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Q. What is a Jedi's favorite toy? A a Yo-Yoda!
Hey Gnirl, are you from Star Wars? 'Cause yodalicious!
Q. Why shouldn't you ask Yoda for money? A. Because he's always a little short!
Why did the angry Jedi cross the road? To get to the dark side!
Q. Why isn't a Jedi knight ever lonely? A. Because the force is alwys with him!


Yoda Jokes, Jedi Humor, Star Wars Puns
Master Obi-Wan Kenobi puns, Yoda Star Wars humor, Forceful LOLs and funny Jedi Master jokes.
"Do. Or do not. There is no try." – Yoda

Jedi Jokes, Yoda Humor, Force-Ful Puns
(Because The Force Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream in the Galactic Empire if You Have a Lightsaber and Duct Tape!)
Warning: Proceed at Your Own Risk! Even Ben Kenobi cannot defend against the Obi-Wan Baloney ahead.
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Q. How is duct tape like the Force? A. It has a light side, a dark side and binds the galaxy together!Q. what did Yoda say when he gave Luke his first car? A. May the Porsche be with you!Q. Which Star Wars character uses meat for a weapon? A. Obi Wan Baloney!

Q. What do you call a Jedi with no eyes?
A. Jed.

Q. What is a Jedi's favorite candy?
A. Lifesabers.

Q. Why is it so hard for Yoda to come up with funny new Star Wars puns?
A. Because forced, they are.

Q. Why do Jedis make terrible standup comedians?
A. Because their schtick feels so forced.

Q. Which Star Wars character travels all around the world?
A. Globi-Wan Kenobi.

Q. What is Yoda's favorite day of year?
A. May the 4th!

Q. What did the Jedi knight say to his proctologist?
A. These are not the 'roids you're looking for!

Q. What does Yoda do when his iTunes won't respond?
A. Force Quit Siri, he does.

Q. Why didn't Yoda have body odor?
A. Because he always used de-yoda-rant.

Q. Why can't you count on Yoda to pick up the tab?
A. Because he's always a little short.

Q. Why is Yoda so short and scrawny?
A. Because his parents didn't believe in Force feeding.

Q. What does a Jedi use to wash his hands?
A. The Forcet.

Q. What do you cll a Jedi in denial? A. Obi-Wan Cannot Be!Q. What Jedi can you eat? A. Obi Wan Cannoli!Q. What kind of car does a Jedi drive? A. A To Yoda!

Q. What does Yoda say to Luke when he's on the first tee?
A. May the course be with you.

Q. Who is short, green, and plays the cello?
A. Yo-Yo-Da.

Q. Who wrote the Star Wars procedural handbook, How to Swing a Lightsaber?
A. Jed Aye.

Q. What technique does a romantic Jedi master use when he's trying to seduce a lover?
A. Force play.

Q. What do Jedi Knights say to Star Wars script writers to encourage the use of analogies?
A. Metaphors be with you.

Q. Which ingredient do you need to make a cake aboard the Millennium Falcon?
A. Bicarbonate of Yoda.

Q. Which Jedi became a pop star?
A. Bon Jovi-Wan Kenobi.

Q. Which Star Wars character grows the best weed?
A. Yoda, because two green thumbs, he has.

Did you hear that somebody picked Yoda's pocket? Who would stoop that low?

Q. How heavy is a Jedi saber?
A. Pretty light.

Q. Why can't you email a photo to a Jedi?
A. Because attachments are forbidden.

Q. Why did Yoda cross the road?
A. Because the Force was unstoppable.

Q. Why did the Jedi cross the road?
A. To get to the Darth Side.

Luke Skywalker: Are we going the right way?
Yoda: Off course we are.

Q. Why does Yoda enjoy Seinfeld reruns?
A. Yada Yoda Yada.

Q. What does a Secret Santa give a kid who is obsessed by NASCAR and Star Wars?
A. A toy Yoda.

Q. Why do the Jedi like Newton's third law?
A. Because it's about balancing the Force.

Q. Why do they only serve Stoli in a Jedi bar?
A. Only a Sith deals in Absolut.

Q. When is Earth Day for Yoda?
A. May the 4th.

Q. Why did Episodes 4, 5, 6 come before 1, 2, and 3? A. Because in charge of directing Yoda was!Q. Why do doctor's make the best Jedi? A. Because a Jedi must have patients!Q. What do yu call a Jedi who loves tacos? A. Obi-Juan Kenobi!

Q. What does Yoda say when somebody says something he obviously already knew?
A. No-Duh!

Q. What do you call a nervous Jedi?
A. Panic A Skywalker.

Q. Which Star Wars character tries way too hard to be a Jedi?
A. Obi Wannabe.

Q. Why weren't the jokes in Star Wars - The Last Jedi very funny?
A. They all scened a bit forced.

Q. What did the Jedi say to the sheep?
A. May the Force Be With Ewe!

Q. Which Jedi knight delivers babies?
A. OB-GYN Kenobi.

Q. Who wrote the forceful science fiction handbook, How to Talk Like Yoda?
A. Ajed I. Am.

Another Wise Yoda Quote: Do or not do. There is no try at toilet.

Q. What happened to the anorexic Jedi?
A. She had to be Force fed.

Q. What did Luke say when an old Jedi master ran off with his last pastry?
A. Hey, you Owe Me One Cannoli!

Q. Why was Yoda such a great gardener?
A. He had a green thumb!

Q. What does Obi-Wan say at a rodeo?
A. Use the Horse, Luke!

Q. Why do Jedis make lousy marriage counselors?
A. Because their advice to males is always, "Use the Force."

Q. Why did Yoda visit Barclays? A. He was after a bank clone!Q. Who aspires to become a Jedi? A. Obi-Wannabe!Q. What do Jedi use to view PDF files? A. Adobe Wan Kenobi!

Q. What is a Jedi's favorite toy?
A. A Yo-Yoda.

Q. What do Jedis order at Chinese restaurants?
A. Pada-wonton soup.

Q. What does the Jedi Council do on Thanksgiving Day?
A. They watch the Mace's Thanksgiving Parade.

Q. How can you spot a Redneck Jedi?
A. He's wearing a camouflage print robe.

Q. Why did Yoda drive across the road?
A. Because the Porsche was with him.

Q. How can you tell a Redneck Jedi just picked you up hitchhiking?
A. His Land Speeder has a lightsaber rack.

Q. Which baseball position does Yoda play?
A. Short Stop.

Q. What does Yoda say to encourage a Padawan before a test?
A. Do well you will do!

Q. Who wrote the powerful sci-fi thriller,
The Force?
A. Jed I. Night.

Q. Why did the Jed-eye cross the road?
A. Because that looked like the way to go.

Q. How can you spot a Redneck Jedi at a bar?
A. He opened his bottle of Budweiser with a lightsaber.

Q. How can you tell yer talkin' to a Redneck Jedi?
A. He says, "May the force be with ya'll."

Q. Why isn't a Jedi knight ever lonely?
A. Because the Force is always with him.

Q. Which kind of self-driving car takes you to a Jedi?
A. A To-Yoda!

Q. Which Jedi loved to eat corn?
A. Maize Windu.

Q. What does Yoda say say when a light bulb burns out?
A. Change the bulb, you must.

Q. How do you know you've encountered a Redneck Jedi?
A. He uses his R-2 unit as a beer coaster.

Q. How do you know you've met a Redneck Jedi at the bar?
A. He says the worst thing about his time on Dagobah was the dadgum skeeters!

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