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Q. How do you keep a chicken in suspense? a. I'll tell you later!
Q. What's the difference between meat and a chicken? A. If you beat your chicken, it will die!
Q. What do you get if you cross a chicken and a cement mixer? A. A brick layer!
Q. What do chickens study at school? A. Egg-onomics!

Why do chickens hate Friday? Seriously?
Q. What do you call a crazy chicken? A. A cuckoo cluck!


Chic Hen Jokes, Funky Chicken Puns, Coop LOLs
Cluck along with peck-uliar chick-can't puns, hentertaining chic kin humor, and peckish hen jokes.

Chicken Jokes, Comedi-Hen Puns, Henhouse Humor
(Because Clucking Funny Hen Jokes and Chick-Un Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream For Cooped Up Hens!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Fowl barnyard jokes, henpecked humor, and made from scratch puns ahead.
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Q. What happened to the chicken whose feathers pointed the wrong way? A. She was tickled to death!Q. What do you call a bird that's afraid to fly? A. Chicken!Q. How do chickens bake a cake? A. From scratch!

Q. What do biologists call a hen that's de-evolved back into a dinosaur?
A. A chick-un.

Q. Who tells the funkiest chicken jokes?
A. A comedi-hen!

Q. Why did the comedi-hen's peck-culiar standup act cause such a flap in Henrietta, Texas?
A. The audience egg-sploded in laughter

Q. What is a protest by militant hens that won't leave called?
A. A Chick In.

Q. Why do chickens enjoy Painful hen Puns?
A. 'Cause they're clucking funny – and so are the jokes.

Q. How do you describe an oddball egg-centric chicken?
A. Peck-uliar.

Q. What do you call a hen with a negative attitude that just gives up when the going gets tough?
A. Chick can't.

Q. Which kind of car is best for transporting a henhouse?
A. A hatchback.

Q. Why did the chicken say, "@#$%^&!?"
A. 'Cause she was clucking mad.

Q. What do you call a chicken that's trying to butter you up?
A. A slick hen.

Q. What are a hen's relatives called?
A. Chick kin.

Q. What do chickens drink on lady's night at the bar?
A. Hennessy Cognac.

Q. What do you get if you cross a cactus with pear-shaped fruit and a chicken?
A. Prick hens.

Q. What is a hen drug addict called?
A. A chick on.

Q. What is an anorexic chicken called?
A. A stick hen.

Q. Why did the chicken go to a psychiatrist?
A. 'Cause she was not feeling at all peckish.

Q. What do you call a smelly coward? A. A funky chicken!Q. What is the most musical part of a chicken? a. The drustick!Q. Why did the chicken get a penalty? A. For fowl Play!

Q. What is a cowardly chicken's favorite color?
A. Yellow.

Q. Which kind of hen casts magic spells in the barnyard?
A. Wiccan chicken.

Q. What do you call a chcken magician?
A. A trick hen.

Q. What did the sorcerer get when she crossd a candle with a chicken?
A. A wick hen.

Q. What do you all a hen with a positive attitude that is capable of accomplishing anything she tries to do?
A. Chick can.

Q. What does the chicken play in the orchestra?
A. Peck-ussion instruments.

Q. Where can you find the most chicks in Nevada?
A. Henderson.

Q. Which kind of chicken knows the most movie trivia?
A. The flick hen.

Q. Which Hollywood actress has a bunch of chickens to care for?
A. Florence Henderson.

Q. Which classic TV talk show featured a chicken playing the piano?
A. Skitch Henderson and the Tonight Show Band.

Q. What do you call a self-centered chicken with a big head?
A. An egg-o-maniac.

Q. Why did the detective on the French Riviera raise backyard chickens?
A. To Hatch a Thief.

Q. What is the point of daiiy track practice for a hen?
A. To quicken chicken.

Q. What do you call a chicken with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?
A. A tick hen.

Q. Which kind of hen keeps coop members advised about her whereabouts?
A. The check-in.

Q. What do you call a group of chickens clucking in unison? a. An Hensemble!Q. why don't chickens like peo;le? A. They beat eggs!Q. What do chicken families do on Saturday afternoons? A. They go on peck-nics!

Q. What's it called when a hen plays country guitar?
A. Chicken pickin'.

Q. Who is the most listened-to rock singer at the chicken coop?
A. Don Henley.

Q. Why do roosters watch television?
A. For hentertainment.

Q. Which starship transported the most chickens around the galaxy?
A. The Henterprise NCC-1701-D.

Q. Why did the rooster decide to divorce his wives?
A. 'Cause they hen-croachd on his space.

Q. What do you call a chicken that knows karate?
A. A kick hen.

Q. Which ingredient should never be in cough medicine given to a chicken?
A. An ex-peck-torant.

Q. How can you tell you've seen a fugitive chicken that flew the coop?
A. She's still wearing hen-cuffs!

Q. What does an amorous rooster call a hen who's not turned on?
A. Chick off.

Q. Who is the head teller at First National Bank Cooperstown?
A. Henny Penny.

Q. Where do hens stay at night when they're on a long road trip?
A. At the Chick Inn.

Q. What kind of party do urban chicken farmers throw when the hens have been very productive?
A. A kegger.

Q. What do chickens do to prepare for a trip to Buffalo?
A. They just wing it.

Q. Which pedal do chicken racecar drivers favor when they're speeding across the road?
A. The egg-celerator.

Q. What do you call a chicken on an icy road?
A. A slick hen.

Q. What kind of chicken grows on a tree? A. Poultry!Q. What do you get if you cross a chicken and a four-leaf clover? A. The cluck of the Irish!Q. How do you know owls are more clever than chickens? A. There's no such thing as Kentucy Fried Owl!

Q. Who was the fist transgender chicken?
A. Henny Youngman.

Q. What do roosters call the transgender chicken?
A. Dick hen.

Q. What did the hen change her name to after having gender reassignment surgery?
A. Chic Ken.

Q. What are transgender hens called?
A. Chick-men.

Q. What do city roosters call an unsophisticated rural chicken?
A. Hick hen.

Q. What do you call chickens that exlusively stay within their own group and don't allow others to join in?
A. Clique hens.

Q. Which Neolithic monument do Cockney roosters and Celtic chickens flock to?
A. Stonehenge.

Q. How do you hypnotize a chicken?
A. By hentrancing her.

Q. What do you get if you cross a chicken with a porcupine?
A. A prick hen.

Q. What are laying hens always looking for?
A. A little egg-sitement.

Q. What do poultry famers call it when none of the hens are out in the barnyard?
A. Chick in.

Q. Who is the favorite puppeteer of chickens that watch PBS?
A. Jim Henson.

Q. How do you describe a dumb chick wearing a dunce hat?
A. Hen-dicapped.

Q. What is a disgusting, repugnant, stomach-turning chicken called?
A. Yick hen.

Q. Who is the arch enemy of spring chickens?
A. The Easter Bunny, 'cause he steals their eggs and makes them boiling mad.

Q. What do you get if you cross a chicken with a baboon?
A. Henry the Ape.

Q. What do you get if you cross a bamboo plant with a chicken?
A. A stick hen.

Q. Which kind of hen lays rectangular eggs?
A. The brick hen.

Q. What do chickens say about Friday? A. Buck Wuck Chuck Muck F'ck!Q. How is a sofa like a roast chicken? A. They're both full of stuffing1Q. What do chickens serve at birthday parties? A. Coop-cakes!

Q. What happenes if you cross a chicken with a joke?
A. You choke.

Q. What do you call a hen with a big grin on her face?
A. A cheek-en.

Q. When chickens are clucking, how do you know what they're saying?
A. You have to have an henterpreter.

Q. What do you call a chicken that snaps into place?
A. A click hen.

Q. Which US state has the largest chicken population?
A. Hennessee.

Q. What do you get when a chicken sits in glue?
A. Stick hen.

Q. What does the farmer's wife call a barn fowl that is elegantly and stylishly fashionable?
A. Chic hen.

Q. What do you call a chicken wearing a collarless men's pullover shirt with a few buttons on it?
A. Henley.

Q. What do you call a chicken that got cut while shaving her legs?
A. A nick hen.

Q. What does the rooster call his beloved hen wife?
A. Chick hon.

Q. What's it called when you remove ticks from your backyard hen?
A. Pickin' chicken.

Q. What is the job title of the hen that packages pickles into small barrels?
A. Chicken pecker.

Q. What do chickens serve at going away parties?
A. Flew the Coop Cakes.

Q. What US city has the most backyard chicken coops?
A. Henrietta, Texas.

Q. What do you call a chicken eating a lollipop?
A. A lick hen.

Q. What do you call a hen with Salmonella?
A. Sicken chicken.

Q. Where do chicken farmers get their green chilies for Denver omelettes?
A. Hatch, New Mexico.

Q. What is the goal of fattening up a hen?
A. To thicken a chicken.

Q. What's the opposite of a chicken?
A. A chick off.

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