Q. What do you call a tater that smokes weed? A. A Baked Potato!   PainfulPuns.com - Pot Puns, Weed Jokes, Green Grow-ners!

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Green ET Says: Dating used to be dinner and a flick, now it's dank and a dick!
Hulk Asks: What do a cooked bird & a cowardly stoner have in common? A. They're both baked chickens!
Q. What did the beekeeper say whn his bees made cannabis honey? A. Do-Bee Do-Bee Do!
Weed Wisdom: Life is What You Bake It!
Q. Why is a roach clip called a roach clip? A. Because "pot holder" was already taken!
Q. What did the beekeeper say when his bees made hemp honey? A. Do-Bee Do-Bee DON'T!
Bud Asks: How do you know you're a true stoner? A. Your bong gets washed more often than your dishes!
Q. Did you hear about the gnome that got baked? A He could finally hold his head up high!


Marijuana Munchies Jokes & Tasty Stoner Humor
Snack on yummy weed jokes, pothead puns, edible cannabis humor and delicious weed laughs.

Stoner Snack Humor and Hungry Pothead Puns
(Because Stone-Baked Puns and Munchie Jokes Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream If You're Working Up a Pot Belly!)
Warning: Eat UP, But Doobie Careful! Edible weed jokes, tasty munchie humor, and pot puns to drool over ahead.
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Chimp Chef Asks: Which kind of pizza do potheads prefer? A. Stone-Baked!If the whole world smoke a joint at the same thime, there'd be world peace ... followed by a global food shortage!Chimp Chef Asks: What is a stoner chef's specialty? A. Baked Ziti!

Stoner Pizza Chef Point to Ponder: Square box, round pizza, triangular slices? I'm so confused?

Q. How many potheads does it take to have a bake sale?
A. Geez, if they're already baked, why not?

Q. What happened to the food critic who reviewed the new Colorado Cannabis Cafe in Denver?
A. He got a pot belly.

Q. What diagnosis did the edible-loving pothead get from his doctor?
A. Toxic Waist!

Q. Why is The Hulk such a good Internet chef?
A. He always backs up his sage! And, he bides his thyme on Twitter.

Q. Why do stoner chefs enjoy these Painful pot Puns?
A. 'Cause they're half-baked.

Q. Which snack cake brand do svelt stoners recommend most often?
A. Little Doobie.

Did you hear about the guy in Colorado who wants marijuana to be classified as a vegetable? He said it's an igenious way to get Americans to stop consuming pot edibles!

Stoner Point to Ponder: Did you know eating Italian food may boost your meat-ta-ball-ism?

Canna Chef Laugh of the Day: There really aren't many good munchie puns about Italian food, other than a fusilli remarks.

Q. What smokin' hot dish did the stoner chef serve up on 4/20?
A. Pot Pie.

Pothead Pick-Up Line: Hey Babe, is your name Tex-Mex? 'Cause you are hot and I just wanna munch you up.

No Evil Monkeys Ask: What do you get if you eat too much weed? A. A Pot Belly!Taters Ask: What do you call spud one that smokes weed? A. A Baked Potato!Q. What do you call one bowl between three toker? A. Malnutrition!

Q. What happens if you consume 5280 cannabis edibles?
A. You get a pot belly, but you know you'll work it off in a mile.

Hungry Stoner Pick-Up Line: Hey Bae, is your name Alice B. Tokeless? 'Cause you are one really tasty edible.

Incredible Munchies Stoner Fact of the Day: The Green Hulk once ate a whole cake before the frat boys could tell him there was a girl inside.

Hungry Stoner Pick-Up Line: Hey, If you were a potato, you'd be a sweet potato. If I had to be a potato, I'd be a baked potato.

Q. What do folks in Idaho call Colorado stoners?
A. Baked Potatoes.

Zoner Pick-Up Line: Hey dude, is your name Spud? 'Cause you are baked!

Q. What do you call a tuber toker that smokes weed?
A. A baked potato!

Q. What happened to the taster at the Colorado cannabis bakery?
A. He got a pot belly.

Stoner Munchies Pick-Up Line: Hey sweetie, wanna eat cookie dough together sometime?

Q. How do deer in Colorado consume weed?
A. They can't buy Bic lighters, so they only go for edibles.

Hungry Stoner Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, do you have the munchies? 'Cause I've got a bag of Doritos and a bag of weed!

Q. Why did the pot head plant Cheerios? A. He thought they were donut seeds!Chimp chef says: After Colorado legalized marijuana, there were a few hours of peace followed by a statewide food shortage!You might be from Colorado if you eat ice cream during the winter!

Q. What happens when a stoner time traveler eats too many bean burritos?
A. Emergency Temporal Shit!

Q. Why was that big ol' Colorado dog still eating?
A. That blue brand grass-fed bison dog food gave him the munchies.

Q. What is the name of the new organic cannabis edibles business?
A. Pharm to Table.

Q. Why did the LoDo hipster add laxatives and cannabis oil to his coffee?
A. Just for some shits and grins.

Q. How can you tell you've had too much coffee and cannabis edibles while vacationing in Colorado?
A. You have the ability to ski uphill!

Q. Are there many Colorado Cannivores in Denver?
A. Yes, medible ents and cannafoodies are quite common in the Mile High city.

Q. Why did the guy tell so many jokes after consuming cannabis edibles?
A. He had lots of Infusiasm.

Q. Why are cold coffee and smokin' marijuana such a popular wake up and bake up ritual in Colorado?
A. 'Cause that's the reason ice mocha lot of weed.

Q. Which kitchen gadget does an ancient alien chef in Colorado use to bring back herb from the future?
A. A thyme machine.

Cannabis Pick-Up Line: Hey, my friend and I are having a bake sale. Wanna joint us?

Barely Legal 420 Point to Ponder: If a cop is high on pot, is that fried bacon?

Q. How do you make a werewolf stew?
A. Give him some weed and leave him waiting for the munchies until the full moon.

Q. Why is it tricky to get stoned with a cannibal?
A. You have to be careful not to say, "Pass me the joint."

Q. What does a cannibal call a stoner?
A. Pot Roast.

Weedy Tasty Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, are you into salad? 'Cause I've got a bowl of Devil's Lettuce ready and waiting for you.

Q. Why did the hungry Colorado stoner cross County Line Road?
A. To get to the Taco Bell on the other side.

Chimp Chef Asks: What do stoners put on their spaghetti? A. Legalized Marinara!What is a stoner's idea of a balanced diet? A. A joint in each hand!Weed Wisdom: Life is What You Bake It!

Marijuana Munchie Mantra: It was a big pizza, but I did eat olive it!

Stoner Tip of the Day: I like my jokes just like my pizza – extra cheesy!

Q. What is the best selling kind of pizza in Colorado?
A. Stone-baked.

Munchies Fact of the Day: Stoners know pizza jokes are all about the delivery!

Q. What did Mr. White name his new green edibles shop?
A. Breaking Bud.

Classic 420 Quip: As a part of a balanced breakfast, make a joint decision, and don't forget to eat your Weedies!

Q. What do you call dining on Colorado cattle raised grazing on half grass and half weed?
A. High Steaks Gambling.

Q. What would you call an astronaut on edibles?
A. A high flyer.

Q. What do ya call a dead chicken on marijuana?
A. A high fryer.

Q. What is a spaced alien's idea of a balanced diet?
A. A joint in each hand.

Colorful Cannabis Pick-Up Line: High, I'm eating Skittles. Wanna taste the rainbow?

Q. Why did the Denver ad agency hire bees to write copy for the new cannabis edibles company?
A. Because they know all the local buzz words.

Q. What condition might you suffer from after eating too many hash browns?
A. Pot belly.

Q. What do you call a pothead hula dancer? A. Shake 'N Bake!Q. What do you get when Bigfoot walks in your garden? A. Squash!What is a pothead hula dancer's favorite day of the week? Fried Day!

Q. What do Denverites call a stoner comedian at Comedy Works?
A. Pot Roast.

Q. Which kind of pizza do hungry stoner potheads typically order?
A. Stone-Baked!

Q. Does Colorado have a lot of Cannivores?
A. Yes, medible ents are quite common in the Mile High city, while cannafoodies are more prevalent in the higher areas west of the Continental Divide.

Q. Which Colorado edibles shop also carries CBD oil infused craft beer?
A. The Reefinery.

Q. What do you get if you dunk a gourmet cannabis edible in Vodka and then touch a lit match to it?
A. The Holy Spirit Flambe.

Q. Is it possible to scare a stoner squatch out of your yard by tossing eggs at him?
A. Only if you egg-sterminate him.

Q. Why did stoner Bigfoot squeeze the lost redhead scout to death during a Broncos game?
A. Because he was thirsting for an Orange Crush!

Pothead Pick-Up Line: Hey hottie, is your name Sriracha? 'Cause you are so saucy and I just wanna munch you up.

Q. Why do potheads place such a great emphasis on higher math for their kids in school?
A. So they know the difference between Pi and Pie, and can quickly calculate how much cannabutter to use when doubling a recipe.

Thanksgiving Point to Ponder: Why does eating grass fed turkeys from Colorado give you the munchies?

Q. Why did the pothead leave milk and edible cookies out on 420 eve?
A. For Willie Nelson.

Marijuana Munchies Pick-Up Line: Hey babe, are you hungry? 'Cause you could just munch on me.

Q. What does the sign say outside the coffee house next door to the legal marijuana shop?
A. Perk Up Your Reefer Sadness!

Q. Why won't you ever find cannabis edibles in Seattle called Reefer's Cups or Mr. Dankbar?
A. 'Cause Hershey's will sue your ET ass for trademark infringement. (True story, not a joke!)

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