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Q. What do
you get when
you cross
a horse
with a bee?

A. Neigh Buzz.

Q. What did one firefly say to another? A. You glow girl!

Q. Do
bee farts

A. No,
they sting!

Q. Who is
a hornet's

A. Sting.

Q. What do you call a fairy using the toilet? A. Stinker Bell!

Q. How
do bees make

A. They
cell honey.

Q. What did the shrink say to the flower? A. What's bugging you?

Bee Jokes, Stinging Wasp Puns, Hornet Humor
Sting along with do-bee-ous apiary puns, beekeeper laughs, wasp humor and bumbled bee jokes.

Bumblebee Jokes, Honey Bee Puns, Beehive Humor
(Because Bee Rated Jokes and Angry Wasp Puns Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream Before You Poke a Hornet's Nest!)
Warning: Proceed Cautiously! Busy bee jokes, well-beehived LOLs, hornet humor and buzzed bee puns ahead.
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Bar joke: A bee walks into a bar. It comes out two hours later, buzzing!Q. Which insect never plays quarterback? A. The Fumble Bee!Q. Where do bees go to the bathroom? A. At the BP Station!

Q. What do you call a buzzed bug leaving the bar?
A. Stumbling bumblebee.

Q. What do you call a beehive that bees cannot get out of?
A. Un-bee-leave-able!

Q. What do you call a bad drone that just got out of jail?
A. A free bee.

Q. What sound does a stinging insect make when it hits your windshield at 60 MPH?
A. Bee Flat.

Q. What is more dangerous than being with a fool?
A. Fooling with a bee!

Q. Which kind of fast food do bees like best?
A. Hum-burgers.

Q. If honey bees make honey, which kind of bee makes milk?
A. Boob bees.

Q. Why was the blonde disappointed after her visit to an apiary?
A. There weren't any monkeys there. DUH!

Q. Why did the dishonest bee banker go to prison?
A. Embuzzlement!

Q. Which sport do the hive's drones play during their leisure time?
A. Rug-bee.

Q. Which indoor sport do hornets like best?
A. Sting Pong.

Q. What did the player on the Bumblebee basketball team say after making a foul shot?
A. Hive Scored!

Q. Which kind of insect is the natural gymnast of the hive?
A. The tumnle-bee.

Q. What do you call a drone who just falls off the hive?
A. A stumble-bee.

Q. Which kind of bee likes to get into street fights?
A. The rumble-bee.

Q. Which kind of insect is really hard to understand?
A. The mumblebee.

Q. What will you never find in a honey bee's closet?
A. A yellow jacket.

Q. What do you call a bee's hairdo?
A. A buzz cut.

Q. What do you call a bumblebee having a bad hair day?
A. A frizz bee.

Q. What do bees use to style their hair?
A. A honeycomb.

Q. What do you call the back of a bee?
A. The bee-hind.

Q. What does a queen bee do when she belches?
A. She issues a royal pardon.

Q. What did the bees in the hive say when it was 100 outside?
A. Sure swarm in here!

Q. Where does the queen bee display all of her old hives?
A. In a wax museum.

Q. Which hive member always complains?
A. The grumble-bee.

Q. What
do you do
with a
sick hornet?

A. Take it
to the

Bees Like Honey Gnomes

Q. What
zubb zubb?

A. A bee

Q. What do you call a dead hornet?
A. A was.

Q. Why are wasps the best fighters?
A. Because they have five black belts.

Q. Which weapon works on Monster Hornets?
A. A buzz-ooka.

Q. Why did the CIA torture the Russian hornet in 1983?
A. They thought he was a cagey bee agent.

Q. What might you call a wasp?
A. A wannabe!

Q. Why was the hornet looking for the trash cans?
A. Because it wasn't a litterbug!

Q. How can you catch a slutty queen bee?
A. With a hornet.

Q. What do you say to hornets that harass you at an amusement park?
A. Mind your own buzz-iness.

Q. What do hornets use to help them see long distances?
A. Bee-noculars.

Q. What did the drone bee say when he returned back to the hive?
A. Honey, I'm Home!

Q. Why did the drone get married?
A. 'Cause he met his honeybee.

Q. What do bees do right after they get married?
A. They go on their honeymoon.

Q. How did the drone propose to the queen?
A. With a ru-bee ring.

Q. Why did the queen bee boot all the males out of the hive?
A. 'Cause they just kept droning on and on.

Q. What do you say when a bear is about ready to poke a beehive?
A. Bee-ware!

Q. What did the bee say to the snapdragon?
A. Well hello, honey!

Q. What do you get if you cross a bee with a rabbit?
A. A honey bunny.

Q. Hos did the drone seduce the queen?
A. With a succu-buzz.

Q. Why did the Bee feel so cold?
A. Because it was right in the AC.

Q. Why is it so easy to develop a marketing strategy for bees?
A. Because they like to use a lot of buzz words.

Q. What do you call a two-for-one sale on beehives?
A. A Freebie.

Q. What do you call a member of the hive that's been hexed?
A. Bee-witched.

Q. What do you call a bee on your doorbell?
A. A real hum dinger.

Q. What occupation has workers with the most lovely eyes?
A. Beekeeper, 'cause beauty is in the eye of the bee holder.

Q. What was the costume of the two hives of bees on Halloween?
A. Boo bees.

Q. How do little bees get to school?
A. On the school buzz!

What did the bees say when they found the indica field? A. D-Bee Do-Bee Do!

Q. Which
kind of
bee lives in


Q. What did the beekeeper say whn his bees made cannabis honey? A. Do-Bee Do-Bee Do!

Q. Which kind of music is always playing in the hive?
A. Bee bop.

Q. Which classic rock band is guaranteed to get a beehive buzzing?
A. Pollen Oates.

Q. What is the ex-beekeeper's favorite song lyric?
A. Now, I'm a bee-leaver.

Q. Which retro band do hornets and wasps like best?
A. The Bee Gees.

Q. Why do bees hum?
A. 'Cause they don't know the words!

Q. What do you get if you drop a piano on a beehive?
A. Bee Flat!

Q. Which musical movie classic do bees, hornets, and wasps enjoy most?
A. Stinging In the Rain.

Q. What did a bee say when a second bee landed on her flower?
A. Buzz off, bee-tch.

Q. Who is a high-flying hero to all-American bees?
A. Buzz Aldrin.

Q. What is the Colorado beehive's favorite TV channel?
A. Bee Bee See America.

Customer: There's a bee in my alphabet soup!
Waiter: Yes sir, there's also an A, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K...

Q. How does a hive protect themself from mites?
A. With bee-bee guns.

Q. How are As just like flowers?
A. Both have Bs coming after them.

Q. Why did the hornet decide not to land on the bunny?
A. 'Cause the rabbit already has two Bs.

Q. Who won the fight between the spelling bee, a vitamin, and a bumblebee?
A. Vitamin B1.

Q. Which hive member cannot keep a secret?
A. The blab-bee.

Q. How do beekeepers in Colorado keep their bees so chill?
A. They smoke them out.

Q. What happens when a bee drinks too much nectar?
A. She gets buzzed.

Q. What do you call a bee that only feasts on the best nectar vintage?
A. Snob-bee.

Guy: Why do you have that big, ugly bumblebee in your hand?
Apiary Man: Because beauty is in the eye of the bee holder.

Q. What is it called when bees all fly and hum together in unison?
A. A sting-along.

Q. Why are bees natural poets?
A. 'Cause they're always waxing lyrical.

Q. Where do bees go to catch a ride?
A. To the buzz stop.

Q. How do beekeepers like to end a busy day?
A. They go to the bar to enjoy a nice buzzzz.

Q. Who
is a bee's

A. Buzz

Q. What did the bees say when they found the sativa field? A. Se Habla Do-Bee Do-Bee do!

Q. Which
insect kills
a lot of

Hepatitis Bee.

Q. Which bee was the first to fly to the moon?
A. Buzz Aldrin.

Q. Who is the favorite abstract artist of hive members?
A. Pablo Bee-caso.

Q. Which classical composer's music is playing in the apiary?
A. Beethoven.

Q. Which popular singer's music is always playing in the hive?
A. Beeyonce.

Q. Where did Noah keep his bees aboard ship?
A. In the ark hives.

Q. Which Disney movie is the favorite at the apiary?
A. Bee-uty and the Bee-st.

Q. What is an insect's favorite novel In West Egg, NY?
A. The Great Gats-bee.

Q. Which kind of bees eat brains?
A. Zom-bees!

Q. Which kind of pipe do stoner bees in a Sativa field use?
A. A buzz-houka.

Q. Why do bees stay in their hive all winter?
A. Swarm, swarm!

Q. What does a an undecided drone say?
A. May-bee.

Q. Who protects the hive's queen?
A. Her hub-bee.

Q. What did the drone say to compliment the queen?
A. You are so bee-you-ti-ful.

Q. Where do Asian bees like to visit?
A. Beejing.

Q. What does a bee need on her first day of class?
A. A sylla-buzz.

Q. What do you call a cranky baby bee?
A. A little hum-bug.

Q. Which hive members blushes if you compliment her?
A. The humble-bee.

Q. Why did the bee have to see a dermatologist?
A. 'Cause it had hives!

Buggy Pick-Up Poetry: I'm the flower, you're the bee. So, why don't you suck the sweet pollen right out of me?

Today's Garden Buzz: If you see a hard-working hive member, don't kill it. Just Let It Bee.

Q. Where do you get honey in a graveyard?
A. From a zombee!

Q. What do you call a hive member who eats way too much honey?
A. Chub-bee.

Q. What does a drone ask when he's having an identity crisis?
A. To bee, or not to bee?

Q. How do you describe a hive member who doesn't work out?
A. Flab-bee.

Q. What do you call an insect that can't have too much sugar?
A. A Dia-bee-tle.

Q. How do downtown
bees get
around town?

A. They
take the buzz.

Gnome or Honey Until Payday

Q. Where
do hornets
sit at
the bar?

A. On their

Q. Why do busy commuter bees buzz?
A. Because they don't have horns.

Q. What is a bee-line?
A. The shortest distance between two buzz stops.

Q. How do bees pave their highways?
A. They use nec-tar.

Q. Why did the swarm cross the road?
A. Just bee-cause.

Q. What happens if you cross a dog with a bee?
A. A Greyhound Buzz.

Q. Why couldn't the bee call home?
A. 'Cause she got a buzzy signal.

Q. How do you describe a pesky, annoying bee?
A. Not well bee-hived.

Q. What is more impressive than a singing cricket?
A. A spelling bee.

Q. What did the sushi say to the bee?
A. Wassabee!

Q. Why did the kid's parent start screaming when they saw his report card?
A. 'Cause there was a bee on it.

Q. Which stinging insect wears rain gear?
A. A Yellow Jacket.

Q. Which classic rock singers are still popular among bees?
A. Pollen Oates.

Q. Which kind of weapons protects the queen and the hive?
A. Bee Bee guns.

Q. Why were the bees threatening to go out on strike?
A. 'Cause they wanted more honey and shorter working flowers!

Q. What did the beekeeper say at his business meeting?
A. Let's get down to bees wax.

Old beekeepers never die. They just buzz off.

Q. What do you call a homeless bug?
A. A Bum-blebee!

Q. What do you call a hive member with tattered wings?
A. Shab-bee.

Beary Sweet Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, do you know why they call me Yogi Bear? 'Cause I'm always chasing after that Honey!

Q. Why do brown bears have sticky fur?
A. Because they use honey combs!

Grizzly Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, if I bear my heart and soul, can I sneak a peek at your sweet honey pot?

Q. What do you call a bear with no ear?
A. B.

Q. Which kind of flowers are the favorite of hive members?
A. Bee-gonias.

Q. What did the player on the Bumblebee baseball team say after crossing home plate?
A. Hive Scored!

Q. Which kind of dinosaur was an apiarist?
A. Bee-Rex.

Q. Why don't hornets ever leave tips at outdoor cafes?
A. 'Cause they're stingy.

Sting Groaner of the Day: Say what you will about dangerous killer hornets. But, they do wear brightly colored yellow jackets for high visibility.

Q. What do you call a hornet poser?
A. A wanna-bee.

Q. Which British band is every hornet's favorite?
A. The Bee-talls.

Q. What do you call a clumsy wasp?
A. A fumble-bee.

Q. Where do hornets like to go to vacation?
A. Stingapore.

Q. Can hornets fly when it's raining?
A. Only if they're yellow jackets.

Q. What is black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow?
A. A hornet rolling down a hill.

Point to Ponder: If masses of bees, hornets, and gnats appear all over the world, is that called global swarming?

Q. Why did the drone bee wear a yarmulke?
A. He did want others mistaking him for a WASP.

Q. What is every hornet's favorite fantasy novel?
A. Lord of the Stings.

Q. What do the Amish call a jar full of hornets?
A. A vibrator.

Garden Buzz of the Day: Mother Nature's intention for hornets to pollinate her garden did not work out, so she had to go to Plan Bee.

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