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Cheesy Pick-Up Line: Gnirl, my love for you is hotter than deep fried mozzerella!


Gnome Dating Puns, Troll Romance, Gnome Luv
Go trolling for dates with horny gnome puns, gnome alone humor, and funny misnomer jokes!

Gnome Jokes, Love Troll Humor, Gnome Kidding!
(Because Trolling Gnomes on the Make Are Too Mainstream on Saturday Nights)
Warning: Troll gnome bars at your own risk. Gnome poetry and luv gnonsense ahead. Gnome Joke!
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Gnomeo & JulietteGnome Poetry: She loves me, she loves me gnot!To Gnome Me is to Luv Meme!

Gnomeo & Juliette: Now we know where all the gnomes on the planet actually came from.

Gnome poetry is pretty bad, but at least it's not set to song.

This troll is always on the make. But, you gotta luv memes.

Is "Lady Gnome" a misnomer? Or Miss Gnomer?Absolutely! Gnome Solicitation?Is "Lady Gnome" a Miss Gnomer or a Ms Gnomer?

PC Gnome is not a sexist. He plays the saxaphone.

Ambiguous Gnome likes it both ways. He must be a lawyer?

PC Gnome can't win. Now his wife, MRS GNOMER is irked.

Mr & Mrs Gnome. And now you gnome why you don't see more of the misses!FREE! Take me gnome tonightOnline Dating: Gnome Run!

Mrs Gnome is dressed scantily enough. Do you really want to see more?

This has to be the worst pick up line of all time. Gnome Kidding!

Troll dating is about the sport of it all, but he did not even make it to first base.

Online Dating: Gnome Match?Take me gnome, but not my nomGnome Means Yes?

Ambiguous dating profiles caused this match up. Worked perfectly, and another wedding at Trollmatchic.

Gnomes enjoy a good hook up, but they do get really pissed off about identity theft.

Gnome, not ususally, yes? But there is a dialect we still have not yes translated into English.

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