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Q. What is Bruce Wayne's favorite day of the week? A. Baturday!
Q. What is Superman's favorite part of this joke? A. The Punch Line!
Hulk Asks: What do you call guys sharing quarters at the most macho dorm? A. Stud Roomies!
Q. When is Joker not plotting a murder? A. When he's out riding the Harley!
Enjoy the weekend and have a super souper Sunday!
Batman's foe says: Why Ca't Batman get a date? SLAP! I do NOT have Bat breath!
Hulks Says: He broe his wife's garden figurine and now he has to break it to her!


Superhero Pick-Up Lines and Super Hot Chat Ups
Save the day with powerful pick up lines, harrowing hookups, and super bad come-ons.

Superhero Hookups and Heroic Pick-Up Lines
(Because Super Come-Ons Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream If You're Looking for a Marvel-ous Pick-Up Line in DC!)
Warning: Hook Up with a Superhero with Caution! Good guy pick up lines and super campy come-ons ahead.
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Q. Why doesn't Superman have may friends? A. Because he wears his underwear over his pants!Q. Why did Batman take Wonder Woman to a used car dealership? A. To use her lasso of truth on the salesman!Hulk Asks: What do you call a clip of a macho guy that spreads online? A. A virile video!

Superman Chat Up Line: Hey babe, you must be made of Kryptonite 'cause you are making me weak in the knees.

Superman Pick-Up Line: Hey hottie, wanna find out first hand why they call me the Man of Steel?

Superman Hookup Line: Hello girl. I think your clothes are made of Kryptonite, so you'll need to remove them immediately.

Superman Pick-Up Line: Baby, they say I have the power to do just about anything, but I wish I had the power to look that good!

Superman Come-On Line: Hey babe, did you know that when I hold someone really close, they become invulnerable?

Superhero Pick-Up Line: Hey babe, do you have the ability to leap over tall buildings? 'Cause you'll need that ability to be on top.

Batman Chat Up Line: Hey girl, if you were Justice, you and I would be in a League of our own!

Batman Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, I'm looking for a new lair. Is your Batcave available tonight?

Pick-Up Batman Line: Hey big guy, is that the Batphone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Batman Pick-Up Line: Baby, you are making all of Gotham City nervous, 'cause you're the bomb.

Batman Hookup Line: Hey baby, would you like to see how well my bat sonar functions under the covers?

Bruce Wayne Come-On Line: Hey baby, I need you more than Gotham City needs Batman.

Q. What's strong enough to hold The Hulk back?
A. His zipper.

Q. What did The Hulk say when he saw Wonder Woman?
A. Hulk horny!

Q. What does The Incredible Hulk call it when he has an erection?
A. Bruce Boner.

Incredible Hulk Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, wanna see my other big secret?

Incredible Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, get me in the right mood, and I'm a real beast in the bedroom.

Incredible Pick-Up Line: Hey bae, wanna see why they call me The Hulk?

I can't control myself around you, you turn me into a cheesy muenster!Q. What is Spider-Man's favorite band? A. The Spinners!Q. Why did all the photos at Batman's party come out dark? A. Twitter censored!

Incredible Come-On Line: Hey babe, the shorts don't aways stay on when I Hulk out.

Incredible Pick-Up Line: Hey girly, Hulk show you just why he called strongest there is!

Silent But Deadly Pick-Up Line: Hulk, did you just fart? 'Cause you just blew me away.

The Incredible Hulk Pick-Up Line: Girl, I am into BDSM, so you'll really like me when I'm angry.

Hulk Hookup Line: Hey bae, wanna find out just why they call me Incredible?

Incredible Pick-Up Line: Hi bae, I'm Hulk. Make me angry, and I go green.

Pick-Up Spiderman Line: Hey dude, I see your fly is down.

Spiderman Chat Up Line: Bae, you must be a bad girl 'cause my spidey senses are tingling south.

Spiderman Pick-Up Line: Hey bae, every tried a sex swing made of spiderwebs?

Spiderman Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, you know, I've gotten much better at catching women who've been thrown off a bridge.

Spiderman Hookup Line: Hey girl, are you a fly? 'Cause I want to wrap you up and take you to my web.

Batman Pick-Up Line: Yes girl, he is the Boy Wonder, but I'm betting you like men.

Batman Hookup Line: Hey baby, wanna check out the Batmobile?

Batman Come-On Line: Hey babe, how about I park it in your Batcave?

Batman Chat Up Line: Hey hottie, if you haven't been to Gotham City before, I'd be glad to take you there tonight.

Batman Pick-Up Line: Babe, when the Dark Knight rises, he always wears his suit to protect you from sexually transmitted disasters.

Q. Who is Thor's favorite rapper? A. MC Hammer!Hulk Says: Happy Guy Day!Superman, Santa Claus, and a blonde saw $1 on the sidewalk. Who picked it up? A. The blonde, because the other two don't exist!

Thor Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, ever hook up with a Norse god? Hmm, didn't think so.

Superhero Hookup Line: Hey bae, I'm gonna do you so hard you'll be Thor tomorrow.

Thor Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, Mjolnir isn't the only hammer I've got.

Thor Pick-Up Line: Hey babe, I don't need to summon thunder to light you up!

Thor Pick-Up Line: Hey babe, did you know lightning is a million times hotter than the sun?

Thor Chat Up Line: I may be a god, but girl you are definitely a goddess.

Superhero Hookup Line: Hey girl, have you ever seen The Avengers? 'Cause I'd like to introduce you to Thor's hammer.

Superhero Come-On Line: Hey girl, if you're Lady Liberty, can I be your Captain America?

Superhero Pick-Up Line: Hey babe, when I'm done with you, you'll be singing God Bless Captain America.

Captain America Pick-Up Line: Decades on ice left my with a lot of catching up to do, so I'd like to start with you.

Captain America Chat Up Line: Babe, when I saw you, I knew God truly did bless America.

Captain America Hookup Line: Hey girl, how about you be my Lady Liberty tonight?

Darth Vader Hookup Line: Hey babe, come with me to the Dark Side, unless you prefer to do it with the lights on.

Dr. Doom Pick-Up Line: Hey babe, wanna see what the real Ultimate Nullifier looks like?

Superman Chat Up Line: Hey lady, I'm from another planet, so how about you teach me about human anatomy?

Superman Pick-Up Line: Whoa babe, did I hit you with my heat vision? 'Cause you are really on fire!

Superman Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, do you have heat vision too? 'Cause you are melting my heart with just one glance.

Superman Come-On Line: Bae, my weakness isn't Kryptonite. It's dat ass of yours!

Superman Chat Up Line: Hey girl, I can fly anywhere in the universe, but only you can take me to heaven.

Superman Pick-Up Line: Hey babe, my super vision lets me see for miles and miles and miles, but you are the only thing I want to look at.

Q. What does Batgirl wear to the superhero ball? A. Her Dark Knight Gown!Spider-Man Says: Happy Spunday!Happy Dudes Day!

Q. What did Batman get from Batgirl on Valentine's Day?
A. Mixed Signals.

Batman Pick-Up Line: Gotham City might need a vigilante, but tonight I just need those vigilantitties.

Caped Crusader Come-On Line: Hi babe, I'm Batman!

Catwoman Pick-Up Line: Batman, I find you to be odious, abhorrent, and insegrievous. Hot or NOT?

Superhero Pick-Up Line: Hey babe, I'm stretchy, just like my spandex suit.

Spiderman Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, I'd spray my webs all over you, all over.

Green Lantern Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, just follow the light...

Loki Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, I bet I could penetrate your shield with my scepter.

Loki Come-On Line: Hey baby, I know a situation where you can come out on top.

Loki Hookup Line: Hey babe, my metal tongue is good for more than lying, Care to find out what?

Loki Pick-Up Line: Hey hottie, if I had a star for every time you've brightened my day, I'd have my Milky Way with you.

Pick-Up a Green Superhero Line: Hey big guy, I'd like to ride your Incredible Hulk.

Hulking Chat Up Line: Hey babe, once you go green, you'll never go mean.

Super Bad Hookup Line: Hey babe, ready or not, here comes The Incredible Hulk.

Hulking Funny Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, are you fluorine? 'Cause you make me react to everything.

Pick-Up a Green Superhero Line: Hey big guy, I'd take a ride on your Incredible Hulk.

Incredible Pick-Up Line: Bae, Hulk Smash!

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