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A tarantula found a date online. He spider on the web!
Q. What happened when two vampires met? A. Love At First Bite!
Bottle of whiskey asks: What do a shot of Everclear & a sexy woman have in common? A. Both make men talk nonsense!
Do you have a map? 'Cause I keep getting lost in your eyes!
Pirate Pick-Up Line: I must be a pirate because I am digging your booty!


Funny Pick-Up Lines and Horny Hookup Come-Ons
Chat up a funny date with cheesy come-on jokes, hot hookup humor, and flirty pick-up lines.

Cheesy Dating Jokes, Funny Flirts, Chat Up Lines
(Because Cheesy Pick-Up Lines and Funny Dating Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream on Saturday Night!)
Warning: Pick Up Cheese with Caution! You never know how many moldy oldies you might uncover!
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Cheesy Pick-Up Line: I'm glad the cheese stands alone 'cause it's easier to find you, Gnirl!Hey Gnirl, are you copper? 'Cause I CU in my dreams!Hey Gnirl, you're as hot as the bottom of my laptop!

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Hey Brie, did you just say "Cheese?" 'Cause I have a big smile on my face.

Curdled Pick Up Line: Hey girl, if I called you Swiss Miss, that is not at all a cheesy come on.

Cheesy Love Poem: Edam was is red, French cheese is bleu, do I have parmesan to fondue you?

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Hey girl, are you a cheese pizza? 'Cause you are one deep dish!

Science Lab Chat Up Line: Hey girl, are your pants made of a super-reflective alloy? 'Cause I can clearly see myself in them.

Chemistry 101 Come-On: Hey girl, I just bought a molecular model kit. Want to play with my stick and balls?

Scientist Pick Up Line: Hey girl, you're just like a telophase 'cause I admire your cleavage.

Lab Pick Up Line: Hey girl, I'm a chemist. Give me a squeeze and see what kind of reaction you get.

Pick Up Line for techies, geeks and users. Gnome doubt this is an ass-inine come-on?

Tech Pick Up Line: Hey girl, can I put my flash drive in your USB port?

Tech Hookup Line: Hey girl, is your name Microsoft? 'Cause I'd let you crash at my place.

Pick Up a Tech Guy Line: Hey big guy, did you know I'm wearing a C-String?

Tech Come-On: Hey baby, are you a motherboard? 'Cause I'd RAM you all night.

Gnirl, you have the right to bear me in your arms!Cheesy Pick-Up Line: Hey Gnirl, is your name Colby? 'Cause I just want to eat you up!Hey Gnirl, do you play pool? 'Cause I've got the balls and you've got the rack!

Bigfoot Pick Up Line: Hey Baby, now I'm harder than permafrost!

Sasquatch Chat Up Line: Hey girl, I hear you like beards.

Sasquatch Hookup Line: Hey Baby, you must be from my future because you're turning me into Homo Erectus!

Did you hear about the sasquatch who broke up with his lady in the fog? Now he's known as Girl-less in the Mist.

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Hey girl, I hope that's nacho hot date over there.

Pick Up Some Cheese Line: Hey fella, is your name Feta? 'Cause I crumbled for you.

Cheesy Come On for Cheese Over 50: Hey girl, is your name Parmesan? 'Cause you're well-aged, just the way I like my cougars.

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Hey miss, are you Swiss? 'Cause I think you are hot!

Sports Pick Up Line: Hey girl, I hope you can catch, 'cause there are two balls coming straight at you.

Bowling Pick Up Line: Hey there, when I look at you, my thoughts are all XXX!

Alley Chat Up Line: Bowling is the sport for guys who like to strike out with the ladies.

Sports Come-On: Hey girl, I always enjoy a game that goes into overtime!

Hey Gnirl, let's get some coffee 'cause I'm liking you a latte!Garden Gnomes in Pot Leaves: Lettuce a GnomeYou're like a dictionary. You add meaning to my life!

Coffee Pick Up Line: Hey babe, watch out for that coffee 'cause it's really hot – but it's not as hot as you.

Hot Coffee Pick Up Line: Hey girl, that's a really nice mug you got there.

Coffee Hookup Line: Hey baby, you are just like this coffee. You're gonna keep me up all night.

Caffeinated Come-On: Hey girl, you're mocha me crazy!

Tasty Cannabis Chat Up: Hey, my friend and I are having a bake sale. Wanna joint us?

Weed Pick Up Line: Hey baby, you're into going green, so let's just blow this joint!

Seriously Stoned Pick Up Line: Can I marry you, Anna?

Colorado Cannabis-ism: Weed my lips!

Easy to Remember 420 Pick Up Line: Hey, let's meet at 4:20!

Likely to Fail Gnome Pick Up Line: Hey girl, to me bouquet is just a metaphor for orgy!

Gnome Hookup Line: Hey girl, are you a geneticist? 'Cause I'd like to see your G-Gnome.

Gnome Pick Up Poetry in Motion: Roses are red, Lilies are white, weed make a great couple, you know I'm sow right.

Gnome Chat Up Line: Hey girl, is your name Juliet? 'Cause my name is Gnomio.

Food Pick-Up Joke: Hey Gnirl, you must be a bacon burger 'cause you're bacon me crazy!You are obviously suffering a lack of Vitamin Me!You look so sweet that you're giving me a cavity!

Bacon Lover Pick Up Line: Hey girl, with me it's the real thing, so no Fake-O Bac-Os now or turkey bacon for breakfast.

Chef Hookup Line: Hey babe, I'm craving bacon right now. Wanna strip?

Bacon Lovers' Pick Up Line: Hey girl, I'd let you bake my bacon and cook my cookies any time!

Deficient Pick Up Line: Hey girl, my doctor said I need to increase my Vitamin U.

RDA Approved Pick Up Line: Hey girl, I know how to supplement your daily regimen.

Sweet Come On: Hey girl, are you a donut? 'Cause I think you are a-dough-able.

Spicy Come On: Hey babe is your name Tabasco? 'Cause you are really hot!

Zombie Hookup Line: Hey girl, you know I love you for your mind!

Zombie Chat Up Line: Hey girl, are you an academic? 'Cause I'd like to pick your brain.

Did you hear about the new zombie dating service? It's called: Dying to Meet You!

Deadly Pick Up Line: Hey babe, you know rigor mortis guarantees staying power.

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