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I know a guy who's addicted to brake fluid. He says he can stop any time.
Q. Why is Colorado's nickname the High Country? A. Peak Scenery, Bud!

Chimp remarks: A man's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer!
Q. What do you all an unmarried guy with the worst handwriting? A. The most illegible bachelor!


Bro Code Jokes, Young Man Puns, Brother Humor
Party hardy with macho bro puns, best bud laughs, single stud humor and college boy jokes.

Bud Jokes, Buddy Puns, Dude Humor, Guy LOLs
(Because Party Boy Puns, Stud Jokes, and Bro Ha Ha Humor Could Never Be TOO Mainstream for Your Typical Guy!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Dude jokes, virile guy humor, party boy laughs and macho male pal puns ahead.
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Q. What do you call it when two best buds laugh uncontrollably? A. A bro-ha-ha!
Green Aliens Says: Happy Birthday Bud, buddy, your bud-ness, budman...budder from another mother...
Chimp tells a bar joke: A dyslexic guy walks into a bra!

Q. What do you call a studly bro whose manner of walking makes everybody stare?
A. The saunter of attraction.

Q. What does it mean when a single stud says that he has lightning fast reflexes?
A. That's bro code for premature ejaculation.

A guy showed his bud a pic of his new girlfriend and said, "Isn't she stunning!" Bud replied, "You should see my bae." Guy asked, "Wow, is she stunning, too?" Bud replied, "No, she's an optometrist."

Q. How are a bar and a bra alike?
A. Bros enjoy being inside them.

Q. Why is the word "Museum" bro code for "Strip Club" to manly men?
A. 'Cause there's no touching allowed.

Q. How did the stoner guy feel when he fell into a vat of cannabis-infused vodka?
A. He was in high spirits!

Q. What do you call the party boy who drank vodka and ended up in a mental hospital?
A. An Absolut madman.

A horny bro was staring at Medusa's boobs when she remarked, "Hey, my eyes are up here." But, he was already hard as a rock.

Did you hear about the party boy who couldn't decide between vodka and whiskey? He was very good at multi-flasking.

Q. What did the guy say when he bumped into a friend right after getting new glasses?
A. Yo bro, long time, no see!

Q. What does Colorado craft beer say to the dude who tells tall tales at the pub?
A. Cool story, Brew!

A single guy walks into a bar. Bartender asks, "How's it going?" Guy replies, "Okay, I guess. Holding my own." "That's good," says the bartender, "You'd get arrested if you held somebody else's."

Two party boys walk into a singles bar. The third guy ducked...

Q. Why did it take the blonde party boy a whole week to topple his heady beer?
A. 'Cause foam wasn't spilt in a day!

Did you hear about the bad boy party animal who quit drinking liquor for good? Now he drinks for evil.

Hulk Asks: What do you call guys sharing quarters at the most macho dorm? A. Stud Roomies!
Guy: I love you so much. I could never live without you. Girl: Is tha you or the beer talking? Guy: It's me talking to the beer.
Hulk Says: Happy Guy Day!

Q. Why did the college freshman blow chunks all over the house?
A. Because he wasn't party trained.

Q. What is the name of the new dating site full of hot dudes?
A. Stud Finder.

Q. What did the party boy call the image of a drink flask on his arm?
A. A Thermos-tat.

Q. Which angry college boy absolutely will not go outdoors wearing his thinking cap?
A. The hot head!

Q. What did the college boy, who works parttime at the men's cologne counter, say about his new gig?
A. This job really stinks!

Q. What is it called when a fun guy ties his belt around a barroom seat and pulls it behind him?
A. A towed stool.

Bro Code Fact of the Day: Wise guys drink wine. Budweiser dudes drink beer.

Q. Why did the guy go to the brew pub to think before quitting his job?
A. Because he needed to draft a letter of resignation...

Did you hear about the party boy who lost his glasses at the bar? The rest of the evening was a total blur.

Q. What's the difference between pigs and studly college bros?
A. Pigs don't turn into men when they drink.

Q. What encouraging words can you say to shy guy who is afraid he is turning into a recluse?
A. You are not a loner.

Q. Why did the horny single guy jerk off into one of his socks?
A. 'Cause he wanted to get off on the right foot.

Q. Why was the young apprentice carpenter sad on Saturday night?
A. He didn't get lathed.

Bro Code Tip of the Day: Never hit a guy with glasses. Use your fists instead!

Q. Why was the guy so stunned when the eye doctor told him he was colorblind?
A. Because that came right out of the blue.

A guy was always leaving himself voicemail messages, he was so self-sendered!
Happy Dudes Day!
Hulk Asks: What do you call a clip of a macho guy that spreads online? A. A virile video!

Q. What do you call it when a single guy's life is flourishing, but he makes very rssh decisions?
A. Reckless thriving.

Q. Why do playboys use Camouflage Condoms?
A. So you'll never see them coming.

Today's Bro Code PSA: Never trust a party boy who says he's wearing a camouflage condom!

A guy was folding his pants, fresh out the dryer, and found a dollar in a pocket. His blonde girlfriend walked in and asked, "Beau, how long have you been laundering money?"

Q. Why didn't the dude tell his bae that he was using her deodorant?
A. 'Cause it's a Secret.

Q. What do you call several image-conscious guys waiting in line for a haircut?
A. A barber-cue.

Q. What do bros call related dudes who swear alot when they get together?
A. Cussing cousins.

Q. Why did the easy-going, even-tempered young man long for more stress and pressure in his life?
A. He was starved for tension.

Q. What happened after the young guy had a first date with a dental hygienist?
A. She said she'd had a great time and she'd like to see me again in six months...

Q. What do you call a guy who likes to mix and match his stockings?
A. Hetero-sock-ual.

Q. How can a party boy tell he's had a wild and wonderful Saturday night?
A. By the number of pics he has to un-tag on Monday morning!

Q. How did the Miillennial feel when the new Toy Story action figures came out?
A. He got a Woody.

Q. Which new sex toy are single studs all excited about?
A. The Erector Set.

A virile young dude is going to open a business with the money he got from his donation at the sperm bank, because now he's got a little seed money.

Q. Why couldn't the college student go to the contraception museum?
A. They wouldn't let him come inside.

Q. What do you do if you see a space man while getting high? A. Park in it Dude!
Beer-drinking chimps says: When my friend fell asleep at the bar, I poured ale on him. It was a brewed awakening!
Q. Which 1970s band do stoners still enjoy? A. The Doobie Brothers!

Q. Why was the know-it-all bro surprised when he was kicked out of the peripheral vision club?
A. He just didn't see it coming!

Q. Why did the party boy take a urine test again today?
A. His kleptomania had gotten out of hand...

Q. Why was the horny masturbating drummer so tired?
A. 'Cause he never skipped a beat.

Q. Why was the loner dude so bad tempered when he was sulking and pouting?
A. Because he needed to learn better moping skills.

Q. Why did the guy quit his job at the shoe recycling center?
A. Because it was sole depressing.

A local guy walks into a bar wrapped in a blanket. Bartenders says, "For you, there's no cover charge."

Q. What happened when the party dude got hit in the head with a beer bottle?
A. It didn't break the skin, but it did leave a nasty brews.

Q. How do you get a hipster bro to eat
a hot dog?
A. Put it in a man bun.

Q. What does a tailor do when a smug young guy says his pants are too long?
A. He cuts him some slacks.

Q. What do you call a young guy who changes his place of residence every few weeks?
A. Very unsettling.

Q. What is a hemorrhoid?
A. A young stud from outer space!

Q. Why was the hunky nearsighted hipster so popular with the ladies?
A. He had specs appeal!

Q. What is a group of peers, comprised of 12 well-endowed young studs, called?
A. A hung jury.

Q. What is it called when a lonely single guy carves his pumpkin way too soon?
A. Premature e-jack-o-lantern.

Q. What is the definition of bravery and guts?
A. A guy with diarrhea chancing a fart.

Q. Why was the guy with pink eye so happy he surfed into the eye doctor's web page?
A. Because it was a site for sore eyes!

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