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Cheesy Pick-Up Line: I'm glad the cheese stands alone 'cause it's easier to find you, Gnirl!


Garden Gnome Jokes & Gnome Improvement Puns
Be moved by mobile gnome jokes, elf puns, and gnome humor with room for improvement.

Gnome Grown Humor and Mobile Gnome Laughs
(Because Magical Gnome Repairs Could Never Be Too Mainstream in Gnome Man's Land)
Warning: Troll onward at your own risk. Gnome improvements and gnonsense ahead. Gnome Joke!
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Garden Gnomenclature: Gnomes & GnomettesGarden gnomes are often stolen. Gnome wonder why ALL aren't?I Just Got Garden Supplies at Gnome Depot.

You always want to gnow the correct terms when visiting your local garden center.

Are gnomes really stolen, or do they just get lost at night?

Gnome Depot also welcomes dogs and parrots to shop there.

Gnome ImprovementQuick! Let's Go! Get in the motor gnomeGnome Sweat! We're here to move that planter.

Gnome Improvent. I'd hate to see the before photo.

Hope a Motor Gnome is not like a Trojan horse. Can you imagine Tokyo then, Godzilla?

I'd rather move the planter myself than to have to clean up the gnome sweat later.

Gnome. Away From GnomeNew Reality Show: Elves Doing Gnome RepairsGnome Mail Delivery Today

Gnome ______ Away from Gnome. She must have BO? Or, is he packing it up for good?

Reality TV just gnot real. Or, is this actually just another episode of How It's Made?

Hail Gnome! Is today yet another banker's holiday?

Offers convenient at gnome servicesYou're gnome hatch for me. 'Cause I ain't no spring chicken!Oh, give me a gnome where the buffalo roam

I'd hate to see the job the inconvenient contractor does.

Boing! Clucking funny gnome puns just cheeped up on us.

Gnomes do not appreciate wading through cow pies, though.

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