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Q. Which language do local geese speak? A. Porch-a-geese!
Q. Do Canada geese chill on Sundays? A. No, they honk seven days a week!
Canadian Gander Says: Happy Goose Day!
Q. What do you call a rude Canada goose in Colorado? A. One? Are you freaking serious?

Q. What grows up while growing down? A. A Goose
Q. What do you call rude Canada geese in a Colorado park? A. @#$%^&*! And, Coloradans are pretty polite.


Goose Jokes, Honking Funny Puns, Geese Grins
Migrate down for gos-lingo puns, honk if you're horny humor, gaggle LOLs and loose goose jokes.

Gosling Jokes, Goose Puns, Gander Humor
(Because Papa Gander Puns and Gos-Link Jokes Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream When You're Running a Goosinatr!)
Warning: Proceed Cautiously! Goose bumps jokes, honky-tonk humor, V-8 LOLs and giggle of geese puns ahead.
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Q. What do you call a very rude Canada Goose? a. Well, Colorado Magpies call them Mockingbirds!Q. what do Canada geese like best about being outside? A. Debris!Q. What does a farmer call an escaped bird? A. A loose goose!

Q. What does a Canada goose say when a mallard is in the vee flight path through Colorado?
A. What the duck?

Q. Why do geese use Head and Shoulders shampoo?
A. 'Cause what's good for the goose is good for the dander.

Q. What does the gander comedian call the response from his audience?
A. A giggle of geese.

Q. What is the most common goose pick-up line?
A. Hey girl, honk if you're horny.

Q. Why didn't the young goose believe what his grandfather said?
A. It was all papa-gander!

Q. What are egg-centric old ganders called?
A. Geesers.

Q. When will the migrating geese reach their winter destination?
A. That's still up in the air.

Q. How are geese hipocrites?
A. They always fly in the shape of a peace sign while making a lot of noise honking.

Q. What is the honking language of geese called?
A. Gos-lingo.

Q. What do you call acne on a gosling?
A. Goose bumps.

Q. What do you get if you cross a gander with a ewe?
A. A flock of fleece.

Q. What do ganders call dames with big breasts?
A. Honkers.

Q. Eight geese walk into a Lower Downtown Denver (LoDo) bar. What do they order?
A. V-8!

Q. What do all geese really hate?
A. Being goosed.

Q. Why couldn't anyone see the goose? a. Because it was in da skies!Q. Which goose movie won an Oacar? A. Lord Of The Wings!Q. What do you call a bunch of Canada geese playing hide-and-seek? a. Fowl play!

Q. What response do you get when you ask a smart goose what she is?
A. A genus Anser.

Q. Why didn't the goose in Denver think he'd be a suspect in the Wash Park crime?
A. Because he thought his shit don't stink.

Q. Where do geese like to go for an exotic Far Eastern vacation?
A. Honk Kong.

Q. What was the gaggle of ganders doing online?
A. Searching Google for gos-links.

Q. Which gander always escapes from the farmer's enclosure?
A. Lew C. Goosey.

Q. Who teaches nursery rhymes to up-and-coming gosling hip hop artists?
A. Mother Goose.

Q. Where do country music-loving geese go for a few drinks on Sautrday night?
A. A honky-tonk bar.

Q. Why did the comedy club owner cross a gander with an improv comedian?
A. 'Cause what's good for the goose is good for the candor.

Q. Which song do gangers still groove to?
A. Honky Tonk Woman by The Rolling Stones.

Q. Who is Wednesday Addams' favorite gander actor on Netflix?
A. Luis Goose Man.

Q. Why wouldn't the bartender serve the gander that flew back into the bar?
A. 'Cause he was a guzzling.

Q. What do ganders call the promiscuous dame?
A. Lucy Goosey.

Q. What happens when you cross a goose with a ghost?
A. You get BOOs bumps.

Q. What do you get if you cross a gander with a bear?
A. A gaggle of goose-bearys.

Q. What do you call a gander that lost his tail in a wind turbine?
A. Goos.

Q. What kinds of birds are found in Portugal? A. Porto-geese!Q. Why do so many geese visit Denver? A. To get a gander at the Broncos!Q. Why did the Canada goose take toilet paper to the soiree? a. He's a party pooper!

Q. What do you get if you cross geese with sea birds?
A. A gag-gull of birds on the beach.

Q. What do you get if you cross a chicken and a goose?
A. A bird that lays down!

Q. What is the goose capital of Europe?
A. Budapest, Honkary.

Q. What do you get if you cross a goose and a lawn mower?
A. Shredded Tweet.

Q. What do you get when a devout gander becomes a monk?
A. Brother Goose.

Q. What did one goose say to another while flying over Empower Stadium?
A. Wanna kick off a new relationship tonight?

Q. How do geese stay fit?
A. With worm-ups.

Q. Why was the goose kicked out of the golf club bar?
A. He had a very large bill.

Q.What happened when the parks department unleased a Goosinator on the flocks of geese in Denver's Washington Park?
A. It caused a real flap.

Q. What is an esoog?
A. A goose flying backward.

Q. What did Canadians get when they crossed Grey Goose vodka with Moosehead beer?
A. Drunk.

Q. What sensation really gives a Canada gosling the creeps?
A. Goose bumps.

Q. How do you get a silly goose to stop calling you?
A. Take away its phone.

Q. What do geese call their sister's daughter?
A. Gneice.

Q. What do you get if you cross ganders with Ribes?
A. Gooseberries.

Q. Where do Canada geese invest their money? A. In the Stork Market!Q. What is a goose's favorite television show? A. The Feather Forecast!Q. Why do Canada geese fly south? A. Becaus it's too far to walk!

Q. What is it called when you place a shipment of goose feather pillows into a shipping container?
A. Down-loading.

Q. What is every Rotor-Rooter guy's least favorite part of a goose?
A. The gooseneck.

Q. What do you cll nosey geese?
A. Honkers.

Q. How do we know geese are against war and conflict?
A. They always fly in a peace sigh.

Q. What do you get if you cross a gander with a chicken?
A. A goose-ster.

Q. What do Canadians call slanted fake news about geese?
A. Propa gander.

Q. What do you call it when it rains geese and ganders?
A. Fowl Weather!

Cold Weather Wisdom: Never catch snowflakes on your tongue until the geese have all gone south.

Q. Which goose is always in La La Land?
A. Ryan Gosling.

Q. Why is a the animal that's a cross between an elk and a goose so easy to please?
A. 'Cause what's good for the moose is good for the gander.

Q. What do you hear if you cross turkeys with geese?
A. Gaggle, gaggle, gaggle.

Q. What did the Denver-ized Canada goose say when it was cold?
A. Brrrd!

Q. What is a knoh?
A. The sound a goose makes when it's flying backwards.

Q. What did Howard Hughs get when he crossed a gander with a conifer?
A. The Spruce Goose.

Q. What is a gosling's favorite fruit snack?
A. Gooseberries.

Q. What do you call rude Canada geese? A. In Colorado, you know better than to call a goose!Q. Why do Canada geese fly upside down over the Broncos' stadium? A. There's nothing worth crappon on! GO Broncos!Trying to putt with so many geese on the green is for the birds! and that's putting it mildly!

Q. Which goose has the best pick-up lines?
A. Hey girl, it's Ryan Gosling.

Q. Who brokered the peace treaty that stopped the fighting between rival gander gangs?
A. The Truce Goose.

A guy went goose hunting in Colorado the other day. Once they started flying, he knew the game was up.

Q. Why did a flock of migrating geese land near the summit of Lookout Mountain above Denver?
A. 'Cause they liked the bird's-eye-view.

Q. Which notorious serial killer preys on goslings?
A. Smother Goose.

Q. What is the goose equivalent to The Ugly Duckling?
A. The Homely Grossling.

Q. How do geese describe a day when everything is going fine?
A. Honky dory.

Q. Why are constipated geese so rude?
A. They just don't give a crap.

A blonde looked up to watch the honking geese flying above. Suddenly a goose pooped. So, the blonde said, "Good thing I had my mouth open, or that would have hit me in the face!"

Q. What is a goose's favorite letter of the alphabet?
A. V.

Q. What do vets call a young goose wrapped in a bandage?
A. A gauze-ling.

Q. What do you call a fruity gander?
A. Goose Barry.

Two geese were watching a guy wash his car. One goose says to the other, "If he doesn't finish soon, I'll poop mys elf."

Q. What do you call a young goose that farts?
A. Gasling.

Q. Why didn't the goose in Denver think he'd be a suspect in the Wash Park crime?
A. 'Cause he thinks his shit don't stink.

Q. What is the favorite color of drunken geese in France?
A. Grey Goose.

Q. What do you call a runaway gosling?
A. A goose on the loose.

Q. How do ganders feel about cold Painful gosling Puns?
A. They get goose bumps just thinking about 'em.

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