My wife uses a kitchen implement to shred garlic and cheese, that I hate. It really is the grater of two evils!   Painful Puns - Cheesy Puns, Sharp Humor, Aged Cheese Jokes!

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Sweet dreams are made of cheese1 Who am I to dis a brie?
Cheesy Pick-Up Line: Hey Gnirl, is your name Colby? 'Cause I just want to eat you up!
Q. What do you call dyslexic American cheese that's sad? A. Bleu Cheese
What do you call a grilled cheese sandwich that's up in your face? Too close for comfort food.


Cheesy Jokes, Brie Funny Puns, Le Fromage Fun
Cheddar not miss sharp cheese jokes, gouda laughs, blue humor and cheesy puns that bite.

Tasty Cheese Jokes, Gouda Puns, Cheese Humor
(Because Cheese Always Makes You Smile and Big Cheesy Grins Could Never Be TOO Mainstream!)
Warning: For Mature Gourmet Audiences! Golden moldies, feta funny jokes, and grate cheesy puns ahead.
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Cheese Tasting 101: Cheese 1 may be gouda, but this one is feta!Cheesy Pick-Up Line: Gnirl, I want to grow mold with you, just like blue cheese!Q. When should you go on a cheese diet? A. When you need to cheddar few pounds

Q. Which cheese is made backward?
A. Edam.

Q. How do you order cottage cheese for lunch?
A. You use the ala curd menu.

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Hey girl, you're so hot that you've grilled my cheese sandwich.

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Is your name Jack? 'Cause I might Monterey with you.

A moldy oldie pick-up line by well-aged cheesy gnomes.

Q. What is today's weather forecast for Wisconsin?
A. Rain and light Bries.

Cheesy Hit Up Line: Hey Brie, do you French on a first date?

Q. Which type of cheese do dairy cows like best?
A. Moo-zarella!

Q. What is a werewolve's favorite cheese?
A. Limburger.

Q. Why couldn't the cheese go on the school field trip?
A. Its parents didn't sign the parmesan slip!

Pick Up a Cheesy Guy Line: Hey bro, you're sharp, but just brie-ware!

Q. What do you call alcholic cheese?
A. Livarot.

Cheesy Pick-Up Line: Gnirl, why gnot hook up with me? I'll show  you a real gouda time!Q. Why doesn't cheddar like to party with crackers? A. Someone always cuts the cheese...Mouse: I'm glad the cheese stands alone because that makes it easier to find.

Q. What was the cheesiest movie ever made?
A. The Gouda-father.

Q. Why should you never do business with a cheesemonger?
A. Because it's one Roule for them, and one Roule for everybody else.

Cheesy Chat Up Line: Hey girl, you won't be a basket queso until I'm nacho guy any longer.

Q. What did the piece of Cheddar say to the spook?
A. Get lost. I'm Lac-ghost intolerant.

Q. Why was the cheesemonger fired after his presentation about French goat cheese?
A. Because he just Banon and Banon and on...

Pick Up a Cheesy Guy Line: Hey cheesemonger, I hear you're grate in bread!

Q. What is the best cheese to coax a bear down a mountain?
A. Camembert.

Q. Which kind of cheese is a horny rooster's favorite?
A. Pecorino.

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Hey girl, our first date was gouda, but our next date will be even feta.

Cheesy Pick-Up Line: Gnirl, not to brag, but I'm grate in bread!Which music genre appeals to cheese? R 'N BrieCheesy Pick-Up Line: Gnirl, my crush on you makes me crumble like feta!

Guy is a fan of cheese, and he's got a big head, too.

Cheesy Hookup Line: Hey girl, do you love Edam? 'Cause your beaver seems rather backed up.

Q. What is a pirate's favorite cheese?
A. Chedd-AARRR!

Cheesy Hit Up Line: Hey Brie, I can last as long as mozzarella.

Cheesy Pun Fact of the Day: Yes, we realize that you may have heard some of these stinking funny cheese joke brie-fore...

Q. What can you do with a cheesy credit card?
A. Go on a spending Brie.

Cheesy Chat Up Line: Hey girl, I'm just raw milk, but give me a second look 'cause I'd like to get pasteurize.

Gnome doubt even the Swiss will poke holes in this cheesy pun.

Q. Why did the Greek man finally stop eating cheese?
A. Because he was just getting Feta and Feta.

Curdled Pick Up Line: Hey girl, if I called you Swiss Miss, that is not at all a cheesy come on.

Cheesy Riddle: Which hotel do most mice prefer? The StiltonQ. What kind of cheese likes to shoot hoops? A. Swish cheese!Cheesy Pick-Up Line: Hey Gnirl, please brie my Valentine?

Q. What do you call a cheese factory in the Middle East?
A. Cheeses of Nazareth.

Q. Which holiday is by far the cheesiest?
A. Christmas, because of the baby cheeses.

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Hey girl, I'm nacho man, but someday I hope to brie...

Q. What is Tom Hanks' favorite soft cheese?
A. Philadelphia.

Q. What do you say to get a French bruin out of a tree?
A. Camembert!

Q. Why can't you make clothing out of cheese?
A. Because fromage frays.

Cheesy pick-up line for VD Day: Love is in the air, or is that you, Brie?

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Hey girl, I hope that's nacho hot date over there.

Cheesy Thought of the Day: Cheesecake will never tell you that you're too fat.

Q. What is the new Cheese Diet?
A. When you only eat cheese, and weigh.

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