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Painful Puns & Shockingly Punny Funs
Pick your personal poison from viral memes, sick humor, and contagiously funny jokes!

Top 12 Painful Puns, Jokes, Riddles
(Because Numbered *Top 10* Lists Are Too Mainstream)
Warning: Proceed at your own risk. Masochists, note your pain IS self-inflicted.
Polar Bear, Giraffe, and Penguin Walk Into a Bar. Bartender says: "What? Is This Some Kind of a Joke?"After Punching His Computer and Breaking His Hand, the Guy Required Tech Knuckle Support.Insect Puns Really Bug Me!

Bartender Jokes: Potent laughs, toasted puns, vintage joking, and the best happy hour humor – bar none.

Painful Tech Humor: Ouch! PC puns are the net outcome, but not always the wrist scenario. (User also dishes knuckle sandwiches for lunch.)

Animal Puns and insect jokes are sort of creepy, so you'd beetle just deal with it! You've bee-n warned. Ant you glad?

After the Butcher Backed Into His Meat Grinder, He Got a Little Behind in His Work.A Girl Said She Recognized Me From the Vegetarian Club, But I'd Never Met Herbivore.Q. What Did the Coach Say to His Losing Team of Snakes? A. You Can't Venom All!

Job Jokes that get to the meat of work place humor and a hired power of puns.

Food Puns featuring jokes that you'll just eat up and Garden Humor that grows on you.

Funny Riddles and Animal Jokes that really do bite – for all you good Sports out there.

Q. What Do You Call a Man Who Drinks and Falls Off His Horse? A. Wine-Stoned CowboyA Monkey Was Arrested for Throwing Rhesus Feces at the Patrons. He Was Charged with Turd Debris Assault.How Does a Man on the Moon Get His Hair Cut? Eclipse It.

Clucking Funny Farm Puns that chickens actually cross the road for, horsing around and moo-ving jokes drunk ducks find hilarious.

Bathroom Humor, toilet memes, crappy jokes and sh*tty puns guaranteed to make your inner monkey proud.

Smart Humor for science nerds, jokes that don't add up for math geeks, teacher jokes and funny puns defined, literally.

Hulk Humor: My Zipper Broke, But I Fixed It on the Fly!Q. What Do You Call Two People in an Ambulance? A. Pair of MedicsTwo Fish Are in a Tank. One Asks the Other: "How Do You Drive This Thing?"

Painful Puns and monstrously funny Hulk Humor featuring angry observations, green jokes and real potted Grown-ers.

Sick Jokes, healthy humor, doctor jokes, rotten puns about dentists and highly contagious laughter – STAT!

Pet Puns your parrot will repeat, catty jokes, humor your dog will dig his teeth into, and funny Groaners just fishing for laughs.

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killer humor, and painfully sick puns that'll surly groan on you:

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