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Q. Why was the lemon feeling depressed? A. It lost its zest for life!


Orange Puns, Citrus Fruit Jokes, Orange Laughs
Orange you beriberi glad you found citrus jokes, a-peeling puns, and vitamin C humor?

Orange Jokes, Citrus Puns, Orange Humor
(Because Orange Jokes and Citrus Food Fights Couldn't Be Mainstream Enough for Pulpy Orange Juice Lovers!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Citrus fruit puns may not be your rind of humor, even though it is a-peeling!
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Q. Why don't oranges do well in school? A. Only orange juice can concentrate!Q. Why did the orange go out with a prune? A. It couldn't find a date!An Orange Asks: Orange you glad you saw this pun?

Q. Where do plastic citrus fruit live?
A. Orange County!

Q. Which kind of citrus fruit do sailors like best?
A. Navel oranges!

Q. Which kind of citrus fruit can explode and then come back to you?
A. Boom-orange.

Q. Why was the orange so good at running races?
A. It was always juiced up and ready to go!

Q. Why do oranges have such great eyesight?
A. They keep their eyes peeled!

Q. How did the vegan couple feel about making their own pulp-free orange juice?
A. It was a real strain.

Roses are red, berries are blue, oranges are orange, and that's why they're cool!

Q. What did one orange ask another orange?
A. Do you speak Mandarin?

Q. Why did the guy lose his job at the orange juice factory?
A. He couldn't concentrate, so they canned him.

Orange you glad you saw this Tweet?Q. What is an orange's least favorite day of the week? A. Juice Day!To figure out how to send orange juice to WWII troops, researchers had to concentrate!

Q. Why did the blonde stare at the empty can of orange juice.
A. Because the label said: Concentrate.

Q. Why did the orange wink at the tangerine?
A. Because she was a Cutie.

Q. What does an orange sweat?
A. Orange juice.

Q. What did the bully do to the orange?
A. Beat him to a pulp.

Q. What do you call an citrus fruit who takes over the world?
A. Orange Julius Caesar.

Q. Why did the citrus fruit join the military?
A. Because it was a navel orange.

Q. Why do lemons wear suntan lotion? A. Because they peel!A guy thought he was drowning in Coca-Cola, but it was just a Fanta sea!Q. What is Batman's favorite drink? A. Fruit punch!

Chuck Norris can pick an apple from an orange tree and make the best lemonade you've ever tasted!

The time is ripe for more words that rhyme with orange.

An orange walks into a bar. Bartender looks him over and says, "You know, I like you. You've got a lot of a peel."

Q. What did the orange need for its new startup company?
A. Seed money.

Q. What is orange and sounds like a parrot?
A. A carrot.

Q. Why do citrus fruits dislike algebra?
A. Because they always compare apples to oranges.

Why did the guy at the 7•Up factory get fired? He tested positive for coke!Q. Why did the lemon fail its driving test? A. It kept peeling out!A guy walks into a bar and drinks 10 Cokes. Guess what happened? A. He burped 7 UP!

Q. What can a whole orange do that a half cannot?
A. Look 'round.

Q. Why do tanning lotions turn your skin orange?
A. Because it's made from tangerines!

Q. What did the little chick say when its mother laid an orange?
A. Look at the orange marmalade.

Q. Why was the citrus fruit a draft dodger in 1969?
A. Agent Orange was against its religion.

Q. How does a British orange answer its mobile phone?
A. Tang-ello!

Q. What did the lime say to the grapefruit?
A. Orange you glad you're not a lemon?

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