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Q. When should you go on a cheese diet? A. When you need to cheddar few pounds


Cheese Jokes, Nacho Grate Humor, Cheesy Puns
Feast on dairy funny cheese jokes, cheesy puns, and cheese humor that'll make you smile.

Cheesy Humor, Sharp Jokes, Dairy Funny Puns
(Because Tasteful Non-Dairy Humor Could Never Be Udderly Mainstream at Vegan Restaurants)
Warning: For well-aged audiences. Stinking funny cheese jokes and worst queso scenario puns ahead.
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After an exposion at a French cheese factory, all that was left was De BrieCheesy Pick-Up Line: Gnirl, my love for you is hotter than deep fried mozzerella!What do you call a grilled cheese sandwich that's up in your face? Too close for comfort food.

I walked up to the cheese counter in the store last week. I interrupted him and he had to start again...

Cheesy guy is doing grate, but he could do cheddar.

My friend is so vegan, that he won't even have his photograph taken in case he has to say: "Cheese."

Cheesy Pick-Up Lines: Hey Gnirl, is your name Colby? 'Cause I want to grill you in bread!Q. What do you call dyslexic American cheese that's sad? A. Bleu CheeseHow do you get a mouse to smile? Say: "Cheese"

Cheesy Dating Tip: Cheddar not miss this hot opportunity, Colby.

Q. What did the cheese say to itself in the mirror?
A. Looking Gouda.

I took a photograph of a mouse today. He didn't say "Cheese," but I could tell he was thinking it...

What do you call cheese that acts crazy? Basket QuesoCheesy Pick-Up Line: Hey Gnirl, it's too bad I'm nacho date tonight!Q. What's the most religious cheese? A. Swiss, because it's holy

Q. What is a cannibal's favorite cheese?
A. Limb-burger.

Cheesy guy gnomes the worst queso scenario.

Q. What do you call an oriental cheese?
A. Parm-asian.

Which cheese protects a medieval castle? Moat-ZerellaCheesy Pick-Up Line: Gnirl, your brain turns me on 'cause you're sharp as cheddar!Q. What do you get if you cross a smurf and a cow? A. Blue Cheese

I was up to my knees in cheese spread the other day... That's the last time I walk the streets of Philadelphia.

Guy heard her cousins' names are Bologna and Cheese.

Q. Why was the cheesemonger lopsided?
A. Because he only had one Stilton.

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