Q. What's worse than a monkey eating a banana? A. A monkey going bananas!   PainfulPuns.com - Edible Puns, Funny Food, Chef Humor, Java Jokes!

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Fruity Chemistry Joke: What did a science teacher say Ba + Na2 is? A. Banana!
Q. Why did the banana go to the doctor? A. Because it wasn't peeling well!


Banana Humor, A-Peeling Puns, Fruity Jokes
Slip into sweet banana humor, a-peeling jokes, and funny puns you'll really go bananas over!

Banana Jokes, Bunches of Pun, Funny Bananas
(Because Slippery Banana Puns and Bent Yellow Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream for Cheeky Monkeys!)
Warning: Proceed at Your Own Peril! Sweet yellow puns may cause cheeky grins, belly laughs, or Freudian slips.
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Q. Why did the guy lose his job at the fruit packing company? A. He kept throwing the bent bananas away!Q. What do bananas say when they answer the phone? A. Yellow!Banana Joke: Why couldn't the whipped cream find the banana? A. Because it split!

Q. What do you call a fruit that doesn't take any crap from anybody?
A. Top banana!

Q. What do you call a hangun that looks lke a piece of fruit?
A. A bangnana.

Q. What did the banana say to the cheeky monkey?
A. Nothing. Bananas can't talk.

Q. How are cereal bananas and farmer;s cows alike?
A. They all get milked in the morning!

Q. If a crocodile makes shoes, what can you make out of a banana?
A. Slippers!

Q. What do you call a stick of dynamite hidden inside a piece of fruit?
A. A big bangnana.

Q. Why do bananas do so well on the dating scene? A. Because they have appeal!Q. Why don't bananas ever get lonely? A. Because they hang out in bunches!Q. Why did the monkey like the banana? A. Because it had appeal!

Q. Why did the banana go out with a lemon?
A. Because it couldn't find a date!

Q. What is the easiest way to make a banana split?
A. Cut it in half.

Q. How did the mother banana spoil the baby banana?
A. She left it out in the sun too long.

Mooving Banana Joke: How are cereal bananas like cows? A. Both get milked every morning!Gorilla asks: Why did the banana go to a hair stylist? A. It had split ends!Q. Why was the ice cream social canceled? A. The banan split with the cream!

Q. Where do bananas go to learn to be sweet?
A. Sundae School.

Q. Why do bananas need suntun lotion?
A. Because they peel.

Q. To a chemistry teacher, what is Ba + Na2?
A. Banana!

Chimp asks: What do you call two banana skins? A. A pair of slippers!Chimp asks: What kind of key opens a banana? A. A monkey!Chimps ask: What do you call bananas that are friends with monkeys? A. A bunch of idiots!

Q. Why did the banana go to the doctor?
A. It didn't peel too well.

Q. What currency do fruit use to make purchases?
A. Banana bread!

Q. Where do bananas like to go shopping?
A. Banana Republic.

Banana Joke: Why did the banana fail the driving test? A. It kept peeling out!Monkey telling banana jokes: Why did te kid keep slipping off his bike? A. It had a banana seat!What is Beethoven's favorite fruity melody? A. 5th Symphony: banana..Na...! Banana..Na...!

Q. What do you call a banana motorcycle cop in California?
A. Banana CHIPs!

Q. Why didn't the savvy banana cross the road?
A. A sign said, "Slippery Road Ahead!"

Q. How do playful monkeys go down the stairs?
A. They slide down the banana-ster!

Q. What does a caped monkey superhero drive?
A. A banana-mobile.

Q. What is a chillin' banana's favorite song?
A. Mellow Yellow!

Q. What did the pastry chef say when a banana cream pie he made completely satisfies a tyrannical ruler?
A. It hit despot.

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