Cheesy Pick-Up Line: Gnirl, not to brag, but I'm grate in bread! - Cheesy Pick Up Line, Sharp Come-Ons, Punny!

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Cheesy Pick-Up Lines & Punny Pick Ups
Pick Up tips from our horny memes, romance humor, and cheesy come-on jokes!

Pick Up Lines, Dating Jokes, Come-Ons
(Because DIY is Easy and Blind Dates & Tinder Are Too Mainstream)
Warning: Pick-up at your own risk. You never know what ya might come-on down with.
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Yummy Pick-Up Line: We're like cocoa and marshmallows. You're hot and I want to be on top of you!Hey Gnirl, did you fart? 'Cause you just blew me away!Did you swallow magnets? 'Cause gnirl, you're so attractive!

Hot Pick Up Line for Fall & Winter: Gnome way you don't want s'more cocoa?

Stinking funny Pick Up Line: Gnome wonder these two have a hard time finding a date.

Scientific Pick Up Line: Naturally, you're drawn to this puny come-on by Dr. Gnome.

Are you a 90 angle? 'Cause you're looking so right!Cheesy Pick-Up Line: Hey Gnirl, you're looking really Gouda tonight! Food Pick-Up Line: Do you work at Little Caesars? 'Cause you're hot and I'm ready!

Are you a dyslexic angel, 'cause you looking la-right to me.

Gnome really should curd his enthusiasm.

Yummy Pick Up Line: Biker gnone is hungering for a pizza her!

Gym Humor: Gnome Sweat Produces Pherognomes!Hey Gnirl, I'm attracted to you! According to the law of gravity, you're attracted to me, too!Hey Gnirl, I Did You!

Gnome Pick Up lines for the gym are pretty hot? Yes, we gnow this one stinks!

Dr. Gnome pick up lines often have some pull, even if that's illogical.

Deadly funny Pick Up Line: Clean and simple zombie come-ons do cut to the bone.

Excuse me, could you please empty your pockets? I believe you've stolen my heart!Cheesy Pick-Up Line: My crush on you makes me crumble like Feta!Redneck gnome of mullet gnome? Who'd get the gnirl?

A cheesy pick up line that only a cop could et aways with -- unless the gnomette was a real siren!

Cheesy pick up line: She knows he's too gouda to be true!

Business in the front, a party in the back, backed up by gunpower. A come-on that just hit a new low in both style and sophistication. Bullseye!

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