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Funny Animal Puns, Wild Humor, Fauna Jokes
Discover smart animal genus jokes, harey funny puns, and hiss-terical herpetology humor.

Wild Animal Jokes, Feral Puns, Wildlife Humor
(Because Fuzzy Wild Animal Jokes Could Never Be Too Mainstream for Furries in the Furry Fandom!)
Warning: Please Don't Tease the Animals! Feral humor, feather funny jokes, and viper active puns ahead.
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Painful Animal Puns: Q. What is an elephant's favorite sport? A. SquashA male snake charmer married a lady undertaker. Their bath towels read: "Hiss" and "Hearse"Q. Which bird species holds things together best? A. Velcrows.

Q. What do call an elephant that lies across the middle of a tennis court?
A. Annette.

Q. What did the elephant say to the naked man?
A. Cute, but can you breath through it?

Q. What did the snake give to his wife?
A. A goodnight hiss!

Did you hear about the snake love letter? It was sealed with a hiss.

Q. What do you call a duck that steals?
A. A Robber Ducky.

Q. What is a duck's favorite television show?
A. The feather forecast.

Animal Pun: The rodent club finished drafting a constitution, but it has yet to be ratified.Penguin Meme: I used to be a nun, but I was expelled due to dirty habits.Q. What is the difference between a frog and a cat? A frog croaks all the time, a cat only nine times.

Q. What is small, has a long tail, and works with the police?
A. A gerbil shepherd.

Q. What mouse was a Roman emperor?
A. Julius Cheeser.

Q. What do penguins like for lunch?
A. Brrrr-itos!

Q. How do debonair penguins like their Scotch?
A. On the rocks!

Q. What kind of music do sophisticated frogs listen to?
A. H-opera!

Q. How do frogs die?
A. They kermit suicide!

Funny Sign at a Toy Store: Please don't feed the animals! They're already stuffed...Q. Where do polar bears vote? A. At the North Pole.Q. What do you get if you drop boiling water down a rabbit hole? A. Hot Cross Bunnies

Q. What do you get when you cross a parrot with a shark?
A. A bird that will talk your ear off!

Q. What do you get when you cross a canary and a lawn mower?
A. Shredded Tweet.

Q. What do you get if you cross a teddy bear and a pig?
A. A Teddy Boar!

Q. What do you call a little bruin with no teeth?
A. Gummy Bear.

Q. What do you get when you cross a rabbit with a leaf blower?
A. A hare dryer.

Q. What kind of music do urban rabbits prefer?
A. Hip Hop.

Q. What is a mouse's favorite game? A. Hide and SqueakPainful Pun: Snakes do not drink coffee because they get viper-active.Q. What did the chimp say when his sis got pregnant? A. Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!

Q. What did boyfriend mouse say to girlfriend mouse's family?
A. Mice to meet you.

Q. Why did the mouse stay indoors?
A. Because it was raining cats and dogs.

Q. How do you measure a snake?
A. In inches. They don't have any feet.

Q. What is an iguana's favorite movie?
A. The Lizzard of Oz.

Q. What is a snake's favorite dance?
A. The Mamba.

Q. Why don't monkey's play cards in the jungle?
A. Too many cheetahs there.

Q. What does a gorilla eat when he visits Paris?
A. Ape Suzettes.

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