Barely legal police pick-up line: I'm writing you a ticket because fine is written all over you! - Cheesy Pick Up Line, Sharp Come-Ons, Punny!

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Cheesy Pick-Up Line: Hey Gnirl, you're looking really Gouda tonight!
Barely legal police pick-up line: I always turn on my siren when I spot a siren!
Lost my library card, but I'm still checking you out!
Q. What was the name of Blackbeard's wife? A. Peg!
Garden Gnomes in Pot Leaves: Lettuce a Gnome


Cheesy Pick-Up Lines and Horny Hookup Lines
Proposition a hottie with cheesy come-on jokes, funny chat up flirts, and funny pick-up lines!

Chat Up Flirts, Funny Come-Ons, Dating Humor
(Because Hot Hookup Lines, Firey Come-Ons, and Sizzling Dates Couldn't TOO Mainstream on the 4th of July!)
Warning: Hookup with an Arsonist at Your Own Risk! 'Cause you never know who might light up your life.
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Hey Gnirl, are you a camera? 'Cause every time I look at you, I smile!Cheesy Pick-Up Line: Hey Gnirl, wanna come over? 'Cause I'm feeling provolonely!Hey Gnirl, remember me? No? Oh that's right.. I've only met you in my dreams!

Funny Come-On: Gnome has a photographic memory when it comes to cheesy pick up lines.

Pick Up a Photographer Line: Dude, is that a lens cap in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Artist Pick Up Line: If I told you I like your body of work, would you hold it against me?

Gnome Hookup Line: Hey baby, what would it take to get invited into your inner Iris?

The provo-bility of this cheesy come-on working is cheddar than 1 in 10.

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Hey girl, are you Swiss? 'Cause I think we'd have a hole lot of fun together.

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Hey girl, it's un-brie-lievable that I'm not your hot date tonight.

Cheesy Chat Up Line: Hey Colby, let's hit the town tonight and listen to some R 'N Brie.

...the secretary will disavow any gnowledge of your actions. This tape will self-destruct in 5 seconds. Good Luck!

Gnome Chat Up Line: Hey girl, would you like to get to gnome me?

Pick Up a Garden Gnome Line: Hey little man, is your name GNorm? 'Cause you have enormous appeal.

Gnome Pick Up Line: Hey babe, I'm from Gnome Land Security, so I'll need to inspect your baggage.

Hey Gnirl, are you a carbon sample? 'Cause I want to date you!Is that a cell in your back pocket? 'Cause that ass is callin' me. Hey Gnirl, you must be a banana 'cause I find you a peeling!

Scientist Pick Up Line: You must be a compound of beryllium and barium because you're a total BaBe!

Chemistry Chat Up Line: Hey baby, are you made of Nickel, Cerium, arsenic and Sulfur? 'Cause you've got a NiCe AsS.

Physicist Pick Up Line: Hey girl, would you like to help me prove the Big Bang isn't just a theory or a sitcom?

Dumb Ass Pick Up Line: Apparently phone sex is gnot as sexy as it sounds.

Pick Up a Tech Guy Line: Hey big fella, is that an iPod in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Tech Hookup Line: Hey girl, do you need me to unzip your files?

Tech Hookup Line: Hey baby, your homepage, or mine?

Fruity Pick Up Line: Hey you big ape, is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Big Ape Hookup Line: Hey girl, is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just leading me on?

Horny Banana Line: Hey girl, despite appearances, I can asure you that I am not bent.

Are you a chemist? 'Cause I want to do you on a table periodically!Gnirl, do you have an inhaler? 'Cause you take my breath away!Cheesy Pick-Up Line: Hey Gnirl, are you cheesecake? 'Cause I just want to eat you up!

Chemistry 101 Pick Up Line: Hey girl, wanna be my lab partner? 'Cause I think we'd have some great chemistry together.

After Hours Chemistry Come-On: Hey babe, might a little more alcohol catalyze this reaction?

Science Pick Up Line: Hey girl, did you lose an electron? 'Cause you are positively attractive.

Chemistry Chat Up Line: Hey girl, let's be lab partners again tonight so I can put my stirring rod in your beaker.

Medicated Pick Up Line: Hey girl, are you Morphine? 'Cause you take my pain away.

Sick Pick Up Line: Hey babe, either I have vertigo, or you just rocked my world?

Sick Hookup Line: Hey hottie, you breathe oxygen and so do I! Looks like we already have something in common.

Sick Come-On: Babe, are you a virus? 'Cause you're having an effect on my whole body.

Medical Chat Up Line: Someday I hope to be your emergency contact.

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Hey girl, let's get a whey tonight and spend the night at my cottage.

Cheesy Hookup Line: Hey girl, are you an assorted cheese platter? 'Cause I'd like to sample every part of you.

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Hey girl, our first date was gouda, but our next date will be even feta.

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Hey baby, I can tempt you with lots o' Mozzarella along with meat balls.

Hey Girl, you look like my gnext girlfriend.Gnome Words Can Express How I'm Feeling for (Gnu)Your lips would look so much better on mine!

Deja Brew: Haven't we been to this pub before?

Brew Pub Come-On Line: Hey Bae, don't you just hate it when guys try to use cheesy pick-ups on you?

Brew Pub Pick Up Line: Girl, you owe me a beer 'cause I spilled mine when you walked by.

Bar Chat Up Line: Hey there, do you hate singles' bars? 'Cause so do I. See we already have one thing in common.

Distillery Pick Up Line: Hey girl, some people say I'm a barrel of laughs.

Mouse Pick Up Line: Mice to meet you!

Fishy Come-On: Hey Babe, let's hook up some time.

Big Cat Chat Up Line: Is your daddy Tony, the Tiger? 'Cause you look grrreat!

Q. What is it called when a rattlesnake can't produce venom?
A. E-reptile dysfunction!

Q. What is the difference between a frog and a horny toad?
A. One says ribbit, ribbit and the other says rub-it, rub-it.

Wine Lovers Line: Baby, the smoothest way to taste this wine is straight from my lips.

Closing Time Pick Up Line: Hey girl, that dress looks really great on you. But, it'd look even better on the foot of my bed.

Wine Lovers Hookup Line: Girl, if I got a taste of you, I'd roll my tongue around in you for hours.

Wine Pick Up Line: No girl, I don't fancy wines, but I do appreciate moans.

Vino Pick Up Line: Hey babe, wanna help me bottle some wine this weekend? I'll let you do the corking.

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