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Big Malamute Dog Fan Says: Go Broncos!
Smiling Malamute Dog Fans Says: Go Broncos!

Dog reading sports news says: Go Broncos! Chase History!
Big Dog Fan Says: Go Broncos!


Broncos Dog Jokes and Canine Football Player Puns
Play along with doggie style football puns, Mile High canine humor, and Broncos dog fan jokes.

Denver Broncos Jokes, Bronco Dog Fan Meme LOLs
('Cause Loyal Dog Fan Jokes and Faithful Football Pup Puns Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream In Dog-Loving Denver!)
Warning: Proceed with Care! Ruff Denver dog football jokes, canine player grins, and wide retriever puns ahead.
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Big dog fan says: Go Broncos! Denver Loves You!Q. Why do Broncos jokes get dumb and dumber? A Denver dogs are writing them now!WOOF, WOOFOS! Dog speak transllated: Go Broncos!

Q. Which dog breed laughs at every joke its master cracis about the Denver Broncos?
A. The Chi-ha-ha.

Q. Which breed of dog tells off-color jokes about the Broncos at Comedy Works in Larimer Square in Denver?
A. A Smutt.

Q. Which Denver Bronco dog is the easiest target to hit with the football?
A. The wide retriever.

Q. Why did Broncos staff hire a hunting dog before the draft?
A. To track down the best picks

Q. What do Broncos offensive coaches call the dog magician who comes up with sneaky fake plays?
A. A labra-ca-dabra-dor.

Q. Why did Denver Broncos management hire a Bloodhound scout?
A. That just made scents.

Reading dog says: It says here that Denver cheerleaders are hot! Go Broncos!Denver dog  out for a walk says: Go Broncos, and I Mean Go!Q. What's black and white and orange all over? a. Denver's Biggest Fan. Go Broncos!

Q. Which type of chair does a big dog prefer to relax on while cheering on the Broncos with his master?
A. A bark-a-lounger.

Q. Why didn't the standard French dog make the Denver Broncos cheerleading squad?
A. Because she was a Poo-Poodle.

Q. How can you tell it was a brutal Broncos game at the Denver sports bar?
A. Even your dog said it was "ruff!"

Q. Why was the Dachshund dropped from the Denver Broncos game roster?
A. Because he was the wurst on the team.

Q. Why do Broncos coaches like pointers as punters?
A. Because they always put their best foot forward.

Q. Why did the Denver Broncos recruit a Neapolitan Mastiff?
A. They needed a tough guard.

Dog wearing team t-shirt says: tThere's no such thing as too much Orange. go Broncos1Denver Broncos Biggest Dog fan wears a men's XXL now!Denver dog fan says: Pleaze win won for me! Go broncos!

Q. Why did the dog sleep under his owner's car on Saturday night?
A. He wanted to wake up oily for the Broncos vs Colts game on Sunday morning!

Q. Why is it so hard to train a French Bulldog to play football in Denver?
A. 'Cause they go oui oui all over the Field at Mile High.

Q. Why were the Broncos scouting for a Samoyed dog?
A. They needed a white receiver that could pull the roster together.

Q. How do Coloradans know when their dogs are happy about the Broncos draft picks?
A. They just look for the tell-tail signs.

Q. Why did the Labrador Retriever advise his master to invest in footballs for the Denver Broncos?
A. 'Cause they have such a high rate of return!

Q. Why were the Denver Broncos looking for a big Chocolate Lab?
A. To fill the wide retriever position.

Big dog fan says: Chiefs can't even KC me. Go Broncos!Denver dog fan says: Go Broncos! Don't pussy foot around!Denver's Biggest Dog Fan says Giants Are No Big Woof!

Q. Why didn't the dog want to play football with his Broncos fan master?
A. 'Cause he was a boxer!

Q. Why were the Denver Broncos scouting for a wrinkly Chinese dog?
A. They needed a Shar Plei-r for special teams.

Q. Why did the Broncos try to recruit a sheepdog to play defense?
A. To round up the Ram's offense

Q. Why were Broncos scouts looking at Bloodhounds?
A. They needed a top-notch scenter.

Q. How did the little Scottish dog feel while watching that last ruff Broncos game?
A. Terrier-fied!

Q. What did the Colorado bitches call the big Bronco dog who strutted in front of them shaking his tail?
A. Swagger.

Denver dog fan says: Chargers Lost Their Sparky? Go Broncos!Denver's Biggest Dog Fan Says: Go Broncos. And I Mean GO!Dog reading newspaper says: What's black and white and orange all over? go Broncos!

Q. Why was the big dog so excited when the Broncos made it through the playoffs undefeated?
A. 'Cause of the Super Bone!

Q. Where should you put your dog if he's woofing or yipping loudly while you're trying to watch the Broncos game?
A. In a barking lot!

Q. Which dog breed always has to wear contact lenses while watching the Broncos game with his master?
A. The Cock-eyed Spaniel.

What's a rodeo? Just a yarn. Here Kitty, Kitty... Go Broncos!Denver Dog Fan Reading Team News Says: Go Broncos!Denver's Biggest Dog Fan Says: Here Kitty Kitty... Go Broncos!

Q. What's the best way to teach a Colorado dog to roll over and play dead?
A. Make him watch a few more Broncos games.

Denver Dog Park Pick-Up Line: I wish you were on the Broncos' team because I'd like to see your back field in motion.

Q. What do Denver dogs like to nibble on while watching a Broncos game?
A. Pupcakes!

Dog Park Pick-Up Line: Are you a Denver Broncos fan? 'Cause I'd like to touch down in your end zone.

Q. What do Denver Broncos Greyhound running backs eat before a big game?
A. Fast Food!

Q. Which kind of pizza does a Denver dog hope his master will order during today's Broncos game?
A. Pupperoni with extra cheese!

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