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Q. What do you call it when high winds ruin your outdoor event? A. Uninvited gusts!
Martini says: I was drinking at the bar, so I thook the bus home. Problem is, I've never driven a bus before!
Two Fish Are in a Tank. One Asks the Other: "How Do You Drive This Thing?"
Q. What kind of bike does Santa Claus drive? A. Holly Davidson!
Cow Says: My other vehicle was assimilated by the Borg!


Vacation Jokes, Biker Puns, Driving Laughs
Go on a joy ride with fast-moving vacation humor, speedy puns, and funny road trip jokes.

Road Trip Jokes, Vacation Puns, Travel Humor
(Because Free-Wheeling Travel Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream When You're On a Self-Driving Vacation!)
Warning: Travel This Path with Caution! Road-weary humor, skid mark jokes, and brake-time puns ahead.
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Q. Where do tourist vampires visit when in New York City? A. Vampire State BuildingQ. Why couldn't the bicycle stand up by itself? A It was two-tired!Q. What did the red light say to the green light? A. Don't look, I'm changing!

Q. Why did the witch stay in a hotel during her travels?
A. She heard they had great broom service!

Q. What's the difference between a dead lawyer on the road and a dead skunk on the road?
A. Skid marks lead up to the skunk!

Q. What do you call it when a hatchet falls and damages your car?
A. An Axe-ident!

Travel Pick-Up Line: Hey, are you getting a sunburn? 'Cause I'd be happy to cover you with my body!

Travel Pick-Up Line: Hey there, are you from the UK? 'Cause I want U, K?

Q. What's the hardest part of learning to ride a bike?
A. The pavement.

Q. How did the guy know he was moving up at his job as an bike mechanic?
A. He was promoted to spokesperson.

Q. What does a bike call its dad?
A. Pop-cicle.

Q. What do you call an insanely crazy bike trail?
A. A cycle-path!

Q. What do you call a 10-speed that's beyond repair?
A. At the end of its Life Cycle.

Q. Why wasn't the new traffic signal installed yet?
A. They were waiting for city officials to give it the green light.

Q. What song do traffic signals like to hear from car radios?
A. Stop in the Name of Love.

Q. What do you call the racing spot in town?
A. The main drag.

Q. Why did the green light turn amber during October tourist season in the Colorado Rockies?
A. Because it was fall.

Travel Pick-Up Line: All those curves, and me with no brakes.

Q. Where does Batman winter in Florida? A. Boca Baton!Did designers of single=person blimps experience one-upmanship?Wow, is it Wends-Day already?

Q. What does a surfer need to dream about surfing after his vacation?
A. Brain waves.

Q. Which kind of dog was bred to go on vacation?
A. The Jet Setter.

Robin: Batman, the car's not working.
Batman: Did you check the battery?
Robin: What's a tery?

Q. Would the weather be clear for the balloon's morning flight?
A. The vacation plans are up in the air.

Q. What happened when he wanted to go to the mountains, but she wanted to go to the beach?
A. They searched high and low for the perfect vacation destiny.

Q. Why don't more aliens visit our planet?
A. Terrible ratings – only one star!

Did you hear about the time traveler who visited a restaurant? He liked it so much that he went back four seconds!

Q. Why didn't the comedian tell his hilarious joke about time travel?
A. Because the audience was not laughing.

Q. How do fleas travel while they're on vacation?
A. They itch-hike!

Q. What kind of car does a stoner drive? A. A Blazer!Q. What is the favorite flower of USA auto owners? A. The Car-Nation!The sailors said "Hello" as their boats passed on the Hi Seas!

Q. What do you call a magician en route to his vacation?
A. A Flying Sorcerer.

Two cops in a squad car crash into a tree. One turns to the other and says, "Wow, this is the fastest we've ever gotten to the accident site."

Q. Where did the car go on its summer vacation?
A. It joined the carnival.

Car Point to Ponder: If everybody in the USA lived in their cars, would that be an in-car-nation?

Road Trip Point to Ponder: If you have a dream about a car, will you wake up exhausted?

Road Trip Laugh of the Day: My parents said I was born on the highway. Apparently, that's where most accidents happen.

Q. Why did the captain of the pirate ship go on a vacation?
A. He needed some ARR and ARR!

Q. Where do sharks like to go when they're on vacation?
A. Finland!

Q. What do you say to your travel mate who is struggling to sleep in Stockholm?
A. Swede Dreams!

Banana Joke: Why did the banana fail the driving test? A. It kept peeling out!You might be from Colorado if you carry your $3000 bike on top of your $500 car!Waht's green and has two wheels? A Motorpickle!

Q. Where do ewes and rams like to go on vacation?
A. To the Baahaamaas.

Q. What did the time traveler say when he was seated at the restaurant?
A. Boy am I hungry! I haven't eaten since late tonight.

At the end of a long road trip, a dad was washing the car with his son. After a minute, the son asked his dad, "Do you think we could use that sponge instead?" OUCH!

Travel Pick-Up Line: Hi, are you from Australia? 'Cause you meet all my koala-fications!

Travel Pick-Up Line: Hey fella, I hope you're not a monk because I'd love to go Tibet with you.

Q. What do you call a 10-speed that’s beyond repair?
A. At the end of its Life Cycle.

Q. What is a ghost-proof bicycle?
A. A bike with no spooks.

Q. Why are asphalt jokes so funny?
A. 'Cause they pave the road to laughter.

Blonde: My son came here to Denver on his summer vacation.
Friend: Did you meet him at DIA?
Blonde: No, I've known him his whole life.

My suitcase started to cry when I picked it up off the baggage carousel at DIA. I guess I'm carrying emotional baggage.

Q. Why did the guy refurbish bicycles in his spare time?
A. So he could peddle them.

Q. Which kind of motorcycle does Santa drive when he's on his long summer vacation?
A. A Holly Davidson.

Q. What sort of establishment routinely has a bunch of hogs outside?
A. A biker bar!

Q. What do you call a vicar on a motorcycle?
A. Rev.

Q. What do you get if you cross a bike and a flower?
A. Bicycle petals.

Q. Why did the bank manager give up riding his bike?
A. 'Cause he has lost his balance.

Travel Pick-Up Line: Hey Hottie, are you from northeast Denver? 'Cause you Brighton up my day.

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