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Q. What did Robin say to Batman when they finally found the box of tissues? A. Holy Kleenex, Batman! It was right under our noses and we almost blew it!
Q. Why did the superhero flush the toilet? A. It was his doody!
Q. What is Spider-Man's favorite band? A. The Spinners!
What is a villain's favorite part of the joke? Batmas answers: The Punch Line!
Q. What is red and blue and goes a million miles per hour? A. Superman in a blender!
Q. Who is Electro's favorite singer? Frank Zappa!


Superhero Jokes and Super Power Humor
Marvel-ous memes, comic book hero humor, caped crusader jokes and super painful puns!

Super Powerful Humor and Superhero Puns
(Because Real Life Heroes, Big-Hearted Do-Gooders, and Super Power Good Guys Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream!)
Warning: Pow! Proceed at Your Own Risk! The heroic battle of Good vs Evil commences ahead. Wham!
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Q. Which superhero uses public transportation? A. Bus Lightyear!Q. What does Spider-Man do for a living? A. He's a Web Designer!Q. How many caped crusaders does it take to change a light bulb? A. None. They're not afraid of the dark!

Q. Why is The Hulk so stupendous at stand-up comedy?
A. Because he's a Marvel-ous Comic!

Q. Which drink to superheroes try to avoid on their day off?
A. Fruit Punch!

Q. Why did the superhero wannbe decide to be Aluminum Man?
A. Because he wanted to foil crime!

BTW, Sham Wow may clean up some messes, but it takes a powerful superhero, with a super sense of humor, to de-stink the crapper puns here.

Warning: The consumption of alcohol may cause you to believe you're invincible. If you're not a superhero, you must be drunk!

Q. What is Spider-Man's favorite outdoor sport?
A. Fly Fishing!

Q. Why do good girls stay away from Spider-Man?
A. They hear he's a real swinger (and he likes fly fishing).

Q. What do you call it when Spiderman is involved in a love triangle?
A. A tangled web.

Q. How does Spiderman communicate with all his superhero buds?
A. On the World Wide Web.

Q. How do you describe the tailor who specializes in superhero costumes?
A. Very cape-able.

Q. Why were the werewolves pissed off at Batman?
A. His bat signal was blocking the full moon!

Q. Why did the wannabe superhero name himself Super Ironic?
A. In case there's trouble and he's running away, folks will ask, "Isn't that Ironic?"

Q. Where do the vast majority of superheroes vacation when they're not fighting crime?
A. Cape Town!

Q. How does a superhero mend bridges?
A. With super glue!

Q. Which cartoon superhero reaches his most powerful form during the fall season?
A. Autumn Ant.

Q. What did Batman do at the deli? A. Got Ham!Q. Why doesn't Superman have may friends? A. Because he wears his underwear over his pants!Q. What powers Batman? A. Bat-teries!

Q. What does Batman say when the evil-doers thwart his crime-fighting efforts?
A. Gotham It!

Q. What does Batman order at a Chinese restaurant?
A. Kung POW Chicken!

A Batty Point to Ponder: How does Gotham City signal for Batman's help if there is a daytime crime?

Q. How does Batman take his morning coffee?
A. Dark as the night.

Q. What do you call a graphic novel character who blows up?
A. Heroshima.

Q. Why does Superman get out of dangerous situations?
A. Because he always has an S Cape.

Q. Why is Superman afraid of ICE?
A. Because he's an alien and fears being deported!

Q. How do you reveal Superman's covert identity?
A. You Kent.

Superhero Fact of the Day: Some people wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears Batman PJs.

Q. Which superhero is the favorite of engineers?
A. Dilbert.

Robin: Holy Batman! The BatRemote to the BatTV isn't working.
Batman: Did you check the Batteries?
Robin: What are teries?

Q. How do you get Batman into the Marvel Universe?
A. Hang his poster on the wall. Then he's a Bruce Banner!

Q. Which circus act does Batman enjoy most?
A. The Acro-bats!

Gotham City Factoid: Batman never uses guns, but his motorcycle does.

Q. Which superpower does everybody have?
A. Everyone can stop a bullet – once.

Q. What do you call Clark Kent with diarrhea? A. Pooperman!Q. Why did all the photos at Batman's party come out dark? A. He forgot to invite the Flash!Q. Why is Superman's costume so tight? A. Because it's a size S!

Kapow! Super Whoa! Now we finally know exactly how kryptonite cripples Superman!

Q. Why can't Clark Kent pass his eye test at the DMV?
A. His X-ray vision drives him to distraction!

Q. Why is Clark Kent such a lousy chef?
A. His cooking is super bland.

Q. Where did Superman attend college?
A. Kent State.

Q. Where does Lex Luthor like to go hiking?
A. Mt. Baldy.

Q. How can you get out of going to a superhero-themed costume party?
A. Just don't go, and when they question you about why you didn't show up, explain that you were there as the Invisible Man.

Q. What do Marvel Avengers and politicans have in common?
A. Both fight among themselves to stay in power!

Q. What happened when a band of superheroes walked into an organic, Non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, soy-free restaurant?
A. They were served just ice.

Q. What is strong enough to hold Superman back?
A. His zipper.

Q. Why did Superman leave Krypton?
A. Earth was the only planet where he could get steroids legally.

Superman Pick-Up Line: Bae, my weakness isn't Kryptonite. It's dat ass of yours!

Q. Why does The Man of Steel get so many traffic tickets?
A. Because of his lead foot, and because Superman was NOT dead, afterall!

Superman Says: Please enjoy your Super Sunday!Happy Wham's Day!Q. What is Batman's favorite part of this joke? A. The punch line!

A Superhero Point to Ponder: When Captain America was younger, was he Lieutenant America?

Q. Which superhero spends too much time out in the sun?
A. Cap-Tan America!

Q. Which superhero won the best vocalist competition?
A. Captain American Idol.

Q. Why was Captain America anemic?
A. Because he wasn't getting enough Iron, Man!

Q. What is the name of the next Marvel movie where Captain America and Iron Man battle Comcast?
A. Avengers Xfinity Wars!

Q. How much money does it cost to make Captain America cry?
A. One Bucky.

Q. Why did't Iron Man wear a tuxedo?
A. Because that wasn't his strong suit.

Q. Which superhero wears the neatest suits?
A. Iron Man!

Q. What does Iron Man wear under his uniform?
A. Nothing. He's Stark naked!

Q. Which superhero races in marathons?
A. Irun Man.

Q. What is it called if Iron Man breaks his leg despite unbreakable armor?
A. Punny iron-knee.

Q. What do you call Dora the Explorer in an Iron Man suit?
A. FeDora. (Face Palm!)

Q. Which superhero wears a long-sleeved belted robe instead of a cape?
A. Caftan Marvel.

Q. Which tune does Robin play in the Batmobile?
A. Batman Chase by Neal Hefti.

Q. How would Batman keep up his lifestyle if Adam West wasn't rich?
A. Perhaps he'd be Robin?

Q. What's the difference between a robber and Batman?
A. Batman can go into a bank without Robin.

Q. What is the unofficial theme song of Gotham City?
A. Batman to the Rescue by LaVern Baker.

Q. Which song makes Bruce Wayne, the artist formerly known as Batman, want to boogie?
A. Batdance by Prince.

Q. Why did fans buy so many comic books when the Fantastic Four debuted?
A. To Marvel at them.

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