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Q. Why did the pastry chef hire a pitcher? A. Because he knew how to handle the batter!
Q. What did one tennis ball say to another tennis ball? A. See you round!
Q. Why did the bodybuilder buy tape from the hardware store? A. Somebody told him he was ripped!
Q. Why did the offensive lineman with a concussion go to the bank? A. To get his quarterback!
Q. What can you serve but never eat? A. A Volleyball!


Sporting Humor, Gym Puns, Training Jokes
Score some sports puns, gym humor, and running jokes that'll put you in the winner's circle.

Athlete Jokes, Funny Fitness Puns, Sports Humor
(Because Funny Fit Jokes and Flexing Funs Could Never Be TOO Mainstream for Fabulous Physical Fitness Fans!)
Warning: Proceed at Your Own Peril! Driving sports jokes, pumping iron puns, and athletic word play ahead.
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Q. Which girl is always standing in the middle of the tennis court? A. Annette!Gym Joke: My struggle with steroids has only made me stronger!Business at the driving range was in full swing! Driver's Ed is brutal!

A tennis ball rolls into a restaurant. The waiter asks, "Have you been served?"

Q. Why did the Labrador Retriever advise his master to invest in tennis balls?
A. 'Cause they have such a high rate of return!

Q. Which is the first tennis match mentioned in the Bible?
A. When Joseph served in Pharaoh's court.

Q. Why didn't the tennis player change the light bulb?
A. He refused to admit it was out.

Funny Fitness Factoid: Most of the men and women at the gym are working toward one goal: The Perfect Female Body!

Man at the Gym: I want to impress a girl. Which machine should I use?
Trainer: Try the ATM outside.

Gym Confession: Sometimes, I look like I'm working out, but I'm actually using every muscle in by body to keep from farting.

Beefy Gym Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, let's do lunge!

Q. Why are guys with saggy pants bad boxers?
A. They don't like being belted.

Q. Why didn't the blonde take up shadow boxing?
A. She didn't want to knock herself out!

Q. What do you call a boxer who pouts after being badly beaten?
A. A sore loser.

Q. Why is the pugilist sport called boxing?
A. Because the word fisting means something completely different.

Q. What part of a sports arena is never the same? A. The Changing Room!Q. What is a vampire's favorite sport? A. Casketball!Q. Where do football players go before a big game? A. To the toilet bowl!

Q. Why did the anti-vax basketball team lose all their games?
A. Because they don't believe in taking shots.

Q. What do basketball players call their first meal of the day?
A. Fast breaks.

Q. Which eight-foot animals are best at basketball?
A. Score-pions!

Q. What do you get if you cross a basketball and a snake?
A. A bouncing baby boa!

Q. Which violation to ghosts get called for most often in basketball?
A. Ghoul tending.

Q. What is the name of the super new show about basketball?
A. Hooper Natural.

Q. What kind of stories are told by basketball players?
A. Tall Tales!

Q. Why are basketball players such messy eaters?
A. Because they're always dribbling.

Q. What do beverage do football players drink?
A. Penal-tea.

Q. Which two NFL teams played in the pirate Super Bowl?
A. The Seahawks and the Buccaneers.

Q. Why did the blonde cheerleader bring string to the football game?
A. In case they needed help to tie the score.

Q. Why was the chicken ejected from the football game?
A. For persistent fowl play.

Hulk Asks: Why did Arnold Schwarzenegger train on a desert island? A. He Wanted Maximum Isolation!Joggers Say: Happy Run Day!Q. Why sould you never fall in love with a tennis Player? A. To them, love means nothing!

The best activities for your health are pumping and humping.
– Arnold Schwarznegger

Q. Why did Chuck Norris take a rest day?
A. To give the weights a day off.

Workout Wisecrack: I've been a gym member for six months, but I don't see any progress. Maybe I need to go there in person to see what's going on?

Q. Which sport entails rounding up and stealing cattle as a form of dramatic entertainment?
A. Professional rustling.

Q. What do you call a free treadmill?
A. The Great Outdoors.

Runner's Motivational Mantra: It's just a hill, so get over it!

Q. Why do dogs run in circles?
A. Because it's too hard to run in squares.

Q. Why are Scandinavians the fastest runners in the world?
A. 'Cause they start out near the Finnish line.

Q. Which athlete wrote the book, Jumping for Exercize?
A. Lee Ping.

Q. When does a British tennis match end?
A. When it Wimble-done!

Q. How many sports magazines to you have to buy to get free athletic footwear?
A. Ten Issues. OUCH!

Q. Why was the tennis player fed up with all the condescending comments about his performance?
A. He was tired of all the backhanded insults.

Q. How long did the tennis player do well in the tournament?
A. Until he met his match.

Q. Why couldn't Batman go fishing? A. Robin ate all the worms!Q. Why did the chicken's coach cross the basketball court? A. It heard the referee calling fowls!Q. Why did the cops go to the baseball game? A. they heard somebody was stealing bases!

Q. Are fishermen gullible?
A. Well, they do fall for it all: hook, line, and sinker.

Q. What trophy did Sir Lancelot quest for upon the high seas?
A. A Swordfish.

Q. What is the best type of music for a fishing trip?
A. Anything with a catchy hook.

Q. What do romantic fishermen sing on a romantic date?
A. Salmon Chanted Evening.

Q. What happens if a fisherman puts Nutella on raw salmon?
A. He gets Salmon-Ella!

Q. Why was the blonde basketball player sitting on the bench doodling chickens?
A. 'Cause the coach asked her to draw fowls.

Q. What is the difference between a basketball player and a dog?
A. One dribbles and the other drools.

Q. What time is it when a basketball team chases a baseball team?
A. 9:05. (Five After Nine)

Q. What is it called when two guys play basketball south of the border?
A. Juan on Juan.

Q. What did the triangle defense say to the basketball?
A. You are pointless.

Ballpark Point to Ponder: If Hit and Run is a felony, how can major league baseball possibly be legal?

Q. Where do baseball players get the grass stains off their uniforms?
A. In the bleachers.

Q. What is it called when a dinosaur hits a homerun?
A. A Dino-Score!

Did you hear the joke about the fast pitch? Oh, nevermind. You just missed it...

Q. What do you call a winged insect that hits home runs?
A. A fly swatter!

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