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Q. How did a fashion
designer's assistant
describe her

A. Sew, sew.

Q. How are the most successful male models paid? A. Handsomely!

Q. Which
kind of dress
be worn?

A. An address.

Captain Kirk Says: Very funny Scotty, now beam down my clothes!

Designer Jokes, Fashion Puns, Model Humor
Try on the latest designer label puns, haute couture humor, stylish laughs and high fashion jokes.

Fashion Designer Jokes, Chic Humor, Tailor Puns
('Cause Apparel of Laughs Puns and Designer Clothing Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream At the Outlet Mall!)
Warning: Strut Down the Catwalk Cautiously! Seamstress jokes, sew sew humor, and custom-tailored puns ahead.
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Q. Why did the fashion designer retire at the top of his career? A. Because he wanted to go out in style!

Q. What was
the pencil's
job at the
chic fashion

A. It was
a role model.

Q. What do you have to do before getting into a designer dress? A. Get a foot in the Dior!

Q. What do you call designer fashions that are so ridiculous that people openly chuckle at them?
A. Apparel of laughs.

Q. What is it called when a clothing designer talks to reporters about her new fall line?
A. Fashion statements.

Stylish Point to Ponder: Why are people in the fashion industry so clothes minded?

Q. What do you call a going out of business sale at a designer apparel boutique?
A. A clothes-out sale!

Q. Why didn't the audience enjoy the highly promoted fashion show in Milan?
A. 'Cause there were so many posers there.

Q. Why did the blonde like the designer clothing boutique right below her apartment?
A. 'Cause it was clothes to home. Duh!

Q. What happened when the fashion model refused to try on anything?
A. She wore out her welcome.

Q. Why do fashion models always smile during thunder storms?
A. Because they think they're having their pictures taken.

Q. How did the runway model with diarrhea make a fashion faux pas?
A. She had a run in her stockings.

Old fashion designers eventually do die, but they always go out in style!

Q. Who sells cheap desinger dress knock-offs?
A. A Dior to Dior salesman.

Q. Why is it so hard to tell a lot of sassy fashion designer jokes?
A. You keep running out of fresh material.

Chc Fashion Designer Wisdom: Never tell a woman she can't purse-shoe her dreams!

Q. How was the fashion designer's girlfriend like an incompetent tailor?
A. She didn't suit him.

Q. What does a haute couture fashion designer call commonly used coloring agents such as henna or indigo?
A. Standard dyes.

Q. Who made designer
clothing for

A. The

Pirate Pick-Up Line: That pirate outfit looks hot on you! Wanna search me for buried treasure?

Q. Why did
the fashion
designer lose
her job?

A. She didn't
make the cut.

Q. Why shouldn't you buy a designer shirt from The Incredible Hulk?
A. Because it's obviously a rip-off!

Q. What is everybody saying about the Incredible Hulk's new fashion line?
A. It's all the rage!

Q. Why doesn't Bruce Banner wear designer shirts?
A. Because The Hulk won't go commercial.

Q. How does a hearing-impaired fashion designer communicate?
A. He uses clothed captions.

Q. Why did the author become a tailor?
A. He wanted to make an Ernest living the Hemingway.

Q. Why are burlap pants becoming a hot fashion trend?
A. 'Cause stylish folks are just itching to show them off.

Sadistic old shoe designers never die, they just lose their souls.

Q. What happened when the best tailor in town passed away?
A. He was given a fitting eulogy.

Q. What is it called when two men's clothing designers have a fist fight?
A. A serious altercation!

Q. Why was the contributor blocked from the online fashion forum?
A. 'Cause nobody liked his threads.

Q. Why was the tailor trying to get fired from his job at Men's Warehouse?
A. Because it was a sew-sew job, de-pleating, flatly de-pressing and just didn't suit him.

Q. What did the tailor say after his client fired him?
A. Okay, suit yourself.

Q. Why is it so hard to talk to blondes about new high fashion trends?
A. 'Cause it just goes in one year and out the other.

Q. What is it called when a fashion designer nearly causes a car crash by using her phone while driving?
A. A clothes call.

Q. What does Batgirl wear to the superhero ball? A. Her Dark Knight Gown!

Q. Why did
the trouser
tailor become
a lawyer?

A. So
he could sew
their butts.

Q. What's the difference between a dressmaker and a farmer? A dressmaker sews what she gathers and a farmer gathers what he sows!

Q. What are some recycled mannequin parts called in the faxhion industry?
A. Hand me downs.

Q. What did the designer dress maker say when pressured about when the gown would be ready?
A. She hemmed and hawed.

Q. Why is it so hard to get zombie fashion designers to listen to new ideas?
A. 'Cause they're clothed minded.

High Style Fashion Pick-Up Line: Hey Babe, that designer dress looks hot on you, but it would look even better draped over my bed.

Q. Why shouldn't you trust a Scottish tailor?
A. You might get your butt kilt.

Q. Which brand of designer underwear do stylish thermometers wear?
A. Kelvin Klein.

Customer at Victoria's Secret: Is this underwear satin?
Blonde Sales Clerk: No, they're new.

Q. Why are fashion designers bad at playing Uno?
A. 'Cause they always draw a cardigan.

Fascinating Fashion Point to Ponder: Why is it so hard to find clean underwear jokes?

Q. Why did the woman exclusively dress in black?
A. Because her fashion sense was second to nun.

Q. How do you describe a high style fashion designer that won't make clothing for nuns?
A. Non habit forming.

Q. Why were the emo chick's dress designs exclusively created with black fabric?
A. Being born in a convent, her fashion sense was second to nun.

Q. What do fashion designers use when they make s'mores?
A. Glam crackers.

Q. Where are many high fashion hats designed
in New York

A. Man-hat-on.

I used to be a tailor, but I found the work to be so-so.

Q. How did the
blue fashion
designer die?

A. She

Q. What is a Golden Retriever's fashion sense called?
A. Doggie style.

High Fashion Point to Ponder: Are camouflage print clothes still in style? 'Cause you just don't see them any more.

Hep High Fashion Fact of the Day: Today's hipsters aren't what they used to be.

Haute Couture Point to Ponder: Have current fashion trends given women the cold shoulder>

Q. Do old jewelry designers ever die?
A. No, but they do lose their shine.

Q. Why did the blonde sock designer have his eyes replaced with yarn balls?
A. Because he wanted fiber optics.

Q. Where do ghosts shop for designer sheets?
A. At a fashion boo-tique.

Q. Which fashion line is for Golden, Colorado beer lovers who count calories?
A. Michael Coors Light.

Q. Why did the tailor wear two jackets while painting the house?
A. The instructions on the can said to put on two coats.

Q. Why was the perfectionist tailor always so right on the fit?
A. He had nothing too loose.

Q. What does a tailor do when a guy says his pants are too long?
A. He cuts him some slacks.

Q. What does a lazy tailor say?
A. Suit yourself.

Q. Why didn't the guy recommend his tailor?
A. Because he didn't suit him well.

Q. Who should you hire if you need some clothing altered?
A. Anita Tailor.

Q. What do you call a bunch of fashion dolls standing in a line?
A. A Barbie queue.

Sew Funny Fashion Laugh of the Day: When the tailor quickly hemmed the suit pants, he made it seam so easy.

Q. How did all the new designer dress orders have the busy seamstress feeling?
A. All hemmed in.

Fashion Designer Tip: There's a fine line between Indie and looking homeless.

Q. What happened when the lawyer became a tailor?
A. He started sewing everybody!

Q. How did the high fashion designer land her prestigious and lucrative job?
A. After some hemming and hawing by the HR department, he sewed up the details.

Q. How did the guy feel about the tailored fitting of his designer tuxedo?
A. It perfectly suited his needs.

Q. Who were the London design hipsters of the 1960s?
A. Mods.

Q. Why did the fashion designer decide to stop making belts out of watches?
A. 'Cause it was a waist of time.

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