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What did the alien say to the grower? Take me to your weeder!
Green Alien Says: My wife says I never bring her to an organic?
What do you call alien spacecraft that goes from planet to planet? A. UF-HOE!


Little Green Man Jokes, Alien Puns, Spacy Humor
Discover out of this world humor, little green man puns, and funny other worldly alien jokes.

Green Alien Jokes, Spaceman Humor, E.T. Puns
(Because Little Green Men Jokes and Gray Aliens Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream in Roswell or in the known Multiverse!)
Warning: Proceed Cautiously! Gray alien humor, ET spaceman jokes, LGM LOLs and little green men puns ahead.
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ET Chef Asks: How are UFOs and White Castle alike? A. Both are unidentified frying objects!What do aliens wear to bed? Space Jammies!How do alien parents get Baby ET to sleep? They just rocket!

Q. What do space aliens eat for breakfast?
A. Nothing. They prefer to wait for launch!

Q. Which sci-fi alien planet are Tom, Dick, and Harry from?
A. Third Rock from the Sun, NOT!

Little Green Man Laugh of the Day: I'd tell you a joke about outer space aliens, but it's a little too out of this world...

Q. What do you call a Martian who frequents golf courses?
A. A little green bogey man.

Q. What do aliens call weird technical bugs that occur on the moon?
A. Luna Ticks!

Totally Out of This World Pick-Up Line: Are you an alien? 'Cause you just abducted my heart!

Q. Why do little space men always turn green when they land on Earth?
A. Turbulence, and Burritos!

Q. What did the doctor say to the alien rocket ship?
A. It's time to get your booster shot.

Q. What do you get if you cross an airplane and an alien magician?
A. A Flying Sorcerer!

Green ET Says: Let's zoom in on where that meteor struck. I'd like to observe it in crater detail!What do you get if you cross a student and an alien? Somethig from another university!Q. What do you call a loony spaceman? A. Astro-Nut!

Q. How are Martians and girls alike to a sci-fi nerd?
A. Neither have tried to contact him.

Q. Why did the alien move from the Milky Way to the Soymilky Way galaxy?
A. 'Cause he was galactose intolerant.

Q. What's really fast, loud, and crunchy?
A. An alien rocket chip!

Q. Why was the Martian so sad?
A. 'Cause Curiosity killed its cat. MeOUCH!

Q. Which alien astronaut wears the biggest helmet?
A. The E.T. with the biggest head.

Q. What is it called when your planet has too many aliens?
A. Extraterrestrials.

Q. What did the alien say when he was all out of room?
A. Man, I'm all spaced out!

Q. Where does an alien aboard a USO go to drown his sorrows?
A. The space bar.

Q. Why did the rock star alien retire?
A. The music and drugs got him all spaced out in the 1970s!

Q. What did teh alien doctor say to the space ship? A. Time to get your booster shot!ET Chef Says: My wife made me a green hamburger for St. Patrick's Day? I asked how she colored it, ans she said she didn't know what I was talking about!Space Alien Says: Happy Stun Day!

Q. What do you call the short insane guy at the mental hospital who claims he's a little green space man?
A. An Astro-Nut!

Alien Point to Ponder: Would an Earthling pinch a naked green alien on St. Patrick's Day?

Q. Where do planets, and stars, and all that crave knowledge go to study?
A. The University!

Q. What do little green men like to put in their hot chocolate?
A. Martian-mallows.

Q. Which Brady Bunch kid was seriouusly into science fiction?
A. Martian, Martian, Martian.

PC Alien Point to Ponder: Are LGM (Little Green Men) offended by that term if they're in fact gray aliens?

Q. Which kind of space aliens hide out in the Florida Everglades?
A. Marsh-ins.

Q. What did the sun say to the moon at the end of its shift?
A. It looks like it's my night off.

Q. Which side of the moon does Darth Vadar prefer to visit?
A. The Dark Side!

Q. What is an astronaut's favorite keyboard key? A. The Space Bar!What do you get if you cross an alien and a kangaroo? A. A Mars-Upial!ET Chef Asks: What pick-up line did the bacon use on the tomato? A. Lettuce get together!

Q. What is a little spaceman's favorite color?
A. Bud, in Colorful Colorado, it's definitely green.

Alien Point to Ponder: Do Little Green Men in Roswell prefer chile verde?

Alien Point to Ponder: Do LGM in Four Corners, Colorado prefer chile Mesa Verde?

Q. What do you call a little green man surfing the Internet in your garden?
A. Your brother-in-lawn!

Q. What does LGM stand for?
A. Little Green Man. And, that's not even a joke!

Q. What does LGM stand for?
A. 'Cause he does't have time to sit around.

Alien Point to Ponder: When extraterrestrials finally land in Washington, DC, will we honor them with LGM Pride parades?

Alien Point to Ponder: Do LGM prefer Hatch chiles from New Mexico, or Colorado's Pueblo chiles?

Q. Why are E.T.'s eyes so big?
A. He saw the phone bill.

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