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Cheesy Pick-Up Line: Gnirl, not to brag, but I'm grate in bread!


Funny Gnome Jokes, Pixie Puns, Gnome Kidding!
Meet up with hilarious gnome jokes, ab-gnormal humor, and funny un-gnome puns.

Gnome Puns, Garden Gremlin Gags, Sprite Humor
(Because Gnon-Imaginary Beings Could Never Be Too Mainstream in Your Neighbor's Yard)
Warning: Go trolling at your own risk. Painful gnome puns, gremlin gags, and gnonsense ahead!
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Gnome Problem? Call 555-Gno-MoreQ. What do you call a psychic gnome who escaped from prison? A. Small Medium at LargeAre Gnomes from Gnorway?

The problem is: we don't know if you call to solve a gnome problem or to start one.

If he's a psychic, why call him? Won't he just call you?

Gnome doubt they are. So, we still don't know if gnomes are from the Gnoman Empire or Gnorway?

Mr & Mrs Gnome. Just imagine that wedding receptionRomancing the Gnome!Don't ask me? I don't gnome!

But, there were lots of singles trolling for dates.

Gnome movie night is a big deal and romance is in the air.

Yeah, gnome body knows the answer to this enigma.

You are gnome match for me!Sherlock GnolmesGnome or gnome less? Oh, just make a decision

Gnome arsonists are very hard to catch.

Sherlock Gnolmes. Wonder what he's smoking?

Geez, more passive-aggressive gnonsense.

Gnome in a vortexIt makes no difference to me... Passive-Aggressive gnome sense!Yes! Gnome. Maybe?

Yeah, you can't get rid of gnome that easily!

Oh, that's just gnome sense! But, what makes sense to him, might gnot make cents.

Gnome, no, nope. What was the question again?

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