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Cheesy Pick-Up Line: I'll be gorganzola and you be cheddar, 'cause gnirl, you are looking sharp tonight!


Gnome Puns, Garden Gnome Jokes, Elf Humor
Visit gnarly garden gnome jokes, trivial gnome humor, and faerie funny jokes!

Painful Gnome Puns, Gnome Kidding, Ouch!
(Because Gnome Problems Could Ever Be Too Mainstream When Gnome Buddy is Home)
Warning: Enter the Un-Gnome at your own risk. Gnonsensical puns ahead. Gnome Joke!
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Okay, So... Gnome Problem?Just Say Gnome to Steroids!Gnome Problem... Oops!

Yeah, well gnome problem for you maybe?

Gnome doubt steroids are bad.

Gee, now there is a problem gnome body anticipated.
Gnome or Gnome Less? Yes.Gnome wonder you gnow I'm punny!Gnome overnight parking! Violators --> (toad)

At least we got an answer this time. What was the question again?

Gnome doubt about it. Gnow we gnow. And, we'll gnever forget it.

Troll Trivia: Gnome meter maids are hornier than that toad.

Gnome Trivia: Gnomes ARE found in Nome, AlaskaGnome in a tornado!I'd like to gnome you better

Gnome Trivia: Gnomes are found in Nome because they don't blend in with the snow well.

The vortex couldn't keep him down, what makes you think a tornado can stop this gnome?

A sweet pick up line that might get him to gnome base.

Gnome wonder you're laughingThere's gnome time like the present, except GNOWI've been wearing ugg boots ever since my zappos to me to!

Gnome wonder you're laughing, but gnow he gno.

A gnother time travel paradox! Just warp your head around that.

Uggs are the choice of well-dressed gnomes.

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