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You might be from Colorado if Bigfoot Saw YOU!
Hulk Asks: What do you call a killer cannabis comedian? A. The Grim Reefer!
Q. What did the little montain say to the big mountain? A. Hi Cliff!
Q. Why don't stoners get into arguments? A. They choose to take the high road!


Mile High City Jokes and High Altitude Humor
Welcome to Colorado High Country humor, weedy funny pothead puns, and Mile High jokes.

Colorado Jokes, Mile High Humor, Pothead Puns
(Because Rocky Humor and Stony Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream in the Colorado High Country!)
Warning: Visit at Your Own Risk! Mile High humor, Colorado comedy, green grins and half-baked puns ahead.
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Q. What do you call rude Canada geese? A. In Colorado, you know better than to call a goose!Q. Why is Denver known as the Mile High City? A. 5280 Pot Shops!Ape says: I bought a pair of hiking boots in Colorado from a drug dealer! I'm not sure what he laced them with, but I've been tripping all day!

Q. Why didn't the young goose in Colorado believe what his grandfather said?
A. It was all papa-gander!

Q. What do Coloradans call geese playing hide 'n seek in Denver's Washington Park?
A. Fowl play.

Q. What do Coloradans call acne on a gosling?
A. Goose bumps.

Urban Poultry Point to Ponder: If you have backyard chickens in Denver, and take care of them, are you a chicken tender?

Q. What did the duck do after he read all these Painful Puns about Colorado?
A. He quacked up!

You might be exercising outdoors in Colorado if high gusts are bothering you. You might be in Boulder if uninvited guests bother you. And, you might be outside a Denver pot shop, if nothing bothers you.

Downtown Denver Pick-Up Line: Hey Baby, let's make like a blunt and roll.

Colorado Point to Ponder: More Bigfoot sightings have been reported since Cannabis was legalized. Coincidence, or is Bigfoot here to go green, too?

A nonrenewable energy source walks into a bar on Denver's 16th Street Mall. Bartender says, "Sorry, I can't serve you. You've been getting wasted all day!"

Q. Why do Colorado cowboys always die with their boots on?
A. So they won't stub their toes when they kick the bucket.

Q. What do you call a Colorado skier who tells tall tales?
A. A snow fake.

Did you hear about the white water tourist who got cold while paddling up stream on the Colorado River? He lit a fire in his boat, only to discover you can't have your kayak and heat it, too.

Q. What things does a werewolf want to do in Denver when you're dead?
A. Stay at the Howliday Inn Tech Center.

You might be from Colorado if you'd rather run with the squatch, than run away!You might be from Colorado if you'll always call it Mile Hight Stadium no matter what lame logo is on it!Alien in a weed field says: You might be from Colorado if this guy was your college roomate!

Q. What do you get if you cross the Abominable Snowman and a Colorado werewolf?
A. Frostbite!

Q. What's the difference between a man and a Pike National Forest Sasquatch?
A. One's covered in matted hair and smells bad; the other has big feet.

Q. Why are the Colorado ski slopes so funny?
A. Because they're hill areas!

Q. Where do werewolves stay when they vacation in Aspen, Colorado?
A. The Howliday Inn.

Q. What do Coloradans call a skinny dipper in the Highline Canal?
A. A gully washer.

Q. Why are Denver Broncos fans in such great shape?
A. They digest a stable diet and exercise caution when telling horsey sports jokes at the brew pub.

Did you hear about the Denver Broncos fan who was hospitalized with 11 plastic horses inside him? Doctors report his condition as stable.

Q. What do beer-loving Denver Broncos fans chant at the game?
A. Who let the dog stout?

Q. Which kind of Colorado craft beer chronicles everything about itself online?
A. A Logger Beer.

Downtown Denver Pick-Up Line: Hey Baby, let's make like a blunt and roll.

Did you hear about the spaced aliens who were planning to rob a Denver pot shop? First, they had to case the joint.

Saturday Night Denver Bar Scene Pick-Up Line: Hey stud, I am so hammered that I want to nail you to the wall.

Q. What does an eyeball call Denver, Colorado?
A. The Mile Eye City.

Q. Do old geologists in Colorado ever die?
A. No, they just get stoned.

Q. How did the old Colirado cannabis grower die?
A. He got weeded out.

Colorado 420 Pick-Up Line: I'm feeling a little off today, but I bet you could turn me on!

Chimp says: Accordin to a new poll, 89% of people are satisfied with their lives. The other 11% are Broncos fans! Go Broncos!Wookie says: Hey there, Denver! Go Broncos!Old Most Interesing Man: He always knows when Denver will score, or not... Go Nroncos!

Q. What do you call the extreme Broncos fans that live next door in the orange house with the blue trim?
A. The Neigh-bors.

Q. What's the toughest part about riding out the season for a Broncos fan?
A. Hitting the ground.

Clue You're Drinking a Crude Colorado Craft Beer: The label boasts it's made of roasted Harley and Plops.

If Denver's stadium doesn't even have a name, does that mean fans can start calling it Mile High again? Calling it "The Broncos Stadium" is sort of like calling Twitter "The Twitter," isn't it?

Q. How do pirates cheer for the Denver Broncos?
A. Aye, me Bucko!

Q. Why do hairy men love Colorado craft beer pubs during No Shave November?
A. Because in Denver, that's Novem-Beered.

Denver Broncos Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, wanna kick off a new relationship tonight?

Q. How is a Colorado craft beer better than a woman?
A. Beers are always into Denver Broncos season, especially Coors!

Denver, Colorado Factoid: Broncos fans Elways like to stirrup team spirit!

Q. What do you say to a sad Broncos fan?
A. Why the long face?

Port-o-potties say: Denver Broncos, Number 1 Defense!Q. What do you call it when two cities with legal cannabis get together? A. A Super Bowl!Q. How many Broncos fans does it take to change a light bulb? A. Non. Lava lamps don't burn out, man!

Mile High Football Pick-Up Line: I wish you were on the Broncos' team because I'd like to see your back field in motion.

Q. What do you call all that crowd noise at the Denver Broncos stadium?
A. Mile High Thunder.

Q. What is next year's grand prize in the Colorado Time Travel Lottery?
A. A trip to the past when you'd be correct if you called it Mile High Stadium or Mile High Field. GO Broncos!

Q. Why don't Coloradans torch ditch weed?
A. Dorothy, we're not in Kansas anymore.

Classic Colorado 420 Quip: As a part of a balanced breakfast, make a joint decision, and don't forget to eat your Weedies!

Q. What do Colorado locals call poetry by a pigeon out in a marijuana field?
A. High Coo!

Colorado 420 Pick-Up Line: Hey, I'm feeling a little off today, but I bet you could turn me on!

Q. Why do the Denver Broncos have two mascots?
A. Thunder to appease the football gods, and Miles to please the high fans.

Q. Why are Denver Broncos jokes getting dumber and dumber?
A. Because the idiot who thought up the temporary new name for the stadium is gurther Empower-ed to make them up now!

World's Shortest Denver Broncos Pick-Up Line: Hay!

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