Q. Why do Ghostbusters stick together when they swim in the river?
A. 'Cause none of them wants to be across the stream.

Q. What do you call an accordian that's possessed by a Native American ghost?
A. Polka Haunt Us.

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