They tried to keep a locksmith in prison, but the nut bolted! - Job Jokes, Funny Occupations, Work Whoas?

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Q. What od you want to see in your locksmith's resume? A. I'm an Okie from Muskogee!
Q. Why are locksmiths seldom given the key to the city? A. Because they really don't need it!


Locksmith Puns, Keyed Up Humor, Lock Jokes
Unlock the latch to key jokes, locksmith humor, bolts of laughter and striking lock puns.

Locksmith Jokes, Key Humor, Padlock Puns
('Cause Key Jokes and Funny Locksmith Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream If Your Key Broke Off in the Lock!)
Warning: Unlock at Your Own Risk! Key humor, locksmith jokes, and Surelock puns for your Holmes ahead.
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Knowledge is the Key. It looks like you've been locked out!Did you hear about the hillarious locksmith? He had a keen sense of humor!Did you know that a locksmith literally is Key-ng of his castle!

Q. Why was the locksmith deposed in in the legal matter?
A. Because he held key evidence.

Q. How can you tell if a locksmith isn't unstable?
A. He's on an even keel.

Q. Which exibit do locksmiths always visit at the zoo?
A. The monkey house.

Q. What will you miss the most once it's gone?
A. Your keys!

Q. Which Nordic god do powerful locksmiths relate to most?
A. Loki.

Q. Which kind of insects really bug locksmiths?
A. Mosquitoes.

Q. Which silent movie lawmen do locksmiths enoy the most? A. The Keystone Cops!Q. Which companty perk do locksmiths care the least about? A. The key to the executife bathroom!Q. What does a locksmith like to eat for brunch? A. Quiche!

Q. Which kind of key does a locksmith use in a haunted house?
A. The skeleton key!

Q. What are Woo-Keys used for long ago and far, far away?
A. Unlocking doors on Kashyyyk.

Q. Why don't locksmiths ever need to use GPS?
A. Because they always know the key lock-ations.

Q. Why did the HR department honor the locksmith?
A. Because he unlocked the hiring freeze.

Q. Which pastry is absolutely irresitible to locksmiths?
A. Key Lime Pie.

Q. How did the locksmith explain his bad breath after lunch?
A. Ketosis.

Q. Why did the locksmith make a presentatioin? A. He was the keynote speaker!My husband said he needed more space, so I locked him outside!Q. How does a locksmith give you a compliment? A. You're locking good!

Q. What's the name of the best residential locksmith in town?
A. Surelock Homes.

Q. Why did the locksmith's girlfriend happily agree to marry him?
A. Because he's a real keeper!

Q. How can you tell if the Colorado pot shop locksmith is a real hottie?
A. 'Cause he's smoking!

Q. How can you tell a singer is at your door? A. They can't find the key and they never know when to come in!Q. What happened to the locksmith who got jabben in the back by his keys? A. His back locked up!Q. What is a locksmith's favorite beast of burden? A. Donkey!

Q. What's a locksmith's favorite lake to visit when in Scotland?
A. Loch Ness!

Q. What did the keen locksmith business man do to bolt-ster more business?
A. He opened a key-osk at the mall.

Q. Which pack animal does a locksmith take along to rescue folks in hilly areas?
A. His trusted donkey.

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